Me: hey everyone!!!!

Sasuke: yo!

Me: well it's my first little story sooo yeah, after alot of research, I finally can write....

Sasuke: it's about me, ino, and Garra'sLittleRaccoon, AKA NenNen...

Me: enjoy!!!!!!!




( ) just so u know

~~~somewhere else

/// another point of view...

Now On To the Story....

"NenNen, GET UP!!!" screamed Ino Yamanaka.

"I'm getting up, gosh Ino." I yelled back (even though I was still in bed) with a stumble out of bed, half sleeping in the

Shower, and putting on a uniform with a red skirt and a shirt with red buttons, sewing lines and collar (think as the mermaid melody outfits) and went downstairs.

"I'm up!" I told her with a smug and lopsided smile on my face.

"Whatever" Ino answered with rolling her eyes. "Here's lunch" she said tossing me a bento. (Japanese boxed lunch)


"Crap, INO WAIT UP!!!!!" *That girl could run a marathon* I yelled, but she was already zooming around the corner out of sight, *that girl is gonna get it*

"INO-" CRASH!!!! Things went flying like they were superman's cousins.

"What the?" a deep male voice yelled.

"I'm sorry!!!!" I said, quickly trying to recover my stuff, of all people in the world, it just had to be a guy. God was lucky I had no clue how to get to heaven (yet!)


She was beautiful, amazing, better looking than any girl that had clung to him. He had seen had seen her in the class testing. (That was to determine what class u were in, first or second.) But he never talked to her. "It wasn't your fault," he stated, looking at her beautiful blue eyes. "I just need to be more careful"


"Okay?" he was the world's most handsome guy ever; I made it official to none other than me.

"O-o-okay," I responded with stuttering. This guy, who I didn't even know, was practically carrying me! "I-I have to get to class!" I almost yelled, running away with my stuff. What was with that dude? If someone saw THAT, they would call us a couple. I smiled to myself. I still think he's cute


"I can't believe myself." Ino muttered to herself as she went down yet another hallway. A deserted hallway. Inner Ino was screaming:

"Baka!!! How could u let urself get lost?"

"Whatever!!! Wait, did I go down this hallway before?

"This is gonna stick. What if someone finds u?"

"Am I going in circles?"

"No dip, Sherlock"

"Lost?" an unfamiliar male figure popped up in front of her.

"What the-?" Ino toppled forward, surprised by his (whoever "he" was) appearance.

"Most chicks like u are klutz. Anyway, my name's Sasuke Uchiha, in case u wanted to know."

"Most chicks like me?" Ino said, straitening herself from his grasp. *Wait, did he just say UCHIHA?*

"Ino, u got us in some big trouble."

"I…errr…ummm…sorry!!" She yelled as she tried to run away. Yeah right, like he was going to let her!

"Stop!" Sasuke said, grabbing her arm. "Your class is the other way!" she stopped, and turned around.

"Where?" she looked at him, she had a scared look in her eyes.

"Down the hall, to ur left and class 14 A should be there."

"Thanks!" Ino rushed down the hall, making it to her class just before the bell rang. She hoped HE never ran into her again…or anyone she knew for that matter…


"That retard!!! Did she get lost? She could have been late!"

Sigh, Ino was always complaining that I was a pain in the butt, yeah look in the mirror. *Wonder who that guy was*

"Hey, earth to NenNen!"

"Nani? What?" I turned to face a girl with pink hair, looking at me curiously." Do I know u?"

"My name is Sakura Haruno!"

"Nice to meet u, but how do u know my name?"

"Oh, I have my ways"

"Uh huh…"

"Anyways, who do u want to serve?" She asked me with an excited look on her face, different than before.

"Who do I want to WHAT?" I asked with moon shaped eyes, I could tell, could feel it." Do I look like someone's personal

maid to u??" I was personally offended, did I look that horrible?

"Hey, that's not what I meant!" she had her hands in front of her like she was saying "stop" and saying them back and forth apologetically. "I mean, u know the First Class students pick a helper until they decide its time to let them go, right?"

She again looked at me curiously, like she was eager to know what I would do next.

"Oh, heh, I don't really care..." I respond and look away, hoping the teacher would walk in and start class. Wait were was this guy anyway; all the other classes have already started?! "I'm sorry about yelling at u, I sometimes jump to conclusions"

"Always!" Ino appeared in front of me and Sakura. "You're such a pain in the butt!" She laughs at her statement, like it was nothing new.

"What are u doing calling me a pain in the butt, u barely made it to class! You ran ahead of me, I crashed into someone, and still managed to be here AHEAD of you! Am I still a pain in the butt?" For the second time today I smiled smugly, knowing I had just owned my companion.

"Oh, shut up about that, I just had a little…errrr…encounter, that's all!" she looked away, hoping we'd drop the subject.

"An encounter? With who?" Sakura looked at Ino with the same look of curiosity she gave me. If I think about it, she wouldn't survive 2 days being a cat. She'd get killed by doing something out of curiosity. But that happens to humans too. I'd have to keep my eyes on her.

"No one special, hey look the teacher!" She said the last line pretty loud, so everyone turned to the door to see the teacher walk in.

"Hey everyone, I'm sorry I'm late, I just got lost on the path of life" He was wearing a mask but by the tone of his voice, I could tell he was smiling.

"Liar!" everyone screamed, he laughed, and I sighed. This was going to be a long 3 years.

Me: Well, what do u think about that?

Sasuke: Hn…

Ino: Hey, ur still a pain in the butt, and foreheads meaner than that!

Sakura: Well, live with it, Pig!

Me: A long 3 years indeed

Sasuke: Hn…