August 14th, 1899

Dear Gellert,

I thank you for your company during lunch this time last week. Though I have been occupied with my family as of late, I have longed for your company as you know I always do. I hope that you have not been as desolate as I have. I know that you are clever and can find brilliant ways to occupy your time but I do worry so when I imagine you frowning alone over a puzzling passage in Bede's journals. Would that I could always be there to help you sort out the tangles in your thoughts. Alas, family and duty are as ever my constant jailors.

Aberforth is going to teach Arianna how to milk the goats tomorrow afternoon. He has also agreed to make supper, should I care to allow him. I of course granted permission. He used words to ask me! How could I not? Gellert, I cannot tell you how moved I was that he who has insisted on grunting at me for most of the summer deigned to raise his standards of communication for my benefit. I suppose it was his way of thanking me for all I've done this week.

He needn't do that. I would do anything for them. I wish I could tell him so in a way he understood.

Enough. This letter is for happy tidings only. I have decided to take Aberforth's gesture of goodwill for what it is and have already taken care of all my work for the afternoon. Tomorrow starting at one in the afternoon, I am yours to command, if you'll have me. I do hope you will. I have missed your voice.

I confess I have also been occupied with what you said to me about "the greater good." I want, no, I need a chance to speak with you in more detail about it. It has kept me up nights thinking. At first I thought you spoke madness, but now? Surely times are enlightened enough now that we need not hide our accomplishments from those who were not lucky enough to be born with the gift of magic. Surely the gifts we can bring them will outweigh their natural fear. If those boys had known what magic was when they saw Arianna playing in the garden that day, how different her life would have been. It hurts my heart to dwell on it, Gellert.

A world in which Arianna need not hide is a world I would very much like to see. Even better to make it happen. Until I met you, I thought it an unreachable dream. Now I know that there is no dream that cannot be fulfilled if one has the strength of will to achieve it.

Let us join our dreams together. You and I, my [illegible text], my good, my dearest friend, will be the joyous architects of a newer, better world.

Until tomorrow, I remain, as ever, yours.

-Albus [Hallows Symbol]