Title :Am I just your Sanome?

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Rakan sighed accepting Touji's gracious hand to pull him from the muck. He grimaced at his damp clothes as Narushige and Chigusa finished up the last of the ayame. As the group continued their journey to the capital, they were ambushed by a large group of ayame surrounding a small pond if that's what you'd call that dirty water. As the fight began Rakan moved in behind Kuro to look for some sort of weapon only to be knocked into the slippery grime by her black tail; Then failing multiple times to get out of the cold liquid before receiving offered help.

"Prince are you alright?"

"Rakan, Touji-san, and yes I'm fine. We should keep going before more appear."

"You sure, Rakan?"

"I like seeing Rakan wet."

"YOU! Be quiet and stay at least 4 feet away from him at all times!"

"Yes, I'm perfectly okay Narushige-san."

He stuttered out to the long haired man who currently was pointing Koh, sword version, at Senroh Chigusa. Trying desperately not to sneeze as they progressed onward as a storm began to gather. Maybe it was meant to be an omen?


Chigusa awoke to feel the trembling in his arms; the wind outside the sheltered cove howling in the desert storm. He glanced down at the figure asleep in his arms that shivered violently with cold. Raising an eyebrow he leaned forward whispering Rakan's name trying to stir the boy who felt so warm to his touch yet was cold. It made no sense to him as he called Narushige's name not knowing what to do when Rakan began to cough into his chest vehemently.

The blonde sat up alert to Chigusa's calls as he gripped the slumbering snake that blinked yawning widely. Touji soon awoke at the harsh coughing, his hands tying his feather brush upon his head as he stared down at the Sanome Prince.

"I need my beauty sleep Naru- Why is Rakan so pale?"

"Id like to know the same thing Koh. Chigusa, I won't punish you right now for kidnapping my precious 'little brother' into your arms again since Rakan looks like he has a fever."

"What is this 'fever'?"

The group gaped at the innocent Chigusa but quickly shook it off since, well, this was Chigusa. Narushige snatched Rakan from Chigusa's arm, gently, before placing the teen against Kuro who somehow slept through the whole mess when it was her fault Rakan was sick! He sighed brushing the copper bangs from the boy's forehead to feel the hot skin underneath as Koh and Touji desperately tried to explain what a fever was to Chigusa.

"He's much too hot, poor thing; I have to break your fever."

On that note Chigusa began to strip his clothing causing a synced, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Chigusa merely smirked as he replied.

"We have to break his fever, yes? So I'll share my body heat with Raka-"

Chigusa didn't quite understand why Narushige confined him to the corner of the cave as physically possible to be away from Rakan with Koh watching threatenly from the side lines. Touji wiped the teen's forehead and went to grip the canteen filled with their fresh water but found it empty and began to freak out which caused Narushige to drop the medicine case Rakan carried with him in his pack spilling the medicine pills everywhere. Both men crumpled to the ground in defeat then began their mass freak out session.


Rakan moaned in his sleep, loud voices pounding into his heavy head like nails down a chalk board. He winced in pain rolling onto his side only to shiver as the multiple blankets tumbled off his body. Soon warmth enveloped him again and cool hands pressed to his forehead. They were so very calming that he leaned into their touch happily.

Chigusa smiled down at Rakan the ache he felt in his chest subdued a little bit after he witnessed Rakan seem to bear pain moments ago. He liked Rakan when he was mad or happy but he decided Rakan sick was un-enjoyable and if he was in pain he'd destroy the source of his agony.

"Both of you quiet your voices and calm yourselves. You are disturbing Rakan and I dislike this."

Narushige didn't reply nor tempt to part the two males as Chigusa removed his goggles and squinted. After a few moments he turned to the two pointing westward.

"There's a village a few miles to the west, they seem to have a pond and most likely remedies for this fever. You two should hurry."

Touji nodded quickly gathering his gear for the trek through the sand storm to help his Sanome Prince and friend. Narushige felt the need to argue. Leaving his precious little brother in this pervert's hands didn't seem right but the idea of Chigusa trying to get medicine for Rakan disturbed him. He could see the man pressing his gun against a poor elderly man's forehead smiling ever so innocently while asking for 'fever medicine.' So instead he awoke Kuro and gripped her by the ear sternly.


Kuro blinked her tongue hanging lopsided from her jaws as she saluted.

"Yes ma'am! Even though I wouldn't mind seeing some yaoi action between those two! Kekekekeke!"

Koh grimaced as Kuro barked her reply and Narushige turned towards him expectantly.

"She says 'yes sir and I'll be sure to stop him insert laughter.' "

"Good girl."

Narushige smiled, allowed Koh to slip into his robes and threatened Chigusa one more time before venturing into the storm with Touji to fetch their loving Prince's remedies. Chigusa stared at their shadows vanishing into the sand before returning his gaze to Rakan who whimpered his name.

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