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Chapter 1 Trivial Pursuits

Beams of energy flew at the TARDIS as it bobbed and weaved through space.

The Doctor was standing like a statue in front of the console, watching the Judoon ships fire off another volley of shots. Jack strolled in casually like there wasn't someone shooting at them, and went to stand beside the Doctor.

"Oh momma, I'm afraid for my life from the long arm of the law." The Doctor half-sang half-spoke. He realized he had to explain when Jack gave him a puzzled look.

"You know, Renegade? Done by Styx, also famous for Mr. Roboto?" The look of puzzlement turned to one of blankness.

"Oh, I forget, you don't share my interest in great late twentieth century music."

A few more shots blazed past them as Jack said, "Well can you blame me? It all sounded the same back then." That statement garnered a look from the Doctor.

"If you listen to it for awhile you can pick out the distinctive qualities."

Jack's response was a shrug, followed with, "We all have to have our trivial pursuits." Another beam flew past the TARDIS as the Doctor frowned.

"Speaking of trivial pursuits, let's give them the slip." The Doctor said as he started pushing buttons on the console.

The TARDIS started to dematerialize, but one shot from the Judoon hit the TARDIS square on. Unfortunately, Rose was walking by the console when the blast hit. Sparks flew everywhere, and Rose fell to the ground, unconscious with severe burns on her face.

The Doctor's expression was one of sheer terror when he realized Rose was hurt. He frantically checked the readouts on the console. "Oh, this isn't good. We hit a weak point in space-time; a rift is forming and we can't go into the vortex." Jack sighed in response as he walked over and bent down to see if Rose was all right.

"Rose is still breathing, but she'll need medical attention soon."

The TARDIS rocked violently as it was hit again.

"Let's see, what are our options. We go through the rift or we get blown to bits by the Judoon. Right, need more options."

Jack's face lit up as he said, "What if we go through the rift?" The Doctor looked at Jack oddly.

"But we don't know where it leads, for all we know, it could go directly into the Void." Jack looked adamant.

"Well, it's either that or another round of fire from the Judoon; and besides, shouldn't we close it?" Seconds ticked by as the Doctor thought it over.

"Ok, we're going in. Put Rose in the jump seat and find something to hold on to." Jack did as he was told then held on to the console for dear life. The Doctor ran around the console like a maniac, holding his breath the whole time.

The TARDIS entered the rift, it closing in on itself shortly thereafter. The TARDIS shook violently as waves of energy tossed it like a boat caught in a storm. The TARDIS finally landed with a thud, the Doctor and Jack ending up on the floor. The lights dimmed significantly, the Doctor panicking.

Jack picked himself up off the floor and asked, "Why are the lights going out?"

The Doctor got up and looked Jack straight in the eye.

"The reason why the lights are going out is because we're not in the same universe, Jack." The Doctor said as the lights went out completely, and the wiring that had caused Rose's burns started a medium-sized fire.