Night Court

Chapter one

Lounging on the couch in the Possible living room, Ron watched as Mrs. Possible decorated the tree for Christmas.

"You sure you don't want me to help?"

Smiling at her daughter's boyfriend and her soon to be sometime in the future son-in-law, Anne shook her head.

"Thank you Ron, but no. Kimmie will be down in a minute and I am sure the two of you have plans. How does it feel being home for Christmas?"

Ron rubbed his side.

"It feels good to be home with the rents and Hana. I've really missed them. I know I got to talk to them and see them on the computer screen but its good to actually be home for more than the weekend. School is great but its a long way from here. I know Kim has missed all of you."

Placing another ornament on the tree Anne shook her head.

"It's hard to believe that you two are off at school. The house is too quiet without you and Kim around. Tim and Jim don't know what to do with their spare time without a sister around to harass."

Ron laughed.

"Yeah, I think Kim even missed them."


Anne turned around and glanced in the direction of Kim's scream.

"Now that's better, it's more like home now."

Kim came stomping down the stairs from her room.

"Mom, do you know what those two did to ?"

Anne shook her head.

"Now Kimmie, you haven't been home for long since you went off to school and the boys have really missed you. Now what are you and Ron going to do?"

Smiling, Kim grabbed Ron by the neck of his jacket.

"It's Christmas, so it's shopping time. I saw the greatest coat at Club Banana. It's a limited edition. I've got everyone's presents taken care of and I don't expect anyone to pay what this one costs. I've saved up enough on my own so I am going to get it before all of them are gone."

Groaning Ron stood up before Kim dragged him bodily over the back of the couch.

"Ahhhh Kim! I was hoping to veg out here. There is a Snowman Hank marathon on and...."

Kim stepped in front of him while she zipped up his coat.

"I've already got the DVR running so we can watch it when we get back, just the two of us."

With the last word "us" she stood on her tiptoes and nipped at the tip of his nose. A smile spread across his face.

"Okay, you talked me into it."

Kim waved to her mom.

"We'll be back later mom, don't expect us for supper."

Whimpering, Ron found himself being hauled bodily into the Club Banana store in the Middleton Mall. Kim made her way through the store to the central area where she had seen the jacket she wanted. But when she got there she came to a complete stop. The display was gone. In it's place were some plain winter coats. Spinning around, she quickly stepped over to the register. Monique was standing there folding some clothes.

"Monique, don't tell me you have sold the last jacket."

The look on Monique's face gave Kim her answer before she opened her mouth.

"Sorry girl, the last one went out last night. I couldn't put one on hold because you are still listed as an employee. All I can do it look on the system for one in the size and color you want. The trouble is headquarters doesn't allow transfers between stores for those coats. If I find one you'll have to go to where ever that one is."

Kim's face hardened and Monique nodded.

"Chill girl, let me check the computer."

Walking over to the computer behind the counter and started to type. She watched the screen for a few moments then grimaced.

"Sorry girl, there are a few around but the store with the most left is a small store in New York. It's so new that most of the folks don't know it's there. Plus there has been a lot of road work in front of it and you practically have to hike over rubble to get there."

Kim nodded.

"Let's have the address."

Sighing and shaking her head, Monique wrote down the address and handed it over to Kim.

"Kim, are you really going to New York just to get that jacket?"

Kim stared back at her and Monique nodded.

"I know check your name, good luck."

Ron rolled his eyes as Kim turned around.

"Ahhhhh com'n KP! Do we HAVE to go to New York to get some old coat?"

Kim's glare and crossed arms gave Ron his answer. She stepped forward as she grabbed his arm and started to drag him out of the store. Monique could hear Ron's whine as they left the store.

"Ahhhh, mannnnn"

Kim balanced her way over the rubble of the sidewalk as she made her way toward the Club Banana that was her destination. The Sloth had made the trip to New York in record time. She would get the coat, and be back in Middleton in plenty of time to watch Snowman Hank off the DVR. Her feet hit clean sidewalk and she jogged toward the doors of the store. A slight scream and crash behind her told her that Ron's luck had just as good as ever. She would have to make it up to him but right now her mission was to get that jacket.

Opening the door she went straight for the cash register. The lady behind the counter looked up as she approached.

"May I help you?"

Nodding Kim placed her hands on the counter.

"Yes, I was hoping the you had one of the new green special Club Banana coats left?"

The woman nodded.

"Why yes we do. There is one left on the display back there. I do believe that it will be your size."

Kim grinned.

"Thank you. I'll get it."

Kim ran for the back of the store and saw the Holy Grail of her quest. The new jacket in all it's glory. She reached out for it and grabbed it just as another pair of hands grabbed it a second later."

Kim turned to the person.

"Excuse me! I got here first."

The other person spoke at the same time.

"Listen little girl, hands off before somebody gets hurt."

Both faces turned to each other at the same time as two pair of green eyes locked on each other.


"IT'S MINE!" They chorused.

Ron jogged up to see the two glaring and each other. As he did someone bumped into to him from the side. Another two pair of eyes locked on each other.

"Awwww MANNN, you still don't know my name."

Ron pointed to Kim.

"She got here first!"

Drakken crossed his arm's.

"Finders keepers loser's weepers."

Ron balled his fists.

"I'll show you a loser."

The store clerk picked up the phone and dialed 911.

Harry opened the door to the courtroom and stepped in as Bull called out to the room.

"All rise the district court of New York is now in session. The Honorable and ever the Season Greetings man Judge Harry T. Stone presiding."

Harry stepped behind his desk and sat down. Looking out over the room he noticed the normal group of people waiting in the courtroom. However one group of gained his notice. This group of four was sitting in the back of the room with several extra guards around them. There were two women and two men. One of the women had coal black hair and a greenish skin tone, she was sitting next of an older man with black hair and blue skin. Two guards sat between them and the next two. The next two where younger just out of their teen years. The girl had deep auburn hair and the boy had blond hair. All four were handcuffed and appeared to have been in a fight. In addition to the two guards sitting between the two pair. Two more guards sat on either end of the group with four more standing behind them.

Harry looked over to Mac. Mac shook his head as he brought the first folder up to him.

"They are for later sir."

Harry looked over at them.

"Why aren't they in holding?"

Dan walked up to the bench.

"It seems our fearsome foursome nearly destroyed holding. They had to restrain all four, threaten to bring out the tazers and put guards between them to keep them apart. Now Harry, we got to get through these cases fast tonight, I've got a little something in a stocking waiting for me."

Christine walked up.

"Don't you mean you are waiting for something in your stocking?"

Dan grinned.

"Ohhhhh nnoooo, her stockings are WELL filled."

Harry shook his head.

"First case Mac."

Mac dropped a file on Harry's desk.

"People against McHenry your Honor."

Harry opened the file and looked up.

"What do we have here?"

Dan stepped forward.

"Simple case of shoplifting your honor. Light fingers Lucy here lifted a coat from the local Wallyworld. They caught her as she tried to leave the store. Two cameras caught her taking the coat. Open and shut your Honor."

Harry nodded.

"Thank you Mr. Prosecutor, Miss Sullivan."

Christine stood.

"Your Honor. My client acknowledges that she did wrong, but her daughter has no coat for the winter and she didn't have the money to get one. She recently lost her job. She returned the coat and surrendered to police. She offered to make restitution. But the store manager would not allow that."

Harry nodded.

"Okay, Mrs. McHenry, since this is your first offense and you have made some offer of restitution, I am waving any time or fine. Case closed."

The woman stood.

"Thank you your honor. Would you mind if I stayed here in the courtroom. It'll be sometime before someone can come take me home and it's warm in here."

Harry nodded.

"Be my guest. Bull do you think you could get something for her to drink?"

Bull nodded.

"OoooooKay. What would you like to drink? Hot chocolate?"

She nodded and Bull left the room.

Harry turned to Mac.

"Next case Mac."

Mac handed a file over to Harry as a man in a Santa suit was brought before the bench.

"People against Billachi your Honor."

Harry nodded.

"What do we have here Mr. Prosecutor?"

Dan stood next to the Santa.

"Your Honor Santa used to work for one of the local department stores. He lost his job to a new robotic Santa. Mr. Billachi here voiced his displeasure by taking an ax to the Robo-Hoho. He terminated it by burying the ax into it's head."

Christine stood at the Santa's side.

"Your honor, Mr. Billachi had worked at that store for more than twenty years. The store terminated his contract when they found out that all the kids wanted was a picture with Santa. So the photography company brought in the robot. Mr. Billachi told the store owner's he would work for less but they didn't want him. They told him and I quote. "Who cares if the kids don't get to talk to Santa? As long as we get the money for the pictures and the parents are happy. None of the kids now care about Santa, all they want is the presents."

Mr Billachi turned to Harry.

"Your honor, I am sorry about the robot, but nobody really cares about Christmas any more. It's all gimme-gimme-gimme or I want that no matter what. I don't know if I could ever go back to being Santa. Nobody cares so why should I? Throw the book at me. Who cares?"

Harry looked at the man.

"We care Mr. Billachi, I hope you will find some Christmas Spirit is still out there."

Roz stepped over.

"As long as it's not the kind in the bottle."

Harry shook his head.

"Fifty dollars and time served. Next case."

They worked through a number of their normal cases until the room was nearly cleared out. Mac lifted several files that were at least a foot thick totally on to Harry's desk and then handed him another file at least an an thick.

"What in the...."

Dan stepped forward.

"It's time for the freaky foursome your honor."

Harry looked at the case docket.

"My, my we have been naughty haven't we."

He turned to the court records and opened one file with Shego's name on it.

"My, my we have really, REALLY been naughty haven't we."

The guards led Shego, Kim, Ron and Drakken before Harry. Bull stepped up to flank the guards as Shego turned to snarl at the guards. She turned around just in time to run face first into Bull. Her face planted itself just at his ribcage. She started to feel around with her hands and kept moving higher and higher. She pulled her face back and turned it to the side with her eyes closed.

"Does this thing have a head on it?"

Finally her hands touched his face and she turned her head upward. She had to crane her head back almost completely before she could see Bull's face. He looked down at her and smiled.

"I like her. She's funny."

Shego pulled back to stand at Drakken's side. Drakken puffed himself up and took a step toward Harry.

"I want you all to know, I am Dr. Drakken and...."

He stopped when Bull pulled him back to his place. Bull stepped in from of him and growled.

"You wait until Harry asks you a question. Until then you do what I tell you to do or else. Do you understand?"

Drakken nodded weakly.

Bull smiled and noticed someone standing in the courtroom. He stared and them and yelled.


Drakken promptly sat on the floor. Shego put her hands on her face and shook her head.

Harry picked up the file on his desk and opened.

"What happened here Dan?"

Dan stepped forward leering at Kim and Shego as he passed.

"Your Honor, these four started their little merry mayhem at the Club Banana store on the 1500 block of Elm. The two young ladies decided to contest ownership of a single Club Banana Special Edition Coat, People's exhibit A."

Roz plunked down a green coat onto Harry's desk.

Kim and Shego stepped forward at the same moment.

"That's MINE!"

Then pointing to the other they chorused.


Harry banged his gavel and both of them got quiet and stepped back to their places.

Dan continued.

"As the two ladies started their disagreement over the ownership of said item. The two gentlemen stepped into the growing Christmas confrontation to support their partners at which point the party truly started. Mr. Lipsky was the instigator of the demolition altercation when he pushed Mr. Stoppable. Mr. Stoppable's pants fell down at the moment causing him to fall into the display case of signature perfumes by Club Banana, thereby destroying $900 worth of merchandise. At this point Miss Possible turned to aid her partner when Miss Go grabbed the jacket and turned to run from the store. Miss Possible pulled out a device similar to a hairdryer out of her pocket and fired a grappling hook across the room causing Miss Go to trip and fall into a display of men's colognes destroying said display."

Harry stopped Dan.

"A hairdryer that shoots a grappling hook?"

Roz placed Kim's grappler on the bench. It fired sending a grapple ricocheting off the floor between Bull's legs and embedding itself high in the opposite the wall. The gun started to retract the cable, bounced across Harry's desk where the handle caught on the edge of Harry's desk. The cable snapped tight between Bull's legs and shot him up against the ceiling where he bounced to the floor. Harry grabbed the grapple and luckily pressed the release button. The cable sagged to the floor. Everyone looked over at Bull.

"Bull, are you alright?"

Bull got to his feet with his legs bowed. He nodded and spoke to Harry in a very high pitched voice.

"I'll be alright after I put some ice on it."

Rapping his gavel, Harry picked up his file again.

"Okay Mr. Prosecutor, please continue."

Dan continued.

"After the merry mayhem inside the store the quadruple force of destruction decided to take their disagreement outside. Miss Possible had gained possession of the jacket and ran from the store after allegedly placing a gift card of the appropriate amount on the counter as she left the store. After vacating the store with Mr. Stoppable they attempted to reach their vehicle parked a couple of blocks away. Miss Go and Mr. Lipsky pursued them and started a second fight in the parking lot were no fewer than 6 cars were damaged or destroyed. Mr. Stoppable at this time reached their vehicle. Getting in he started the engine and dropped the top while Miss Possible dove into her seat. Mr. Possible then proceeded to drive from the scene while striking three other cars."

Ron stepped forward.

"Hey, those big roadhogs were taking up too much parking space."

Roz stepped in front of Ron and he backed up next to Kim. Roz stepped back in her place as Dan continued.

"Miss Go and Mr. Lipsky at this time reached their vehicle and started in pursuit. Both vehicles ran several stoplights all while weaving in and out of traffic. Finally both vehicles avoided the traffic and started racing through the city at extreme speed."

Harry raised his hand.

"Dan how did they avoid the traffic and still go at extreme speed and what was their speed."

Dan ruffled his papers.

"Apparently both vehicles were capable of flight, they flew through the city at speeds well over 60 mph."

Harry stared at the four and waved for Dan to continue.

"After flying over the streets of the city causing a few more accidents, destroying eight signs, knocking down a dozen street lights, and four complete set of traffic lights both vehicles flew out over the river and disappeared."

Harry stopped Dan again.

"Tell Mr Prosecutor, just where did they disappear to? Or do I want to know?"

Dan cleared his throat.

"They both dove into the water and continued their altercation under the surface of the water. Apparently, both vehicles were also capable of underwater travel."

Harry stared at Dan for a moment, then waved for him to continue.

"Both vehicles exited the river at the docks and flew toward Central Park. Here both vehicles landed and the freaky foursome continued their rampage. The object in question changed hand at least half a dozen times including one "fumble" when Mr. Stoppable had possession of the coat and showed an incredible display of broken field running while avoiding Miss Go and Mr. Lipsky along with 16 of New York's finest. "

Kim growled at Ron. Ron shrugged his shoulders.

"Sorry KP, but I felt like I'd just run back a 100 yard run. I just had to "spike" the ball."

Dan continued.

"I might add that during the entire time of the altercation that Miss Go fired a weapon of unknown origin that caused several explosions. These explosions damaged several buildings, a dozen more cars, two semi-trucks and one delivery truck carrying fruit cake. Which I may add was a favor to waistlines everywhere.

Before Dan could continue Harry raised his hand.

"Just how was this all stopped?"

Dan smiled.

"Apparently Mr Stoppable pulled a device out of Miss Possible's pocket. This device fired a very sticky substance. Before he could use it on Miss Go and Mr. Lipsky, he dropped it. It fired a large glob of the sticky stuff and it caught all of them in one sticky ball of love. It took a couple of hours to get them unglued during which time tazers nearly had to be employed to keep the peace. The docket lists all the charges."

Harry opened up the docket and attempted to read the charge sheet. The sheet unrolled and fell over the front of the desk and onto the floor. Harry stood up and glanced down at the sheet before picking up his gavel. Rapping loudly on the bench he shook his head.

"Let's take a break and get something to eat people. We will finish this one after we eat. Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, Mr. Lipsky, Miss Go, you are on your own recognizance as long as you stay on this floor and within sight of your guards. I would suggest for everyone's sanity and well being that you sit across the cafeteria from each other. I am sure Art would appreciate you not destroying the cafeteria or the courtroom."

Christine put down her sandwich next to Harry and took her seat.

"I can't believe Kim Possible is in our courtroom."

Dan leered at her.

"Adding hero worship to your naïve lifestyle. I rather worship that body. Not bad for someone nineteen years old."

Christine stared right back at Dan.

"Dan! She is the hero to young girls everywhere. She was done some incredible things and saved the world several times. She and Ron even stopped those aliens last spring."

Dan rolled his eyes.

"Big deal, she broke so many ordinances and laws this time the police needed two secretaries to enter everything into the computer. She was so goody two shoes Disney needs to draw her in a cartoon."

Shego walked by with Drakken heading for a table on the other side of the cafeteria. Dan watched as she passed by and kept trying to lean over to watch. He kept going until his chair nearly tilted over. Sitting back up straight. He started flipping his tie around.

"Now that's a woman!"

Roz stared at Dan.

"Gee Dan, one wonders if you could even recognize one."

Dan made a face at Roz.

"Ha ha."

Kim played with her sandwich while glaring at Shego. Ron finished his first two sandwiches and a soda and started on his third sandwich and a second soda.

"You need to go ahead and eat KP. No telling how long this till take. Has Wade called our folks yet?"

Kim wilted and stared down at her sandwich. Picking it up wearing handcuffs was slightly difficult to do gracefully. She grimaced as she took a bite. Putting it down, she picked up her soda and took a sip.

"Yeah, I talked to dad just of a little bit."

Ron could tell from Kim's expression and inflection that the conversation was not one she wished to think about too much.

"He upset?"

Kim snorted.

"Oh no. He's not upset. He just got a call from the New York Police Department telling him that his only daughter was under arrest for a list of activities too long to discuss over the phone. He couldn't talk. MOM got on the phone then. She had a few choice things to say. Basically they said I was on my own this time. How about your folks?"

Ron groaned.

"Pretty much the same. They were over at your folks when they got the call. I think they all got together and decided that let us work it out. We got into to this on our own and now we have to find a way to get out of it."

Kim took another sip from her drink and continued to play with her sandwich. Ron thought a minute and decided he might as well tell her and get it over with.

"I was talking to Wade while you were talking with your folks. Monique had called him to tell you something."

Kim looked up at him.

"What did she want?"

Ron held his breath for a moment.

"Would you believe that she found one of those jackets in storeroom."

Kim's eyes went wide. All the guards jumped to their feet as everyone else dove for cover.


Here is a little story I actually started last Christmas but never got the opportunity to get it ready in time. I always enjoyed the show "Night Court" so I put this little story together. My favorite characters on the show were Bull and Dan. I'll be putting some of the other characters in as the story fills in. Kim does like her Club Banana clothes and I can see she and Shego going at it over a single coat. I guess the pressure of the Christmas season got to both of them. I hope you like this little Christmas tale. It might be a little overboard but it's fun to write. Please leave a review.