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Rakan coughed as his own reflection strangled him laughing sweetly into his ear,

"Die my sweet little brother, just like your friends."

Rakan's eyes widened when the forms of his companions lay crumpled on the ground behind the Ayame Prince. Chigusa's hand reaching out towards him; in one last attempt to save the teen.


Rakan sat up screaming when cool arms wrapped around him, a steady voice whispering comforting nothings into his copper hair. Rakan glanced upward to stare into Chigusa face, the man gritting his teeth and eyes full or turmoil at seeing those green orbs glazed over and filled with tears.

"Chigusa! Don't leave me alone please…"

Rakan cried into Chigusa's chest, his body suddenly lifted and curled into the raven haired man's arms.

"It was a dream Rakan, shhh I won't leave you."

Rakan nodded as he suddenly felt exhausted. He didn't know why his head felt so heavy either when a large coughing fit exploded from his lungs. He covered his mouth leaning away from Chigusa and grimaced leaning over the man's supporting arm.

"Seems like I got sick… S-sorry Chigusa, everyone….must… be… upset."

Chigusa smiled at the boy, shifting his weight so Rakan lay more comfortably in his arms. The boy returned to a heavy panting and glazed over look. The fever consuming him again as he shivered resting his head against Chigusa's forearm.

"No, they are not upset Rakan. Everything is gonna be okay, we just want you to recover now."


Chigusa kissed Rakan's forehead as he fell back into his slumber, shocking himself that the motion was so natural to him. That's when the cackling echoed over his shoulder and he turned his head to find Kuro smirking. Her long teeth glittering in the pale light of the storm that was rather intensive now. Her black fur covered with sand and a rock resting beside her. The rock clearly had been bitten through and then filled with water from some source.

"Kekekeke! I was told to stop you from doing anything to the flower child but I might just happen to fall asleep. With one eye open to watch of course! KEKEKEKE!"

Chigusa didn't understand a single bark coming from the animal but nodded thanks as she curled up in a corner, one eye focusing on the two secretly as Chigusa shifted reaching for the rock and pulling it closer; while somehow balancing the sick teen.

"Here, Rakan."

He tilted the stone to the boys pale lips but it ran out the side of his mouth. Eyebrows knitting together he puzzled the problem and smiled softly taking the water to his own lips and placing a generous amount inside before leaning down and kissing Rakan. He had often wondered what those tender lips felt like, dreamed about them occasionally. And oh they were soft and hot from fever as he felt the boy swallow the liquid.

He brushed the boy's copper hair from his eyes and stared hard into that beautiful face. It was the same as the Prince's yet different in every way. He found Rakan mesmerizing and pure. His facial expressions unique and he couldn't wait to do something to be able to see something different. He liked the moments where their skin brushed and Rakan would get that red tint in his cheeks. He pressed his face into the crook of the teen's neck hoping that he would get better soon.

After awhile Rakan awoke again to find himself wrapped in blankets with strong arms circling his waist holding him close. He blinked rapidly to find Chigusa's face a breath away from his own. In his dazed state he examined the sleeping face contently.

You're awfully handsome Chigusa… I keep finding myself in your arms and I can't say I don't enjoy it but I don't think you like me in the same way…I am after all just a precious Sanome to you.

He shivered clenching his jaw closed and burrowing deeper into the man's chest, tears collecting at the corner of his eyes when a hand pulled his chin up so he was forced to stare into those frosty clear eyes.

"Why are you crying? It hurts me when you cry. Does it hurt somewhere Rakan? Tell me where after all you're a very precious cre-"


Rakan yelled tears overflowing and he cursed himself softly for being such a girl as the fever enforced his actions and he pulled himself up Chigusa's torso before he could finish his sentence. Chigusa's eyes widened as Rakan's tender lips were once again pressed against his in a nervous but forceful manner. The boy began to withdraw, his breath shaky as he apologized smacking himself in the forehead hoping Chigusa wouldn't get sick now too, but those protective and strong arms yanked him into a kiss again. Chigusa's eyes trained on Rakan's flushed face but soon the teen relaxed into the kiss. Closing those green orbs and kissing back awkwardly. Both were new to this.

"You're hot inside your mouth Rakan, go back to sleep or I might end up doing something you might regret."

Chigusa growled into the boy's ear causing shivers to rack his spine as he thought to himself in a lust filled haze.

'I wouldn't regret anything you did to me.'

He froze and his face became a bright cherry red from extreme embarrassment.

'What the hell am i thinking?!'

Chigusa worriedly pushed the boy down as his fever suddenly seemed to worsen making Rakan a neon shade of scarlet. He kissed him gently upon the brow and wrapped his arms around the teen after pulling some blankets over them both.

"Rest now."

"Alright, Chigusa...."

Chigusa smirked as Rakan fell asleep inside his arms once again. He liked it when Rakan was aggressive and maybe, he liked him having a fever just a tad as he placed his chin over that bronze hair and snoozed off himself.

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