Night Court

Chapter 2

By Captainkodak1

Kim glanced slowly around to see the guards standing looking at her. Two had their cans of mace out and another had his taser out. Kim slowly raised her handcuffed wrists and gently motioned for the guard to sit down. They sat down but continued to keep her under watch. Kim turned to hiss at Ron.

"What the....what happened?"

Ron gave her a sheepish grin.

"She was going through some of the returns and noticed one of the jackets. Apparently someone was returned it right after we left. Apparently the corporate computer was about an hour or so slow in updating inventory so she didn't know till later. Right after she found it they had a lot of people come in the store so she could not break away to call. By the time she got a chance to call....well..."

Ron lifted his wrists and jingled the chains between the cuffs. Kim grunted and continued to eat. She stopped for a moment then looked up at Ron. He could see something new in her face. Gone was the frustration and anger, in it's place was a face of embarrassment.

"Ron, I am SO sorry that I got you into this. When I wanted that jacket years ago I was so desperate to try and get a job. I drug you along with me and found out I didn't have the patience to do the work needed to get something I wanted. I so wanted that jacket but didn't want to do the work to get it. You... you did the work and bought if for me. I was so happy...that was until Ned walked by wearing one. After that....return."

Ron got ready to shake his head but Kim stopped him.

"Ron, it was the truth. I could have WAITED. Who knows someone might have gotten me one for Christmas. But I was so hard headed about what I wanted I just could see beyond that jacket."

Kim turned to see the mother that had taken the coat from the store was sitting in the far corner sipping a cup of hot chocolate. Her coat was nothing more than a thin jacket. There were dark circles under her eyes and she looked so tired. Kim stood up and walked over to the woman. One of the guards started to stand up but sat down when Harry motioned that it was okay. Kim knelt beside the woman.

"Hey, I am not that hungry. Would you like the rest of my sandwich? I haven't even unwrapped it."

The woman looked hungrily at the sandwich for a second. She looked back at Kim.

"Are you sure, I mean you don't want it?"

Kim smiled and shook her head.

"No, go ahead."

The mother took the sandwich and took a large bite. Chewing slowly like it was the best sandwich in the world she looked back at Kim.

"You're Kim Possible? I didn't ever think that I would see YOU under arrest. Oh...I'm sorry...I mean..."

Kim put her handcuffed hands on the woman's arm.

"Heroines can make mistakes like everyone else. Believe me I have made some big ones before, but not this big. I can't believe I was actually fighting in the streets over a jacket."

Kim shook her head.

"You think that I would have learned the first time."

The woman's eyes grew large.

"You have been arrested before?"

Kim nodded.

"Would you believe fighting over a movie DVD? And would you believe it was Shego too. Except that time it was in the middle of a SmartyMart. We just about leveled a few sections of the store. I was so grounded after that one."

The woman giggled.

"What happened that time?"

Kim glanced around to look at Ron.

"Well, the DVD was supposed to be for Ron. He ended up paying for my part of the damages. I ended up with no gift for him for everything he did for me."

The woman smiled.

"He seems like an nice young man."

Kim blushed.

"He is my everything. It took me a little while to notice but I learned quick that he was the one for me."

Kim turned to see Harry standing up.

"Okay people, let's get back into the courtroom and see if we can't get through this mess."

The guards moved to flank Kim, Ron, Shego and Drakken and keep the two pair as far away from each other as possible. Everyone returned to the courtroom and took seats. Bull stood in front as Harry made his way to the bench.

"All rise the district court of New York is back in session. The Honorable and ever the Season Greetings man Judge Harry T. Stone still presiding."

Harry took a seat as he rapped his gavel.

"Okay Mr. Prosecutor do you have anything to add?"

Dan was preoccupied with leering back and forth between Kim and Shego and quickly turned back to fact Harry.

"Not really your Honor, I believe the charges speak for themselves. No need to read them aloud, we would be here until the New Year and a waste of time. Let me conclude the the magnificent mayhem manufactured by our merry band here needs to be punished to the full extent. Tell Santa to add a lump of coal to their stocking."

Dan turned back and walked by Shego with a leer.

"Of course, I wouldn't mind if Miss Go here would fill my stocking."

Shego grinned and lifted one hand. She started to sing while small green flames erupted her hands.

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire."

Dan jumped back and stood behind his desk.

Harry looked over at Christine.

"Miss Defender?"

Christine walked up to the bench to stand with the group.

"Your Honor. Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable have plead guilty to all charges and will accept any judgment that you deem necessary. Miss Go and Mr. Lipsky have plead not guilty saving that they were only defending themselves and were trying to apprehend Miss Possible and Mr. Stoppable."

Harry looked down at Shego and Drakken.

"Just doing our civic duty were we?"

Drakken puffed up his chest.

"Yes your honor."

Harry shook his head.

"And you nearly destroy half the city in the process. Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, you have plead guilty to the entirety of your charges. You realize that there are over 30 charges leveled against you and we could be talking about some serious time and fines. It looks like even if I combined some of the charges and dropped others you are still looking at a couple of months in jail and fines about five or six thousand dollars."

Both of them turned a little pale as Kim reached down with her hands and took both of his into hers.

"Yes your Honor. We understand, we will accept whatever decision you make."

Harry nodded. Then he turned to Drakken and Shego.

"While you two say you were doing your civic duty. I believe that about as much as I believe Mel Torme is going to walk into my courtroom in just a minute and give me lifetime tickets to all his concerts. I find you guilty of all charges. What shall I do with the coat?"

Kim and Shego stepped forward and spoke at the same time.

"It's mine."

Harry looked at the two of them.

"I'll tell you what. Why don't I just cut the coat in half and give half to each of you?"

Kim and Shego were stunned into silence.

Dan leaned over and spoke to Harry.

"Channeling a little King Solomon are we Harry?"

Two officers brought in two shabbily dressed people. Harry looked over at Mac as another officer dropped a file on his desk. Mac nodded and smiled at Harry.

Harry recognized the couple.

"Well as I live and breathe its Bob and June Wheeler. Just how the heck are you?"

Bob's dull expression didn't change a bit.

"Couldn't be better sir, its always a pleasure to be hauled up in front of you. As usual the accommodations were lovely."

June nodded.

"And why you don't charge for that strip search I'll never know."

Bob turned to Dan and looked at his suit.

"Hello Mr. Fielding, what a beautiful suit."

Dan smiled.

"The secret is not sleeping in it."

Bob just nodded in the same dull expression.

June turned to Christine.

"Good to see you again Ms. Sullivan, you are looking as beautiful as ever."

Christine smiled.

"Ahh, thank you Mrs. Wheeler."

June spoke with the same expression.

"If it weren't for all that nursing I'd have boobs like you."

Christine, Kim and Shego all cringed at the same time. Drakken decided to examine a part of the ceiling while Ron glanced at Kim.

"What's wrong Kim?"

Kim and Shego just rolled their eyes while Drakken tried to keep a straight face. Kim was about to say something to Ron when Harry rapped his gavel.

"Why don't you two sit down while we take care of this little group and I'll be right with you."

June looked over and saw Kim and Ron standing there.

"Look Bob, it's her! It's Kim and Ron! Nice to see you ag'in Miss Possible. We never got to really thank you for helping out our youngest when we were back home. He was always interested in investigating dark place. It sure was lucky your boyfriend was able to get our boy out. Sorry he had to fall in Pa's privy like he did. He sure did a fancy dive when he fell down the hole."

Kim forced a smile.

"I remember. We were helping with the mine disaster when we heard you hollering that your boy had fell down a hole."

Ron's face turned pale as he mumbled under his breath.

"And the hole turned out to be..."

Kim elbowed Ron. Ron glanced back at her.

"Kim, it took a week to get the smell off of me. Even YOU would not kiss me."

Kim paled a little.

"Well, the smell was a little hard to get around…."

Harry rapped his gavel again.

"Okay folks, let's get back to what we were doing before we had our little reunion.

Shego got ready to protest when Art busted into the courtroom.

"Your honor, somebody just hijacked the truck that has all the toys that had been collected for the toy drive. They beat up the driver and knocked a couple of kids out of the way. They hit another one, she's on the way to the hospital."

The courtroom went into turmoil until Harry rapped his gavel for order. He looked around the room and then at the four in front of his bench. He thought for a moment.

"I'll tell you what. Since you are so good at fighting each other and chasing each other all over New York I have an idea. I am going to give you community service starting right now. You are going to be released and your community service is to retrieve that truck full of toys. Bring me back the truck and the persons that did it, in good condition and I'll drop most if not all of the charges. Otherwise, I would imagine it'll be spring before you get out of jail."

Kim looked at Ron and he nodded. Shego glanced at Drakken for a moment and they nodded to each other. Shego turned to Harry.

"You got a deal your Honor. We will get the toys back for you. By the way which do you want back in good condition the truck, the toys or the creeps responsible?"

Harry sighed.

"Preferably all three."

Shego scowled.

"Okay, but Drakken and I work alone. I don't..."

Harry shook his head.

"Nope, the deal is that all FOUR of you work together to get this done."

Kim and Shego scowled at each other.

"I am not taking orders from her!"

Harry smiled at the two of them.

"Well, I suggest you two find a way to cooperate or I just may place orders to put both of you in the same cell after you have been processed which means various "searches" and given a delightful bright orange jumpsuit. I am sure the color is be just right for you."

The looks between Kim and Shego would have melted a wall of steel if one had been placed between them. Both of them glanced back at Harry and nodded.

"Okay, but...."

Harry held up his hand.

"I believe that I have the right to decide just who will be in charge and it will not be you Miss Shego."

A smile that crossed Kim's face vanished as Harry continued.

"Nor will it be you Miss Possible."

Drakken started to posture and smile. Harry shook his head.

"And it will not be you Dr. Drakken."

Shego looked around the room.

"Well, if it is not me, or the princess, or Drakken, then just who....."

Realization dawned on Shego, Drakken and Kim at the same time. In perfect unison, their mouths dropped open and they yelled.



"The buffoon?"

Harry nodded.

"Yes, it appears that of the four of you Mr. Stoppable has the clearest head of all of you. He is the only one that has not yelled, screamed or postured for a leadership position and has been supportive to Miss Possible throughout the entire evening. I believe he is the only one that will be able to put his feelings aside and get the job done. Now, whoever fails to follow his orders will be brought back here for your full sentence. Any questions?"

Shego raised her hand.

"Your honor, what happens if we fail?"

Harry started to pick up some other files.

"You will go to jail and be cellmates for the entirety of your sentence."

Shego slapped her hand to her face and turned to Kim.

"Well roomie, do you want the top bunk or the bottom?"

Ron grimaced at the scowl Kim gave him as she handed over the Kimmunicator. He hoped that he would be alive to finish celebrating the holidays. Ron punched the call button and Wade appeared on the screen.

"Hi Ron, what's going on? Where's Kim?"

Ron handed the device to Kim.

"You can explain it to him and see if he can find the truck."

Kim took the Kimmunicator and glanced down to the screen.

"Wade, the judge will let us go if we can find a truck full of toys that was hijacked. The thing is he wanted Ron in charge and Drakken and Shego are part of the team."

Wade winced.

"Oh, that's bad. Couldn't he have given you an easier beheading."

Kim rolled her eyes.

"Hey, it's not my idea, but considering we would be spending most of next semester in jail I don't think we have a choice. Just hack into the police records, get the info on the truck and see if you can track it."

Shego stood glaring at Ron.


Ron rubbed the back of his head.

"Shego, could you and Dr. Drakken use any of your stuff to track the truck?"

Shego turned to Drakken.

"Well Doc?"

Drakken thought for a moment.

"Well, the super scanning camera is in the hovercraft. All I need to do is get a picture of the truck and feed it into the camera memory. Then just fly over the city and see if the camera can spot it. It should be able to spot it within a two mile radius."

Ron thought for a moment.

"Okay, would you please take the camera and your hovercraft and go north. Kim and I will take the Sloth and go south. The first one to find the truck tracks it until the others arrive."

Shego smiled.

"Care to put up a little bet on who finds it first? If we find it first, you cook a five course meal for the two of us and the princess here serves."

Kim started to growl until Ron stepped between her and Shego.

"Deal, if we find the truck first, Drakken has to tutor me for next semester and Shego you have to promote the kid's soccer program for the schools."

Shego started to ignite her hands but stopped. Gritting her teeth for a moment she put her hands down.

"Deal, get you computer dweeb to upload a picture of the truck to us along with any other information. Come on Doc, let's get going."

The Sloth sailed over the lower part of the city. The mood inside the Sloth was as frosty as the temperature outside. Ron kept his attention on the scanner. He REALLY hoped they found the truck first. Of course seeing Kim in the maid outfit would have it's perks but he kept that fact to himself. He would live longer and less painfully.

Kim kept the Sloth on track for the search pattern that Wade had set up for them. So far they had not seen the truck. She glanced over at him.

"How could you agree to such a deal? If they find it I'll never hear the end of it."

Ron turned to her and grinned.

"And if we find it?"

Kim grinned an evil grin.

"Okay, I could handle that. Now, the scanner picking up anything?"

Ron shook his head.

"Nope, I think Wade is hacking into all the cameras at the toll stations. Maybe he can spot it. I..."

The screen between them came to life and Shego's face filled the screen.

"We will take a nice entree starting with the perfect salad."

Kim was about to retort when the screen showed the truck they were searching for. Shego's voice came over the speakers.

"We had the idea that these guys are trying to smuggle the stuff out of the area. They would not be on the main roads, so we took the chance and checked out an old smuggler's route we knew of and what would appear instead of Santa's reindeer is our little truck. I am feeding the coordinates to your system now. Get you butts up here."

The screen went blank at the same moment at the GPS beeped. A glowing dot appeared on the screen. Kim turned the wheel and put the Sloth on a heading to intercept. Her knuckles cracked as she held onto the wheel. Ron swallowed slightly and tried to think of something to say. He realized that it would be best if he didn't say anything. He punched in the call button for Drakken and Shego's craft. Drakken's face appeared on the screen.

"What do you want now?"

Ron cleared his throat.

"When we get there, I would like you to settle your craft on the road in front of the truck. We will box them in on the rear. Maybe they will not want to fight."

The courtroom was almost empty as Kim and Shego came back in with several bruised and dazed men with them. Harry looked up to see the group entering the courtroom. Dan and Christine turned around also. Harry rapped his gavel.

"Well, it appears you have completed your community service. I take it that there were no problems?"

Shego and Kim grinned. The two of them gave each other a high five as Shego turned to face Harry.

"You can say that. They wanted to put up a fight at first but we showed them the error of their ways."

Harry nodded and smiled.

"Well I must say you two appear to have buried the hatchet and not in each others heads."

At that moment Ron and Drakken came back into the courtroom arm in arm and dressed up in Santa outfits.

"To the people far and near, Snowman Hank brings holiday cheer!"

Harry's face lit up.

"You guys like Snowman HANK! I the big book of his sayings and all of the DVD's."

Drakken and Ron looked up at Harry in delight. Drakken held his hands in front of him.

"Please sir, later could we see "the" book. I have only seen one once at a Fan gathering. It is my fondest hope that I own one."

Dan rolled his eyes.

"Come on Harry let's get this over with, they did their little good deed for Santa Claus, the state agrees to drop the charges. Case over, court over let's go!"

Harry was about to end the session when a rumbled man came into the courtroom. He approached Dan.

"I got a message for you."

Dan snatched the note from the man.

"Phil, did you get the three dozen raw oysters, the strawberries, celery, chocolate, and the bananas I ordered you to get?"

Phil nodded.

"Yep, but I am afraid it's not going to help."

Dan grinned lewdly.

"Oh they will help alright, it'll get me in the mood."

Roz leaned over to Bull.

"Anything will get him in the mood."

Dan fake laughed at Roz.

"It doesn't matter, I am on my way..."

Phil tapped his sleeve.

"You better read the note first."

Dan started to read the note, then screamed.

"She LEFT!"

Phil nodded.

"Yeah, she met some Santa on the street and gave me the note. She said she wanted to see what Santa was going to put in her stocking."

Dan slumped down in his chair.

"Ruined. Christmas is ruined."

Christine walked over to Dan.

"Come on Dan, Christmas is coming. Why don't you come down stairs and join us for the Christmas party. Now that we have the gifts back we can give them out."

Dan looked at her like she was crazy.

"Puuuulllezzee, I have other plans."

Harry rapped his gavel.

"Well, that's it for tonight folks. Why don't you join us downstairs in the main meeting room for Christmas gifts for the kids."

Bull brightened up.


Roz grabbed him by the arm.

"The presents are for the kids."

Bull's face dropped until Roz pulled on his arm.

"Go on Bull, you can be one of Santa's helpers."

Bull grinned as Roz pushed him out of the courtroom. Roz stepped over to the bench as Harry left with Ron and Drakken. All of them quoting Snowman Hank. She picked up the jacket from the bench and handed it to Kim and Shego.

"Harry said the two of you could decide who got the jacket. Why don't you come downstairs and join us?"

Roz smiled as she left. Kim looked at the jacket, then handed it to Shego.

"You take it. I... I really want you to have it."

Shego shook her head.

"Naw, I'd just mess it up, you take it."

They both looked at each other for a moment then glanced over to see the woman who had tried to steal the coat for her daughter was still there. Together they smiled and walked over to her. Kim smiled as they approached.

"Ma'am, we want you to have this for your daughter."

The woman looked up.

"But you did so much to keep it. Don't you want it?"

Shego shook her head.

"Naw, it would just give us something to argue about. Besides, we really don't need it. We want you to have it."

The woman took the jacket.

"Thank you. God bless you."

As she walked away she put her hand in the pocket and pulled it out. There was a roll of bills in the pocket. Checking the other pocket, there was more money in the other one. She looked at the two of them. Both just shrugged their shoulders.

"I don't know anything about it. Merry Christmas."

Kim and Ron looked at each other and pushed through the door together as they left the room.

Bull walked up to Kim and Shego. The two of them ended up giving out the gifts. Kim had put on a red Santa hat and Shego had a green one.

"Hey guys, thank for the help. Have you seen Harry? He was supposed to be Santa?"

Kim shook her head.

"Nope not since the three of them left the courtroom. Maybe I should go looking...."

The sound of three voices were heard approaching the door. The doors banged open to reveal Harry, Ron and Drakken all dressed up as Santa. They were singing at the top of their lungs.

"It's not Turkey or the stuffing or the gifts around the tree. It's a warm and fuzzy feeling that begins with you and me. So put away those petty problems and embrace your fellow man and join the celebration all across the wonderful land......"

Shego and Kim shook their heads at the three. The kids yelled and screamed as they ran toward the three of them. Shego was about to sit down when a little girl came up and pulled on her arm.

"Thank you for helping Santa. Could you hold me up so I can see Santa? All the other kids pushed me out of the way."

Shego bent down and picked her up.

"They did did they. Welll....let's see about that."

The little girl turned and gave Shego a big kiss then laid her head down on Shego's shoulder. She went to sleep almost instantly. A slight red blush came over Shego's cheeks. The little girl's mother stepped up.

"I'll take her. She shouldn't have bothered you."

Shego's eyes dimmed for a minute.

"Please, let me hold her. It''s okay. I kinda like it."

The girl's mother nodded and walked back to where her other children were clamoring to see Santa. Kim stepped up to Shego.

"You okay?"

Shego sighed for a minute.

"Yeah, by the way. The bets off."

Kim shook her head.

"No, we made a good bet and Ron and I will pay up."

Shego shook her head.

"Naw, tell you what. Ron can still cook but for all four of us. I'll help you with the soccer team and both of us will see about tutoring Stoppable."

Kim grinned.

"Well Shego, I do believe you are getting the Christmas Spirit."

Shego scowled.

"Don't push it Princess."

Kim rubbed the little girl's arm as she snuggled closer to Shego.

"Okay, why don't we go over there and see what mischief we can get into with those two."

Shego nodded and they walked over to where Ron and Drakken were helping give out gifts.

Dan watched as Kim and Shego made their way to the women's room. He straightened his tie and followed them.

"The night is still young."

A minute later a bloodcurdling scream reverberated down the hall. Kim and Shego came around the corner slapping their hands together like they were brushing the dust off. They joined arms and walked down the hall past Bull. Bull looked up to see Dan walking stiffly from around the corner. A long white object hung from the back of his pants. Bull walked up to him.

"Ahhh Dan, did you know you had toilet paper hanging from the back of your pants?"

Dan looked blearily up at Bull.

"It's not toilet paper."

Bull turned to notice that the white object was coming out of the waist of Dan's pants and that is was cotton cloth. The words "Jockey" were stiched Bull just shrugged his shoulders.


He turned and went back in the room where the party was.

Kim sat back in the passenger seat of the Sloth as it sailed across the sky. They had stayed at the party for awhile but decided that it was time to head for home. They made a couple of calls back home to tell everyone what had happened and that they were on the way home. Kim had to answer a few pointed questions from her parents as did Ron. Both knew that they would be learning a new definition of the word "grounded" when they got home.

Kim watched as the countryside passed below. Ron sat at the controls as he checked on the autopilot. Kim stretched a little and noticed a gaily wrapped gift sitting in the backseat. She reached back and pulled it into her lap.

"Ron? What is this?"

Ron just kept his attention on the controls.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe Santa dropped it in the car while we were at the party."

Kim gave him a "yeah right" look. Checking the package over she noticed that the card had writing on it. It said TO: Kim FROM:Ron.

She glanced over at Ron and smiled. He nodded to her and she started to pull open the paper. The paper revealed a Club Banana box. She glanced back at him as she pulled open the box. Inside lay one of the signature Club Banana jackets. Her mouth fell open.


He grinned back at her.

"I saw what you did for that lady. You gave her the coat and most of your Christmas money. I thought Santa could help a little too."

She put the coat in the back and pulled him over. Placing her forehead against his she sighed.

"You know that you are the most wonderful man in the world."

He grinned.

"I have to be. I have the most wonderful girlfriend in the world."

An evil grin crossed her face.

"Flattery like that will get you everywhere."

She pulled his lips close to here.

"Merry Christmas Ron."

Ron pulled her into a kiss.

"Merry Christmas KP."

Well, that's it. Sorry it got finished after Christmas. But things just didn't work our for before Christmas. I hope that you enjoyed it. Hope you all had a great holiday and looking forward to a New Year.

Happy New Year to you all.

The Captain.