A/N: I had a dream about this happening so I decided to make it a fan fic. Yes, I know that in one of my other stories there is a character named Rai, but that's because I'm absolutely in love with that name. No, it's not the character Rai from the DS game, but actually more of a male version of Rai from my FMA fan fic, only not nearly as spazzy I don't think. Oh and warning: This is a Yaoi, if you don't like yaois then don't read, it's as simple as that.

At Ashford Academy the clouds drifted lazily through the sky. A cool, gentle breeze was blowing outside. The sun was shining high up in the sky, making the classroom, at least the desks near the window, comfortably warm. The clock in the upper left hand corner in the front of the classroom read 2:45. Class would be over in fifteen minutes, after that everyone would go to their club activities. Well that is, except for Rai Bakura. He wasn't in a club, nor did he want to be.

Rai gazed out the window, boredom written all over his face. He couldn't wait for class to end, that way he could go and hide in the library and read. You'd think that with all the reading he did that Rai would've joined the literature club, right?


Rai had scoped out the literature club when he first came to Ashford. From what he saw, the people themselves where incredibly boring and stuck up. Plus, the president of the club would tell everyone what they're supposed to read and then after a week the club would discuss the book. Rai didn't like the idea of somebody telling him to do anything, let alone what to read.

So most of the time Rai just sat by himself, hiding in a corner of the library where even the library club couldn't find him and read quietly to himself. Or he would write. Rai was actually a very good writer; at least, that's what his friends back home told him.

Rai let out an inaudible sigh at the thought of home.

You see, Rai wasn't from Area 11, he wasn't even from Britannia. Hell, Rai wasn't even from the reality he was stuck in now. Rai was from our reality, where Code Geass is an anime/manga. And he even being here was all the fault of one of his closest friends, Scott.

Scott was a Wiccan and he loved to experiment with different spells he had learned from others, made up on his own, or read from the books that he had discovered. Can you guess who his favorite test subject for these experiments? Yep, that right, Rai.

This time Scott had been toying with a transporting spell or something. He had wanted to figure out whether or not someone or something could be transported a great distance away using magic. Scott had mixed together about five different kinds of spells and decided to use Rai as a test subject.

Rai predicament was the outcome of Scott's little experiment.

Honestly, I don't think most Wiccan-Clan Leaders are allowed to use their supposedly royal advisors as a God-damn lab-rat! Rai thought for the thousandth time.

The bell chimed, snapping Rai out of his stupor. He snatched his school bag and hurried out of the classroom. No one noticed him as he walked down the hall. Then again, no one ever notice Rai, even back home. The only time anyone knew of his existence most of the time was either if he made himself known to them; or if one of his friends drew attention to him. Granted, it's not like Rai looks were very out there. His wheat-brown hair parted on the left, causing some of his hair to make sweeping bangs across his forehead. His eyes were sepia in color with a light tint of gold. Rai's figure was somewhere in between Lelouch's and Suzaku's. He wasn't incredibly strong, but he was fast and agile. He was lithe, practically to the point where you could confuse him for a girl if he wasn't wearing a boy's school uniform. He always walked with his eyes downcast, not looking at anyone. He was kind of short or his age, just enough that he wasn't really at eye level (More like chin level) with the other boys. Rai was almost always quiet, so no one bothered him. It was as if there was a barrier separating Rai from the other students. Not that he minded.

Rai had watched all of Code Geass, and from what he could figure, Lelouch had just gained the power of Geass. Everyone was still mourning the death of Prince Clovis and Princess Cornelia hadn't gotten to Area 11 just yet. Rai decided it was best if he didn't draw any attention to himself and just wait until Scott found a way to bring Rai back home.

In fact, the only reason Rai was at Ashford Academy was because he got caught. He was found by a Britannian soldier who brought Rai to Ashford when he discovered that Rai wasn't attending school. Technically, you could say that Rai was being jailed at Ashford, since he wasn't allowed to leave. Personally, Rai hadn't actually talked to Milly, but met her grandfather when he was taken here. Milly's grandfather had agreed to allow Rai to attend the school.

In Rai's opinion, it was like something out of a bad fan fic.

Rai slipped silently into the library, unnoticed by everyone. Well, almost everyone.

The corner in which Rai always sat was in a dark and kind of musty part of the library. Normally no one sat there, except for Rai. He loved his little corner, it was always peaceful and quiet, and Milly would never find him here. It was a rule at Ashford for every student to be in a club, though Rai thought if he was sneaky enough he could get away with not being in one. He was proven wrong after two days. When Milly discovered that the new student wasn't in a club (she checked his schedule.) she decided to hunt him down and force him to join one. She even gotten a hold of the picture of him on his student I.D. and used it to make wanted posters all across the school. Not that it mattered, Rai could probably (and was half tempted to.) stand right next to one of the posters and the only thing people would think was 'Why are there two of those posters so close together?' But here, no one was looking for him, he would be left alone.

So why was a girl sitting in Rai's hiding place?

Rai walked towards the girl, a small frown decorating his lips.

The girl was sitting in Rai's favorite chair, her long, light-green hair falling over the armrests. Her yellow-nearly golden eyes were train on the book in her hands. She was taller than Rai, but not by much. She wore what appeared to be some sort of straight jacket that was unbuckled. At the moment she seemed to be completely absorbed in what she was reading.

Rai's frown turned into a scowl as he looked at the girl. She clearly wasn't a student, so why was she in the library? More importantly, why was she in Rai's spot?

Rai wasn't stupid, he knew this was C.C. but decided to play dumb. Rai went to the chair across from where C.C. was sitting and sat down, pulling out a book from his school bag. There was silence as the two of them read, not really acknowledging each other presence. C.C. was the first to break the silence, much to Rai's surprise.

"Aren't you going to ask me what I'm doing here?" She asked, not looking up from her book.

"No. But I'm guessing you're one of three things; either a girlfriend of someone who goes here, and are waiting for them to be done with their club so that you two could go off on a date or something; a servant of one of the people going to this school; or a runaway who decided to hide out here until she can figure out what to do next." Rai told her, deciding to play it cool and not look up from his book either. C.C. looked up from her book and gave Rai a neutral look.

"I am none of those things." She said. This caused Rai to frown. From C.C's perspective it must have looked like he was trying to think of another reason for her to be there. But in reality he was actually wondering why she was telling him that. Wouldn't it be easier to just let Rai think she was one of those things? Why would she allow him to get anywhere near the truth? Most likely she just thought he wasn't smart enough to figure it out.

Rai looked at her, searching her face for any hint of what she was thinking. Of course, he didn't find anything.

"Fine then, I'll bite. What are you doing here?" Rai asked. C.C. gave him an amused smirk. She leaned back and watched Rai, as if she was actually considering telling him the truth.

"Reading." That was her answer. Rai didn't do anything for a moment, just stared. Then he chuckled, going back to his book.

"Very funny." He said sarcastically. C.C. smirked, and also continued to read.

After about two hours Rai stood up, putting his book back in his bag. "Bye, Miss." He Said to C.C. She looked up at him when he lifted his bag to his shoulder.

"…My name is C.C." she told him. Rai grinned turning back to look at her.

"And mine is Bakura, Rai." He said. C.C. smirked at him, and continued to read. Rai walked away, passing a few members of the science club who were looking for biology textbooks. Rai reached the library's door and just as he was about to walk through them, literally bumped into Lelouch Lamperough. "Ah! Excuse me." Rai scuttled out of Lelouch's way and almost slipped past him before Lelouch grabbed his arm.

"Wait a minute; you're that boy Milly's being looking for; aren't you?" Lelouch asked, immediately recognizing Rai from one of the wanted posters. Rai hesitated, contemplating whether or not he could out run the Vice President of the Student Council. Lelouch had dark brown shortish-medium length hair that was in a somewhat messy hair style. His eyes were purple, which if Rai didn't already know that was his real eye color; Rai would have complemented Lelouch on how cool his contacts were. Lelouch was skinny, and could pass off as a girl better than Rai could ever. He looked as if the longest run he ever had to do was the mile run in P.E. and undoubtedly that would have tired him out to the point of near-fainting. Rai came to the conclusion that since Lelouch could most likely be out run by his crippled sister, that Rai could easily get away.

"No, I'm not."Rai lied to him with a straight face, knowing that Lelouch wouldn't believe him. Lelouch make some sort of amused noise and then released him.

"You better not let Milly catch you, she's been plotting to make you join the sewing club." Lelouch warned Rai.

"But I don't even know how to sew." Rai said. The two of them chuckled at that. Lelouch then went into the library while Rai walked out and made his way back to his dorm room. He was lucky enough that there were an odd number of boys in the school so he didn't have to share with anyone. As he got closer to the Council Room he took a detour, not wanting to get caught by Milly or one of her minions-erm one of the other student council members. He was lucky that Lelouch decided not to rat on him. Granted Lelouch probably just felt sorry for Rai having to hide just to avoid Milly. Today was an odd day, in Rai's opinion. Normally he had absolutely no contact with any of the main characters of Code Geass. The fact that today he had talked to both C.C. and Lelouch briefly, was bothering him. Maybe it's a sign that something bad going to happen to me. That'd be just my- before he could even finish the thought, Rai saw Milly exiting a classroom and turn towards him, with Shirley right behind her. Milly and Rai both froze, Shirley frowned, in a cute pouting way before recognition of who Rai was flickered in her eyes. Milly gave Rai a devilish smirk, one that said 'I've got you now.'

"So, we finally met face to face, Rai-kun." Milly said. She was a beautiful young woman with her medium length straw-blonde hair and grayish-blue eyes. She was only maybe an inch or two shorter than Lelouch and had a very curvy figure. Her breasts were well developed and made her look slightly older than she really was. Rai crouched slightly, ready to turn on his heel and sprint away in a second. He didn't trust her not to suddenly grab him and drag him off to some obscure club that she wanted him to join. Rai had no desire to learn how to sew.

"Hai, Madam Prez." Rai gave her a half-assed shaky grin, eyes shifting around to see if there were any escape routes he could take. Obviously finding one, his would-be grin morphed into a mischievous smirk. "Although I hate to have to cut our meeting short, I really must be off." With that Rai booked it to the nearest window in the hallway and opened it. Milly chased after him, running surprisingly fast.

"You're not getting away!" She yelled grabbing onto the hem of Rai's shirt. Rai struggled with her for a moment, trying to pry her fingers off his clothes. Milly's hand slipped and she accidently released Rai…who stumbled and fell out of the open window. With a surprised squawk, Rai landed in the branches of a tree which had thankfully grown too close to the side of the building. Rai looked up at Milly, who was still standing there gawking at him, and gave her an honest shit-eating grin. He leapt out (more like fell again.) of the tree and took off running the moment he feet connected with the ground. Thankfully back home he had been on the track team.

"Rivalz, get him!"

"Okay, Madam Prez!" Rai could hear the rumble of a motorbike right behind him.

"Oh, for the love of-!" Rai screamed, looking back and seeing Rivalz speeding toward him on his motorbike. "This is insane!" Rai shouted as he hurtle-jumped over a bush and scrambling as fast as possible away. He turned and corner and quickly ducked into an open classroom window. He rolled into a squatting position and hid under the window.

"I lost him!" Rai heard Rivalz shout from outside the window.

"Damn, he couldn't have gotten far!" Milly's voice was also heard.

"Uh-Prez?" Shirley called for Milly's attention.

"Yeah?" Milly asked.

"It's 5:30; club activities are over for the day." Nina told the Student Council President.

"Damn it, I guess we'll have to get him tomorrow." Milly's voice sounded like it was getting farther away. Rai didn't understand as to why that would stop her from doing anything, normally it wouldn't. Rai supposed that maybe Milly was treating this like a game to play if club activities were beginning to be boring.

"Well, that's fine by me." Rai muttered to himself, quietly sneaking out of the empty classroom and speed walking to the boys' dormitory.

Rai breathed a sigh of relief when he locked his dorm room door and kicked off his shoes. He placed his school bag by the door and walked to the center of his dorm. From where he stood, on the lower left side there was a small kitchen area with basic appliances like a toaster, a microwave, a rice cooker, and a coffee maker. On the left was a regular wooden desk with three drawers on the right under side. On top of the desk was a small stack of blank notebook paper, a lamp, a radio-alarm clock, and a cup filled with pen and pencils. Beside the desk was a small garbage pail. Above the desk was one of the two windows in the room. A normal wooden chair was pushed into the desk. On the upper right-hand side of the room was a twin sized bed with black and gold covers. The bed was against the wall and right under the other window. A few feet away from the bed, still on the right side, was a medium-sized dresser. Next to that was a closest. In the lower right-hand side of the room was a small living room-like area with a kotatsu in the middle. There was a TV against the back wall.

Rai stretched his arms over his head and allowed a low groan to escape his lips. Deciding to eat a light snack before he started on his homework, he made his way to his little kitchen. "What a day." Rai groaned. He couldn't believe that Milly had finally found him. That meant he would have to be far more careful in the future. "I could just give in and join a club…" Rai thought aloud. As he opened the refrigerator he shook his head. "Nah, she'll eventually lose interest and just find some way to harass Lelouch-sempai." Rai told himself. Rai was sixteen, one year younger than Lelouch and the others. He scanned the contents of the fridge and chose a chocolate pudding cup. Rai grabbed a spoon from the silverware drawer and jumped onto his bed. Rai scooped a spoonful of pudding and ate with a childish smile on his face. "Now, what am I going to do? Judging from what's been on the news lately, Suzaku should be arriving at Ashford Academy soon." Rai paused to eat more pudding. "Maybe when he gets here, Milly will forget about me, having someone new to toy with. Then again you never know with her. I think that once they have that contest for hunting down the cat, I'll be out of everyone's minds and can wait peacefully for that damn witch to find a way to get me home." Technically Rai was also a Wiccan, but Scott hadn't actually taught him much yet, and he didn't know anything that could help him right now. "It's a shame, really. If I knew how long it would take for me to get back home, or could just go back anytime, then I'd be messing around and actually try to befriend the main characters and such. But since I don't know when or if I'll even return, I have to play it by ear and keep my head down." Rai went to scoop more out of the pudding cup, and pouted when he noticed that there was no more left. With a shrug, Rai deposited the empty cup into the garbage pail by his desk and went back to grab his school bag. He went to his desk and started on his homework. Rai didn't go to bed until the clock on his desk read 12:00 AM.

The next day Rai was in the classroom at 8:25, just five minutes before classes would officially start for the day. He sat at his desk, third row desk right next to the window. Idly he listened to the other students as they filed in and spoke with their friends before class started.

"Did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"There's a new student coming in today."

"Yeah, it's that Honorary Britainnian fella that was suspected of murdering Prince Clovis."

That got Rai's attention.

What? Is it really happening so soon? Oh well, hopefully everything will go just like in the anime. Rai hoped, rapping his knuckled gently on the wood of his desk. He still had a feeling that everything would go horribly wrong. This will all end in tears. Rai thought wryly, quoting Marvin from The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy.

After what seemed like forever to Rai, it was lunchtime. Rai walked out of the classroom and went up to the roof. Opening his lunch he picked up the carrot. Munching on it he looked over across the street from the school and saw Lloyd leaning against a large transport vehicle and chatting with Cecil. If felt so weird to see people like that and know that they're not actually cosplayers. Never in a hundred years did Rai think that someday he would be face to face with some of these people. If he wasn't so worried about getting home he would have been ecstatic about the situation. He always wanted to know if he could match wits with the likes of Lelouch or even Schneizel, whom Rai was actually somewhat scared by. In his opinion, there was something seriously off about Schneizel. Rai would joke with his friends saying that he thought that at one point Schneizel was going to molest Lelouch or Suzaku.

Now he was really hoping he'd never meet Schneizel.

Rai finished his carrot and went on to the tuna filled onigiri he had made for lunch. He happily took a bite of it. Rai loved food. It was a miracle that he wasn't fat because of how much he ate. Granted, running away from crazy student council presidents has a way of keeping a person in shape. Rai stopped in mid-bite when he saw Suzaku Kururugi standing in front of a water trough and trying to scrub off the red writing some asshole had written on his gym shirt. Rai remembered that scene from the anime, and put his bento box back into his school bag. He sprinted down the steps and made his way to the science room.

About five minutes later Rai walked up to Suzaku who was still trying to scrub off the red. Rai hesitated for a moment, and then lightly tapped Suzaku on the shoulder. Suzaku jumped slightly, his kind of wavy chocolate brown hair bounce a little at the movement. He trained his olive green eyes on Rai, suspicion could be clearly read in those eyes. Rai let out a small gasp, he couldn't help it. Suzaku was very attractive, at least in Rai's point of view. Rai never told his friends, though, because he didn't want to be made fun of. Suzaku was the same height as Lelouch, but obviously not as frail-looking. He had the appearance of a true white knight.

Rai snapped himself out of his starting when he noticed Suzaku was giving him a strange look.

"Uh, here take this." Rai quickly grabbed Suzaku's hand and placed a vial with green liquid into the palm. "It's something a friend of mine in the science club was working on. It's a detergent that can get rid of any stain, well at least that's what Kiyoshi told me." Rai said; a heavy blush evident on his face. Before Suzaku could say anything, Rai moved around him and nearly ran away.

Suzaku was left blinking stupidly at Rai as he left. Suzaku shook his head, now thinking that Rai was a very strange boy, and then unplugged the vial and dumped it on his shirt, figuring that it couldn't make things worse.

"Well what do you know," Suzaku muttered lifting a now perfectly clean gym shirt out of the water. "It worked."