Title:Family Affair – Chapter 3: You Found Me

Pairings: Eventual NaruSasu, Existing Minato/Mikoto, Past Fugaku/Mikoto
Rating: T for references to abuse/some fighting/some swearing – Could go up to M in later chapters.

Warnings/Notes: Swtiching POVs like crazy, weird tenses because I don't have a proper beta, some necessary OOCness (please note that both Naruto and Sasuke have parental figures in this story so they will be understandably different from their orphaned selves, which is to be expected), fairly Sasuke-centric, abuse, crazies, angst, teh emo, eventual yaoi/shonen-ai/slash/BL/whatever you wanna call it!

Side Note: Sorry this took so long, I kind of just forgot about it for a while and then I lost the original work for this chapter and had to start over. I'm still not pleased with it, but I haven't given up.

When Minato graduated from the Police Academy, he was 25 and knew he was not embarking on an easy career path. Delusions of heroism and glory had died the day Kushina had; the day he was left a single father with a premature child.

His reasons to serve and protect had changed that day, like so much of himself had, and now it was less about being a hero —because he didn't want to be a hero— and solely about punishing himself. Kushina would not have approved, but he found his new reasoning to be an immense relief every time he was faced with homicide, abduction, and pulling his gun on another human being. He was no hero, and he'd make sure his son knew it.

And for a while it was the only thing keeping him alive.

When he'd been partnered with the legendary Uchiha Fugaku, Minato couldn't bring himself to care. But slowly, over the six months they had spent together, something else had changed. Naruto was then, a year old and a mirror of him, and though he had no mother, had never met Kushina— Minato was never more reminded of her than when he looked at his son.

But it wasn't this realization that changed everything, it had been another.

Minato and Naruto had been invited to the Uchiha residence for dinner to celebrate Minato moving up in the force and it would be the first time Minato would meet his partner's wife and children. He had seen pictures but Uchiha Fugaku was a very private person and had never deigned to offer anything more. Minato could only assume it had been the wife's idea because the reverse just didn't seem plausible.

He was surprised when he was presented with the young Mikoto, who looked to be his age, though Fugaku was seven years his senior. But didn't let it show in his face as he kindly returned her warm greeting.

Naruto in his arms, never a shy baby, immediately reached for a lock of her long dark hair to stuff gracelessly into his mouth and was instantly pleased when she laughed, the little blond giggling in turn. Minato was quick to apologize but couldn't help thinking how sweet their brief chorus of laughter had been. Mikoto brushed off the apology with a smile and turned to introduce the toddler, who Minato had only just noticed was hiding behind her.

"This is Sasuke, my youngest. Say 'hello' Sasuke," but the tot only buried himself further behind his mother's legs. It was Fugaku who, having seen his younger son's display of cowardice came up from behind the boy and pulled him from his hiding spot.

And although now sporting a trembling lower lip and watery eyes, it was still apparent to Minato the child was quite beautiful; lily-white skin and dark, dark hair just like his mother.

He knelt down in front of the boy to ease his fears a bit, and placed Naruto on the floor beside him, "Hey Sasuke, this is Naruto, he's very excited to play with you," and as if right on cue, Naruto reached forward and yanked heavily on a lock of Sasuke's hair determined to get another free sample.

Though Sasuke's hair not being anywhere near as long as Mikoto's lead to some pretty disastrous results; and Sasuke was not nearly as forgiving as Mikoto had been when Naruto pulled out a few strands in the process— The older toddler immediately began to cry.

And just when Minato thought the evening couldn't possibly get any worse, Naruto having seen Sasuke get so upset also began to cry relentlessly.

He had never been very good at calming the little blond, and was always very thankful his son was never a fussy baby. Of course, the one time Naruto would decide to have a fit he'd be in the presence of his esteemed partner and his entire family. He really didn't want an audience to his awkward parenting.

But he was saved the experience by Mikoto, who had in those few seconds also knelt down and cradled both little boys close with a mother's strength, and gave each a tiny kiss; one for Sasuke's sore hairline, and one to the tip of Naruto's nose. Simple.

They were calm and everything was right again.

Minato was humbled instantly.

They sat down for dinner, where Minato was introduced to Itachi, and it was a pleasant evening.

The next time he stood in their home was nearly eleven years later, and that time he had not been invited.

By the time he's hauled Fugaku off Sasuke, the boy is unconscious. He can hear Mikoto's sobs in the background, and thinks he'll never forget the sound— She's screaming at Kakashi to let her go, she's not hurt, not really, but she's desperate and panicked and her son is just lying there "That's my baby— Sasuke! Sasuke!" but EMTs are already surrounding the younger brunet, and nobody is getting through.

Fugaku, what did you do?

They get home at a quarter after five; Mikoto is waiting on the doorstep, anxiety paints her features even at a distance. Naruto doesn't think he's felt this much shame in his life. The blond looks over at the car's only other occupant and feels the embarrassment radiating from him as well. Stupid jerk.

Throwing the truck into park, Naruto shoves the 40 dollar ticket further into his pocket and crumples it a little bit. His dad is not going to be happy.

Sasuke's already out of the car before he's managed to unbuckle his seatbelt— He cringes when he hears Mikoto's gasp at the sight of him. She already knows what happened. After their little display in the parking lot they had both been dragged into the principal's office at Oto. And boy, he thought having Miss Tsunade was bad…

They'd called both Mikoto and the police station. Not to mention contacting Konoha Secondary to rat him out for skipping. They both got week long suspensions for the whole ordeal; and Sasuke got his first permanent black mark on his otherwise perfect record.

When he finally reaches the front step he's not surprised to find Mikoto still fretting over Sasuke, he is surprised when she turns her concerned eyes in his direction and starts fussing over him too.

"I'm so sorry Naruto; I never should have agreed to let you go pick up Sasuke by yourself,"

The blond scratches his head, there's that shame again. He shoots a look at Sasuke before replying, "Hey! No way— it's not your fault!"

He sees the way Sasuke hunches in on himself at his words. Good, you selfish prick.

Mikoto insists though and he lets her usher him inside, Sasuke right behind them. His father wouldn't be home for hours yet, thank the higher powers! He wasn't sure how he was going to explain this one.

Mikoto had been truly terrified when she got the call from Oto; instantly assuming the worst. She is not only surprised but greatly relieved when she discovers Sasuke had only gotten in a scuffle. She is, however, a little disappointed when she finds out it was Naruto her son had picked a fight with. Sasuke knows better, and rarely got violent ever since that time. She doesn't like to think about it, so she doesn't.

She is informed of their suspension and told they are on their way home now. She waits by the door.

When they arrive, the sight of them makes her want to cry, bruises all too familiar to her. She takes them both inside and patches them up as best she can, trying to keep herself calm. She would explain everything to Minato, he'd understand.

This was all her fault.

Minato is still on duty when he gets the message Naruto's been suspended again, this time for fighting. He wants to pull his hair out but it will have to wait until later. He had really thought the kid was maturing.

When he gets home at eight the house feels deserted, only Mikoto comes to greet him. She explains what happened (he almost can't believe it) while she heats up some leftovers for him, the boys are both upstairs; he can tell she's anxious, so he stills her hands and just holds her a minute from behind. She fits neatly against his chest and everything else seems to become simple.

"Dinner smells great," he leans down to kiss the side of her neck, "Don't worry, I'll talk to them."

She sits with him while he eats and when he's done he helps her tidy up.

He figures he'll have to talk to Naruto first to get a rough idea on how the hell he's supposed to approach Sasuke.

He hears his dad come in and mentally starts preparing himself for the lecture. By the time he's knocking on his bedroom door, Naruto is a bundle of nerves. The stern look on the older blond's face doesn't help any.

"…hey, dad." The welcome sounds dumb even to himself.

Minato raises an eyebrow but returns the address anyway; taking in the slight purpling of his son's face "You've been busy."

Naruto exhales loudly at that, so his dad isn't going to kill him tonight after all. He'd have to give Mikoto a huge hug later for softening the blow. Now to explain himself properly and not waste the opportunity Mikoto has presented him with.

"Look dad, I'm Sorr—"

"I don't want to hear it, kid." Minato interrupts and Naruto falls silent, "You can apologize to Sasuke if you want, but I'm not in the mood for excuses.

"I talked with Mikoto and I'm pretty sure I can figure out the rest. Do I even want to know who started it?"

"It really was him, dad! I swear. I didn't do anything—" at his dad's disparaging look he amended somewhat, "okay, I mayhave said some things I shouldn't have, but the bas— Sasuke totally hit me first!"

"And what might you have said?" Minato knew it had to be something particularly sensitive for it to incite Mikoto's son in the first place. The kid was practically stone, most of the time; he finds himself thinking back to when the brunet was just a baby hiding in his mother's skirts.

"Don't get mad, er, madder— I kinda brought up the whole your dad is a wife-beating jerkoff who doesn't deserve to live— "Naruto, stop." —who does that? Especially to someone like Mikoto; and he acted like it was nothing, I would kill—"

"Naruto! Enough!"

The younger blond gulped at the tone; perhaps thinking he should have edited his story a bit more. His son was no liar.

"I know I should have kept my big mouth shut. I knew it as soon as I'd said it. I really am sorry.

"I just don't get it. I don't understand how he can be okay with it; I would have died first—!"

"Naruto…" Minato's expression softens toward his son; he had such a good heart. Then he remembers Sasuke's prone form under Fugaku. How a father could do that to his own child, he couldn't understand either, "he almost did."

Minato decides it's time he told Naruto the whole story.

Naruto is floored.

He was not expecting that and he feels foolish for not expecting it.

It made sense. The first time they met, the bruises, the hopelessness…

Everything made sense now, and wow, he felt like a total dick.

His dad left a little while ago, probably to talk with Sasuke; and he doesn't know why, but now he can't stop imagining Fugaku's hands on the other boy— it makes him sick.

He was definitely going to apologize to the brunet, maybe let him punch him again. Shit, what a mess.

Sasuke stubbornly refuses to use the ice pack his mother made up for him, he doesn't care if his face stays black and blue for the entire week, by the time he's back to school the bruising will be gone. That stupid idiot— who did he think he was?

Though somehow, he's always asking himself the same question.

"Why do you let him matter?"

Sasuke thinks maybe the reason he wants, no, needs the acknowledgement so badly is because Itachi was the only one who ever got it and he ran.

He hates that his brother just picked up and left, but he's jealous too. He wonders if Itachi would have stayed had he known what his leaving would mean for the rest of his family. If Itachi would have been able to fend off their father and protect their mother like he had failed to do.

Or even, why he couldn't take his little brother with him? Was I such a nuisance to you, even then?

He can't dwell on it for long, he can already feel the effects the stress of it puts on his body, so he forgets. Better to forget, always better to forget. Itachi is nothing to him, just like he is nothing to his father. He concentrates everything on Fugaku; it's harder to blame his hero.

He's in the middle of changing into his night clothes when he hears the knocking. He can sense it's not his mother, so he finishes changing and then goes to open the door.

It's Minato, but he doesn't move from the doorway to let him in.

"Can we talk?"

Sasuke wants to say no, get out, but this is the man who protects his mum, who saved his life. He can't help it; he's still feeling confrontational but does his best to bury it. He moves, not a lot, but enough for Minato to get past. He closes the door softly and when the older blond sits on his bed he remains standing, one hand still on the doorknob.

Minato won't ask him to sit, not because he has any delusions the older man is afraid of him; he just won't. It's always been like that, in quiet understanding; Minato won't push if Sasuke won't shove. So far, so good.

"Looks like Naruto isn't the only one with an impressive shiner,"

Sasuke casts his eyes to the side, his hand drops from the doorknob and his fists clench. He's not going to apologize, if Minato thinks

"Hey, easy over there" he looks at the man, but doesn't relax his grip, he can feel the bite of his nails against his palms, remains silent and so the blond continues "I'm not saying what happened was okay because it wasn't. It's not.

"I expect you and Naruto to talk out your disagreements, I expect you to be able to use your words," Minato sighs before once again continuing, "But I know, sometimes it can be difficult, especially at your age— Sasuke, I know this must be hard for you—"

"Don't." and the word leaves his lips unintentionally, he hadn't meant to say anything at all.

Minato stops abruptly at the request and watches Sasuke divert his eyes once more. He can see the tension in the boy's shoulders, even without his police training; the kid's body language is practically screaming at him.

Talking with Sasuke has always been a challenge, the teenager just refuses to relax around him and he gets it. He knows what makes Sasuke vulnerable and Sasuke knows that he knows, so the kid always has his barriers up when it comes to him. It won't stop him from trying to get through.


The brunet still won't look at him and Minato watches as he struggles with himself, before he finally manages a response: "I— it won't happen again, Minato-san." It's rare for Sasuke to address him at all; the added suffix makes Minato smile sadly.

He rises from his seat on the bed and walks toward the boy, keeping a fair distance so as not to make Sasuke feel cornered. If he was dealing with Naruto he would have pulled the kid into a hug but he knows better, instead he places a careful hand on Sasuke's shoulder. The touch is brief but he still feels the brunet freeze under his hand.

"Try to get some rest," he says gently before turning to leave.

The next couple days are more than a little strained— everyone but Mikoto kind of ducking each other as they get used to sharing the space.

When Wednesday finally rolls around and sees Minato back to work, his next block off not scheduled 'til the following Monday; and Mikoto finally settled in her position at the new bank branch she'd transferred to in town— it's a relief.

It's also the first time both parents are gone during the day since the move in; leaving the boys home alone in the midst of their suspension for the remainder of the week.

Though Naruto had every intention of apologizing to Sasuke after his talk with Minato, he still hadn't even said a word to the other boy. Mainly because the brunet had holed himself up in his room and still somehow managed to maneuver around the house without being seen. The jerk, Naruto decided, was basically a ninja. And he had to admit that though it was quite irritating, it was also a little bit impressive. Only a little bit though.

Now that it was just the two of them, however, there was nothing stopping the blond from just barging into the other boy's room— not that that was his plan or anything. He hadn't thought that far ahead yet.

He tries knocking first, but the asshole just ignores him. So he sits outside the door and waits. The bastard would, at the very least, need to use the bathroom at some point. It was only 10:00am, Mikoto wouldn't be home until 5:00pm and his dad even later.

Except the blond has never been very good at being patient and after 20 minutes of waiting he's bursting through Sasuke's door.

And he's honestly surprised to find the room's occupant still asleep. Well, this is… unexpected.

He knows the other is not a heavy sleeper so he's wondering what the deal is here. No way he didn't hear me knocking. Not when opening a bloody cupboard downstairs got him out of bed before.

He steps further into the room, not bothering to close the door and makes his way over to the sleeping figure on the mattress. Okay, so he does look kinda wiped out but what the hell? What's he even been doing. Lazy bastard.

He moves to sit on the end of bed and finally there's movement from other boy. He sits up like a shot when he finally realizes he's not alone. Naruto can't help but snort at the expression on the brunet's face.

"What the fuck— freak, what are you doing in here?" and Naruto would be more pissed if he didn't find the reaction so hilarious, but then Sasuke uses his foot to shove the blond onto the floor and he almost isn't able to restrain himself from starting another brawl.

"You're a real asshole, you know that? I was gonna apologize but fuck you." He watches the brunet digest his words and catches the surprise in those wide dark eyes before it's gone as suddenly as it came— it makes Naruto feel weird. It's not as if Sasuke is a stranger to him, but the more he's around him— he thinks he's getting better at reading the other boy and it's just… weird.

He doesn't know for sure why but he's feeling like a dick again.

"I don't want your apology dumbass,"

Well, until Sasuke opened his mouth anyway.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?"

"Just— get out!"

Naruto doesn't think anyone has ever frustrated him like this before, huh, two can play at this game though.

"No, I like it in here. I'm staying." And with that he picks himself off the floor and makes himself comfortable once more on Sasuke's bed; even being so bold as to lie length-wise next to the other boy watching him casually out of the corner of his eye.

If Sasuke is shocked at the display, it's quickly smothered by outrage and Naruto is ready the second the brunet moves to push him off again, this time with his hands. He twists quickly and grabs the other boy by his elbows and rolls into the momentum of Sasuke's loss of balance to pin him to the mattress, sitting comfortably on the brunet's thighs before pulling the other boy's arms under his knees to pin them there too, freeing his own hands in the process.

Sasuke tries to buck underneath him but this time Naruto's got the advantage— Sasuke may have been able to just pin him before, but Naruto doesn't even have to try. He's much heavier.

"Get the fuck off me!"

"Not until you tell me what your problem is!"

Sasuke ignores him in favor of trying to dislodge him, so Naruto tries again:

"Look— I really am sorry about what I said. I— it was stupid!"

He's still being ignored and his dad was so going to kill him for this— what am I doing?

But he tentatively reaches out and brushes one hand against Sasuke's forehead stilling his movements and pushing him back to rest on the pillow beneath him, and then with the other he brushes his fingers against the other boy's throat and Sasuke just stops.

Naruto locks eyes with him, and he sees the panic— moves his eyes down to where his hand is resting on Sasuke's neck and he sees those bruises even though they're not there.

The other boy is breathing so heavy, his face is flushed from his exertion, and it really was altogether unfair how beautiful Sasuke was.

"I'm sorry." He says quietly before lifting himself off and sitting back at the foot of the bed. Sasuke lies there staring at the ceiling, trying to catch his breath, and Naruto finds himself admiring the other boy once again.

Finally Sasuke pulls himself up into a sitting position, stares at the blond and says just as quietly, "Apology accepted."

And Naruto has never felt this uncomfortable in his life, but Sasuke looks just as uncomfortable and it's made worse by the fact they're both kind of just staring at each other.

That's when it happens, and he's still not sure who leaned in first or why, but Sasuke's lips are suddenly pressed to his and things kind of dissolve from there.

It's okay he tells himself but he knows it's not, here he is making out with his dad's girlfriend's son— it's the furthest thing from okay, but… he can't really bring himself to care.