Tower of Terror: The Introduction

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Los Angeles - 1939

It was a splendid year for Hollywood, with some of the finest actors in the showbiz industry are making it big time at the box office. And one of them, as you all know, is Sally Gregory, popularly known as Sally Shine, who's films have touched the hearts of millions of moviegoers here and around the world.

Interglobal Film Studios, Hollywood

The camera made a rattling sound as it burns a reel of Sally on celluoid. Everything went smoothly at the set, with the girl and her costars doing a musical performance.

"Happy endings, the best of wonderful times,
Always ending, just like in nursery rhymes..."

Sally and the others sang cheerfully, while her mother and her nanny Emmaline Partridge cheered at the girl.

"Isn't she gorgeous in her costume?" Mrs. Gregory commented.

"She sure is, Madam, she sure is," Emma smiled, finishing off a bottle of Sprunk.[2]

Sally's mother then suddenly asked, "By the way, how's Abigail?"

"At home, as usual, back from school doing her homework, I think," replied Emma, "She had a temper fit with her sister lately over her jump rope, but it seems like things have gone back to normal,"

"It's a good thing Abby cooled down over her sister," Mrs. Gregory sighed, "They've been like cats and dogs for, I don't even know,"

"That's just normal, Mrs. Gregory," said Emma, "I've seen cases of kids fighting or arguing for something like a toy, or in Sally's case, her career,"

"Yeah, since being a nanny's a piece of cake to you,"

"Piece of cake, Madam, piece of cake," Emma nodded.

"CUT!" the director exclaimed, "That's a wrap, baby, any more and this will hit the cinema again," Cameras stopped rolling as the actors leave the stage for a break. Sally then skipped her way towards her mother.

"So are we ready for the party?"

"Woah, slow down, Sally," Emma interrupted, "We're still a week away from the party,"

"Nah, she's just excited," Sally's mother replied, "After all, it's also Abigail's birthday,"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot,"

"And it's a surprise blowout, too," Sally continued, "You promise that we keep this as a secret?"

"Promise," Emma and Mrs. Gregory nodded. The three laughed as they share some jokes and stuff about the party.

[1] Lines taken from the song "Happy Endings", which was sung in the opening sequence of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.
[2] Sprunk - a brand of soda in the Grand Theft Auto universe, similar to Sprite