Title: And For the First Number in Their Act….
Summary: How episode 4, The Wrath of Con, in Season 1 should have ended. Skinny dipping and booze.
Word Count: 718 words
Disclaimer: No (p)own-age. Lolz. Okay. Only funny if you remember the episode really well…
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When Veronica requests the limo stop on the beach and jumps out despite the strange looks her date and her friend & his date are giving her, the only thing she has on her mind is jumping in that water without a stitch on, with Lilly's memory floating beside her in the cold, ocean water.

She nearly trips over her own feet when she spots Logan and Duncan sitting on a blanket with a bottle of champagne between them, not touching it. They look anticipatory - almost as if they are expecting her.

They turn at the half-choked sob that she doesn't quite manage to catch. They both stare at her motionless for several seconds and then as if they had talked about it telepathically, they both motion for her to join them.

Veronica is breathless as she makes the universal gesture for "wait one minute" and runs as fast as she can back to the idling limo (she isn't quite sure if they'll be there when she gets back if she doesn't go fast enough).

"You guys go on without me," she tells them.

Her date is eyeing her a little angrily and she doesn't blame him.

"Logan and Duncan" she mouths into Wallace's ear and he gives her that "look". The one her dad gives her when he thinks she's getting in over her head.

Veronica's eyes plead with him to understand and he does, though he still looks slightly confused. He doesn't know the whole story, but he knew they had all been beyond close before -

He nods and she hugs him before flying back out of the limo and running down to the blanket and the champagne and Logan and Duncan. It hasn't all disappeared and she allows herself a gulp of salt-tangy sea-air.

Logan moves the bottle of champagne and she sits between them.

After several minutes, Duncan puts his arm around her and Logan lies on his back with his head in Veronica's lap. She slides one hand around Duncan's back, gripping his t-shirt tightly and cards the other hand through Logan's hair.

They drink the warm champagne and play a game of "Remember when...."

It peters off as Logan says, "Remember when the world was ours and we owned this beach and Lilly looked better than Marilyn Monroe in that dress?"

They are silent for a time.

"I've still never skinny dipped," Veronica volunteers and grins at no one in particular.

Logan's answering smile is positively wicked and Duncan's a little shy.

When Logan climbs out of her lap and pulls her up with him, then reaches a hand down to help Duncan up, before stripping as he walks towards the water, Veronica doesn't question.

Instead she turns around and her smile dares a wavering Duncan to join them, as she pulls the zipper of her red satin dress down, walking backwards, towards the ocean, towards Logan (who is already naked, she notices from the corner of her eye).

Veronica's dress drops to the ground and she turns and runs toward the water, dropping her underwear behind her as she goes.

She jumps into the water with a giggle and a loud crash and can see Duncan on the shore struggling with his sweater.

Logan shouts teasing encouragements and Veronica can't help but giggle until she can barely breath.

This isn't how she pictured this night, but somehow she thinks it wouldn't matter what she had planned. Somehow the universe would have found a way for them to all be together tonight. Somehow. Because this right here, this is meant to be. They are all each other has left - the only people who know. It's pieces of a puzzle connecting again and some of the pieces, part of the picture is still missing, but Veronica thinks it will be okay, because they don't ever want to forget their missing pieces.

Duncan, finally having managed his clothes, is jumping in. Logan tugs on Veronica's hand that she hadn't even noticed he was holding, and she grabs for Duncan's and they float out a ways.

Silently imagining Lilly there with them.

It isn't suddenly going to fix every thing. They know this. But it's a start.

And somewhere, Veronica knows, Lilly is laughing. Because this is absurd and perfect and fabulous.

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