Clockwork floated around his lair. The dimensions were safe for the moment, Danny wasn't dead or completely insane, the floating fish bowls weren't lurking around, and Dan was still in his thermos. All in all, Clockwork was bored. He had no one to play with, and he couldn't think of anything that he wanted to go do.

He checked the future again to make sure that Danny still married Sam, started up the ghost fighting center and had two kids that would discover cold fusion. Yeah, Cold fusion, not fission.

Everything was as it was suppose to be. Then he heard the thumping. His curiosity was peaked, so he went to see what it was.

He floated into Dan's chamber to see the thermos jumping around. He considered the idea that Dan might be really claustrophobic. Well, if he wasn't before, he would be if he ever got out. It jumped off of its table and started rolling around. Clockwork sighed, "Just what do you plan on doing?"

A muffled grunt sounded before the deep voice of Dan Phantom sounded, "I am trying to escape. Now walk out."

Clockwork tried to resist rolling his eyes. Key word? Tried. "And what would you do then? Find a ghost stupid enough to let you out?"

The thermos stopped rolling around. Clockwork picked it up and placed it back on the table. As he turned to leave, Dan spoke again, "You know, one day I will get out of here and I will enjoy ripping your innards out before making you eat them."

Clockwork turned and asked in a dead tone, "Do you want me to shake the thermos again?"

Silence was his only answer. He took it as a yes. Grabbing the thermos with a Sadistic smile, he shook it for a few moments before setting it down. He floated out, still smiling, when a small voice sounded, "Happy place………… Happy place………."