Title: Breakfast With A Side of Sarcasm and Unspoken Threats
Summary: In which Veronica's chariot awaits, her Prince Charmings aren't really that charming, and the King issues non-verbal warnings.
Word Count: 779 words
Disclaimer: The knowledge of my non-owning leaves me cold and bereft.
A/N: Here is the second part as promised. Sorry it took me a while.

On Monday when Veronica answers a knock at the door, she is only a little surprised to find Logan leaning against the door frame grinning and Duncan leaning against the railing across from the door smiling.

"Your pumpkin coach and Prince Charmings are here to sweep you off to Neptune High School," Logan says in that cocky tone that, until recently, grated on her nerves.

"Am I supposed to be Cinderella? Because I think I left my ball gown in my other mansion," she snarks back.

"You'll come to school with us, though?" Duncan asks.

"Of course she will," Logan says. "We'll walk in that building together and if anyone gives us shit, Duncan here can have one of his attacks and when I punch the other guys face into next week I can say I was defending the poor, defenseless epileptic boy." He's smirking like a maniac.

Duncan laughs and so Veronica supposes it okay for her to let go of her giggle. "Come in. I just have to finish a couple things and then we'll go," she says and lets them in. "And just so you know," she says in her informative voice, "I won't be riding in the back of that yellow monstrosity, so you two are gonna have to duke it out for the other front seat." She leaves them with a wide grin and saunters back into her bedroom.

The water is still going so she knows her father is still in the shower. Luckily he's not one of those fathers who run around the house in nothing but boxers. She thinks about giving her dad a warning, but decides against it, in favor of the fun surprise.

The water is still running when she finishes the touch ups on a picture she took for her dad.

When she comes back out into the living room, she finds the boys sprawled out on the couch half asleep - they must not have noticed the sound of the shower - with Backup at their feet. She smiles to herself as she begins to make pancakes (enough for four people - she knows the boys haven't eaten breakfast this morning).

She is delighted when the shower turns off and both boys sit up straight and look around.

"The Sheriff's still here?" Logan says, looking like he's seriously thinking of jumping out the window over the sink.

Duncan doesn't look much better. "You couldn't have told us?" he complains.

Veronica just smiles and pours four glasses of orange juice.

Her father comes out ten minutes later fully dressed and just stares at the boys on the couch for a second. She'd told him about the beach meeting and the drinking of the champagne and even about the skinny-dipping part. He wasn't jumping up and down happy about it, but seemed to be happy that Veronica was happier. "No funny business," he says and picks up his plate of pancakes from the counter. "Gotta run, sweetie. Thanks for the pancakes." He smiles and kisses her cheek, heading for the door.

"Nobody says "funny business" anymore," Veronica informs her father as he tries to maneuver the door open and not drop his plate of pancakes or his briefcase, at the same time. "It's "hanky panky" now."

"Ha ha," he deadpans as he gets the door open. "No hanky panky, then," he warns and sends a not-quite-friendly smile at Logan and Duncan before the door shuts behind him.

Veronica smiles after him. Setting a pile of pancakes and a glass of orange juice before each boy, she says, "Have you decided amongst yourselves who's going to be sitting in the back?" Smiling sweetly, she sits down between them with her own plate of food.

Logan laughs and swallows a mouthful of food. "Neither. We're taking a limo," he says and smiles just as sweetly back at her.

"Okay, I know your joking, because otherwise I'd have to kill you and that would be majorly counterproductive to all that time I just spent making you pancakes," she warns.

Logan smirks. "I'm joking. Mostly because I like the way my organs and body parts are all arranged and, you know, not scattered all over in the ocean," he responds.

"Psh," Veronica says with fake-offense. "Like I'd be stupid enough to leave any whole body parts. You'd be straight up ashes buddy. Kept in a small jar on my desk so I can tell everyone I have the body of a boy…in jar on my desk."

Duncan and Logan both laugh at that.

"We thought we'd take the Le Baron," Duncan tells her. "I'll sit in the back."

Veronica nods. "Sounds like a plan."