A/N: I just realized that the Ella Enchanted fan fiction archive has a dangerously low amount of "modern day" fics that actually involve the canon EE characters. I feel that it is up to me to remedy this harrowing situation. This is the first part of a rather lengthy tale, which takes place in a modern-day private school, with delicious social deviance. Yay! Hattie/Ella in abundance! This entire fic was inspired by Sleater-Kinney songs. It's what came up on my play list…anyway, enjoy!

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cigarettes and glitter kisses

Olive and Cecelia, trying to fit in…

Popularity was everything. Anyone at Madame Edith's School for Girl's could tell you that. And they would tell you repeatedly, just in case you'd forgotten, which you never would, because without popularity, you would never fit in. I didn't know if I fit in or not--I was kind of to the side, in the middle, never really belonging to any set group of girls. I was nothing like my older sister, who was able to mingle effortlessly with any and every crowd. That was never in my bag of tricks. No, I simply tried my best to make it through the day, which was always so much harder then any ritual had a right to be.

Smoke breaks had become my best friend. Oh, no they never allowed anyone actual smoke breaks.

Smoke break = lunch. Lunch was something that I skipped often. Hattie never bothered to sit with me, and sitting alone in a crowded cafeteria was just not a good thing. Trust me; it's not ideal at all. So I stood outside and smoked. Not very legal, but when you're my age, right and wrong is the last thing to cross your mind. Sixteen just wasn't fun. Sweet sixteen? Don't make me gag. I was an angst goddess, and goddamnit I was proud. At least I did something right.

"Care if I smoke with you?"

No one ever asked me that. No one ever asked if they could do anything with me. I looked up, and saw none other than Cecelia, Charmont's--Hattie's biggest fantasy--sister. I chuckled at the irony. She gets the brother, I get the sister? Is that the way things work nowadays? Well, whatever, I suppose I'll bite the divine hand that feeds.

"Of course you can; here." I hand her a cigarette, and she takes it eagerly, lighting up. "This is totally illegal, Olive. Does your angel of a sister know?" I snort--"Angel? Are you fucking kidding me?" I hardly ever swore aloud. Madame Edith would give me detention, and say that I had disgraced the Prime Minister, Jerrold. "No, I'm not fucking kidding you." She chuckles at her own "joke." I take a drag from my cigarette, and look at her. "For one, she fantasizes about your brother, and trust me, she doesn't simply want to kiss him and leave it be."

"I already knew that. Too bad this is an all-girls school."

"That doesn't stop her."


Her surprise astounds me. I thought it was common knowledge that my sister played both fields? Well, okay, let me clarify: She settles for the home team when the visitors can't make it. There, that's much better.

"She has no qualms about anything. She's done things that would make Madame Edith faint."

Cecelia just says "wow" and goes back to her cigarette. It feels good to render someone speechless.

"So, how about you?"

"What about me?"

"Do you mess around with…other girls?"

I have to suppress a laugh. I've never messed around with anyone. No boys, no girls, no in-betweens.

"I've never…no." I changed my response half-way through. Cecelia didn't seem to notice, so I sighed in relief.

"Would you like to try?"

I dropped my cigarette, and quickly stamped on it. "W-what?"

"Would you like to try…with me?"

"What are you…are you asking me to…"

"I am. Now, would you like to? Your sister can't have all the fun, right?"

This is true; I'm not going to deny it. She smiles at me, and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. "You deserve to be a little scandalous, too, I think." She brushes my cheek with her fingertips, and kisses me. Soft, sweet, all of the things that a first kiss should be. We're not angst-y teenagers who are trying to piss of mommy and daddy my "experimenting." We're real. It's passion, new, and sudden, but so real. I have no other words to describe what her lips on mine and her hands in my hair feels like and what it means to me. It means everything, and yet it means nothing. I don't know what to think. Because I'd never thought anything of Cecelia--the daughter of the prime minister--until now. Her lips move against mine, slowly, still retaining that gentle essence, and I wrap my arms around her waist. I imagine us--embracing, kissing, and certainly not chaste at all. We're disgracing the prime minister, and the rules, and everything that we've ever been taught.

And I don't care, for once, because for once, I fit in.

And I like it.

A/N: The next chapter is Hattie/Ella. The story is made up of events in the character's lives, told from the point of view of Olive, Ella, Hattie, Cecelia, Areida, Blossom, and Delicia. This is going to be so delicious. I'm excited just thinking about it. I'll have more up soon!