Writer's Note: Sorry this took to long. Busy at school and at work and then my editor had it for a really long time but now it is done and up. I think there is only going to be a one or two more chapters that are going to be really long to finish this up. If any ideas and or comments for what should happen or things I should change, feel free to say them. I have really enjoyed writing T.K. And Matt like this and will finish this series this year. Again sorry for the delay and enjoy. :)


Why Brother?


I can't open my eyes. The shear burning pain rid my mind of any sanity. A ringing sound echoed in my head and I let out a dry groan. I wanted to scream; the pain was just too much. The blood was starting to stick and every time I tried to move, the shirt just scraped against the open wound, turning it into a gooey mess.

I opened my eyes slightly. The world was blurry and spinning. There was a person leaning over me, screaming. I watched the lips for a moment before my gaze shifted. Someone else was there but they were all blurry. The person in front of me picked me up, cradling me, screaming, but not at me. Another pair of arms took me from this person as someone else held him back. He wrestled out of the person's arms and jumped into what I thought must be an ambulance.

Realization scurried into my brain as I noticed who it was before blood loss took a hold of me. My eyes fluttered closed and his final shout echoed into oblivion.

"TAKERU!" My brother called.

It's dark. I remember hiding from the dark. I see a smaller blonde in a green hat. Oh, is that me? I pause before taking a few steps toward him, toward me? He is crying. Although he isn't making a sound, tears are streaming down his cheeks.

"Are you okay?" He doesn't respond.

"Hey? Hello?" I keep calling until I realize no sound is coming out of my mouth. I have no voice. Then light floods in and the boy looks up.

"Nii-san?" My eyes widen as my brother, in his green sweats, shakes his head and laughs.

"Are you hiding from the dark in the dark?" My eyes widened even more and I gave him a small nod.

"How about I hide with you?" Leaving the door open, he sat down beside the boy.

The boy crawled onto his lap and pouted, leaning his head on the elder, as the preteen rubbed his back with one hand and covered his ear with the other. Shouting could be heard outside as well as the shattering of glass.

"Memories?" I ask to no one in particular. Other memories started flashing by. Like when I started to mimic Yamato's favourite colour, when he took me to the park, when our parents divorced, when I met Patamon, when I thought I lost him, and that day in the rain. One thing was common in all of them; my brother was in them.

But something was odd about the rain one. It was the day my torture started. The memory stopped as I walked over to where he stood, drenched from the rain. His eyes looked hurt and they were red, as though he had been crying.

"Wh-what...What is this? What are you trying to tell me?" I shouted. The memory vanished and all that was left was the dark abyss. "Are you trying to tell me to forgive the bastard? What the fuck do you want from me!" I shouted into the abyss as I fell onto my knees. Anger filled me as red hot tears started to fall.

"The truth." The words were soft but echoed loudly. I looked up to see a blonde with a beige hat, a green and yellow long-sleeve, grey pants, and sneakers. It was me when I was twelve; when everything began.

My throat was dry as I tried to speak. "W-what?"

He gave me a weird look. "The truth." He repeated. "That's all you wanted, right?" My eyes widened.

"N-no! I wanted to kill the bastard!" I shouted letting my anger out on him. He shook his head.

"You have had plenty of chances to kill him. You also had plenty of chances to run away. Plenty of chances to tell anyone and everyone; but you never did." He stated simply, as if it were common knowledge.

I stared at him, my mouth hanging open, trying to think of something to say. It was true. I had so many chances over the years and yet I did nothing.

"W-why...did I do that?" I asked, my voice shaking as my anger started to vanish.

"That's the question you have been asking yourself. Why, why he did it. The truth is what you wanted to know."

I stood up and realized how much taller I have grown, how much I have changed, and how much sicker I look now. "That's all?"

He gave a small shrug. "How am I supposed to know? I'm just what you conjured up in your confusion." An awkward silence spread as I gave him a weird look.


"Time's up," he stated and started to vanish.

"What? Wait! I have questions!" I shouted as I tried to grab him.

"Then search for the person with the answers and ask them." He stated before he disappeared into oblivion.

My eyes fluttered open and I heard a piercing beeping noise, screeching to the emptiness. The walls and ceiling were white. Everything was so pure and bright. I sat up and groaned in pain. I squinted and looked down at the white sheets. Pulling them back, my chest was exposed and a bandage wrapped around my stomach. I looked around the empty room before walking over to the glass doors. A brunette nurse trotted over quickly.

"Sir, please lay back down. You're still not allowed to get up!" She ordered but I ignored her. Her shrill voice was painful enough.

"What happened to Daisuke? Um... the other guy that was shot." I stated surprised at how calm my voice was.

"That is none of your concern! You have to rest!" She argued and I swear I saw a vein pop in her forehead. Realizing I wasn't getting anywhere I laid down on the bed as she went around fiddling with the machines and giving me a couple needles before leaving.

A little later my mother came in crying and after dealing with her tears she left. Then one by one my 'friends' came in. I learned that I have been asleep for five days and Daisuke had been asleep for three. He had been shot in the liver but will recover. The bullet that hit me hit my intestines and just passed my kidneys. I would be allowed to leave soon.

As the days went by the memories of what my younger self had said filled my mind. I eventually would drift in and out of reality as if time was standing still in the hospital.

After two weeks I was released into my mother's care. It took all I had to convince her to go back to work, that I could move perfectly fine, though it hurt like a bitch.

"Well let me call Yamato then." She said picking up the phone.

"No!" I shouted, loud enough to make her flinch and give me a weird look. "I prefer to be by myself right now. You know, catch up on my homework." I lied right through my teeth and gave her a fake smile. She nodded and whined a bit more before leaving. Sometimes it was too easy. I sat down in the empty apartment, my mind returning to that question. Eventually I fell asleep again.

A loud crack of thunder made me shoot from my dreamless sleep. I groaned turning to my side, holding my now healing wound. "Fuck..." I hissed out. A cold sensation went through my body as an ice cold can touched my forehead. I stopped, blinking at it for a moment, before taking it and looking at the person who offered it. Yamato was looking back at me. I would have jumped back if it wasn't for the empty look in his eyes. No I can't fall for it again. I sit up with the drink and lean away. He walks off into the kitchen.

"I've been here for two hours now. If I was going to do something I would have done it already." He shouted; his voice as hollow as his eyes. My eyes narrowed as I watched him come back and sit the farthest he could from me. I tried to curl further away but was unable to due to me wound.

"Stop holding your breath." He muttered as he took a sip of water, looking at me from the corner of his eyes before his gaze moved to the window. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding and took a sip of ice tea. He was wearing a black v-neck long-sleeve and cameo-green cargo pants.

It was just like that day. I shivered in fear as the memories flooded back and started to drown my mind. The thoughts came back about my episode in the hospital and what had happened before in the park. I stared around the dark room, the only light coming from the lightning outside, and the digital clock saying it was almost seven. So much for my mother being worried about her son. The only sounds that could be heard were the pelting raindrops against the window and our breathing.

"Why." I croaked out, suddenly my throat was very dry. I didn't realize I said anything till his head turned to me, his eyes half lidded, not paying much attention.

"Hm?" He hummed.

"Why did you do that...to me?" My voice barely a whisper by the time I finished the sentence. My eyes were wide with fright as his eyes went back to normal, not in the trance like state they were previously in. This time I yelled though.

"What did Tai do to make you do that!" Tears were threatening to drop from my eyes but I stood my ground. It was true, I wanted to know. For a moment my breath caught as he jumped up, my eyes widen in horror.

Suddenly his body was rigid, hands balled up in fists, staring at the ground. "You heard?" His voice was barely a whisper. I gave a small nod.

"I didn't know really..." He paused. "I was so happy while I was around him that before I knew it, I fell for him hard." He voice sounded hoarse.

"I blew it off for a while but then it didn't matter who I was dating or who I was with, I just wanted him..." He trailed off eyes burning a hole into the floor.

"..Tai..." I whispered back. "I asked him about it first." He continued. "He just laughed and told me to stop joking. Who would think the hot guitarist would be gay." His voice was slowly being coated in venom.

"When I did tell him it wasn't a joke, he stood there dumbfounded and said sorry." I could fill in the blank from there. He ran in the rain to get back here, soaked, miserably and hurt.

"Then you stood there innocently." He growled staring at me. I froze in fear as he


"Not even slightly aware of anything. So pure that I wanted to taint it with the hatred I

felt." He snarled, but then took a step back and leaned against the wall behind him with a heavy

sigh. His emotions were too insane to keep in control.

"I felt bad for it, Takeru...T.K." He winced as he used my nickname in his calm voice. "In the beginning I did, I truly did. But it washed away, seeing you in pain just like me." His voice was getting dark again as he said those last three words.

"I had stopped thinking of you as my brother and as my toy." I could only stare in horror as my brother stared directly into my eyes, cerulean to forest green.

"When you got...hurt...I actually remembered you were human for awhile. I felt bad again. Pain numbingly." He paused

again, letting the information sink into my skull.

"Tai broke me and I broke you." He laughed a bit as lightning struck again. It was eerily silent for a moment.

"You want me dead, don't you?" He asked, his voice laced with danger though he had a smile on, masking the hurt.

"I suppose to protect my little brother and yet I was the one who hurt him.

Look at that." He laughed again. I heard the front door open, my eyes darting at the sound.

"Yo Matt! T.K.!" Tai's voice called as he walked into to the tense room. Tai darted immediately for me and leaned down.

"Are you alright?" I gave a small nod, as the information was still sinking in.

"Aw, forgot about me?" Yamato hissed before rolling his eyes then blankly started staring at the window.

Tai glared and stood up, his hair sticking to his face from the rain. "This is between us. Why the fuck did you drag him into this? What the fuck did you do to him?" Tai shouted, pointing at me. Again I winced and almost wanted to chuckle at how this sounded like one of those stupid soap operas mom used to watch.

"Question should be what haven't I done to him." He said with a smirk on his face that Tai was ready to punch right off. "You know exactly what."

He finished staring blankly at him with a bored expression. It was if he was almost asking for it. I watched as Tai threw a fist and started punching him but what shocked me more was that he

wasn't fighting back.

"What. The. Fuck." Tai was shouting between punches before he stopped and stared at Yamato who still looked blank, even with red marks from the beating.

"Don't you ever do that again. Fuck, now I gotta find someone to help." Tai snarled as he got up before me and Yamato shouted in unison. "No!" It seemed that was my favourite word

recently. Tai gave me a confused look.

"Why not?" He questioned, his voice completely serious, and the look made me want to shrink back into the couch.

"I don't want anyone to know you! Are fucking nuts!" I shouted before covering my mouth,

realizing what came out. Why was I yelling at my saviour? Yamato stood up and smiled.

"He's my broken doll. He will stay like a doll." He stated and Tai growled a 'shut up' to him. "Unless you want to replace him?" The dirty blonde enquired, his eyebrow arching.

"What the hell do-" "Just as it sounds. You replace him." He interrupted.

"You're fucking sick." Tai hissed stepping in front of me before turning and pulling me up. "C'mon let's get you out of here." My eyes widened in shock as Tai crumpled to the ground in a heap.

"Why doesn't anyone ever make it easy?" He mumbled before smirking at me, spinning a baseball bat in his fingers. It was official. Yamato had lost his mind and I was trapped here with him and an unconscious Tai.