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Chapter 14 Adventures in Youngling Sitting

"I wonder where Jack is in all this mess," Rose said as she and the Doctor hiked through the cupboard.

"Knowing Jack, he's probably in the eye of the storm." The Doctor stopped walking when he realized they had come to the other side of the cupboard and to another door. He moved closer to the door and pressed his ear to it.

"Do you hear something?" Rose asked, just in time for the Doctor to jump backwards. The door slid open and in rushed a small group of younglings, followed by a very beat up Jack, who was slung over an older youngling's shoulders.

"Wow, good timing, we were just talking about you," Rose said as she wiped a stray tear away from her cheek.

The Tagrutan youngling walked Jack closer to them, then moved to stand next to him when she was sure that Jack could stand on his own. The Doctor studied the ex-time agent and saw that he had deep cuts and bruises that were still in the process of healing.

"What happened to you, Jack?"

Jack to in a shaky breath, then said,"The Cybermen collapsed part of the roof to land in the dining hall. I saved some of the Jedi kids, but ended up getting hurt myself."

A look of worry flashed across Rose's face. "How bad are you hurt?"

"I got hit hard enough that I died, twice if I counted correctly." The youngling made a face in response.

"I never want to be near you if you do that again." Jack grinned as he stood taller and the cuts closed on his face.

"I'm sorry I scared you. Thanks for digging me out of the debris, Ahsoka."

"You're welcome. And could you not call us Jedi? We haven't even been chosen by a master yet."

The Doctor cleared his throat."We'll keep that in mind."

Just then, a male youngling about the same age as Asoka walked up to them. He walked with a confident, controlled stride. That quality crept into his eyes and his broad shoulders.

"I do not mean to interrupt, but the other younglings are becoming restless, and we do not want to be discovered by the invading metallic beings."

The Doctor nodded and said,"For the record, they are called Cybermen. I think getting a move on is a good idea. We should do that as soon as possible."

Rose, following the train of thought, asked,"But how do we get out of here? They just came from the way we were going, and we had to block off the door on the other side of the room."

"What if we could make a door?" Ahsoka leveled a scowl at her fellow youngling.

"We don't have lightsabers, remember Daicen?"

"That puts a spanner in the works, then. I've seen what a lightsaber can do, and that would be the best thing for us right now." The Doctor failed to notice Rose tense up as if she had be burned at the mention of a lightsaber's capabilities.

"I have this." Daicen dug into the deep pocket on the side of his tunic and took out a charred lightsaber. Ahsoka looked dumb-founded as he handed it to the Doctor.

The Doctor turned it over in his hand and examined it. He took a step back and pressed the ignition button. Blue light slid out of the hilt and hummed in a rhythmic pattern. The Doctor nodded his approval and slid the lightsaber into a pocket on his trench coat.

"Daicen, you shouldn't have taken that lightsaber! There are specific things that Jedi have to do for the dead-"

"The Master that was crushed underneath the section of ceiling wasn't in a position to use his lightsaber. We need it more and I don't have to justify my actions to you," Daicen said as he leveled a hard stare in Ahsoka's direction. Ahsoka said nothing more, but returned the stare.

"Okay, we should probably get moving." The Doctor then gestured to the rest of the group, who started to move forward. Just as Rose was about to start walking, the Doctor stopped her.

"Rose, I think it's best, given your current emotional state and the fact that we don't know what we'll be walking into, that you should stay towards the back of the group." The Doctor's suggestion left Rose in a state of shock and disbelief. She stood motionless as the younglings moved past her.

"Er, Rose is it? Are you okay?"Rose realized that Ahsoka was still next to her. Rose nodded curtly and started toward the direction of the Doctor. Rose tried to compose herself as Ahsoka trailed behind.

"So, what's the problem with you and the Doctor this time?" Jack asked as he walked back to check on Rose.

"He seems to think that I'm a magnet for trouble."

"Does he think you caused the Cybermen to blow a hole in the roof and rampage through the Temple?" Rose shook her head at Ahsoka's question.

"No, it's more like I'm this fragile creature who will shatter into a pile of fragments that won't ever be able to be pieced back together at the first hint of trouble, so I should stay away from anything that is even remotely dangerous."

Ahsoka looked amazed."I don't think I could stand always being shove away from the danger and the action like that."

Jack shook his head and said,"I'm surprised that you've been able to hold out for this long."

"I was seriously thinking about staying here in this universe, but since what happened to Anakin, I don't know what I'm going to do."

Rose, Jack, and Ahsoka caught up with the rest of the group just as the Doctor got done with what sounded like an inspirational pep talk.

"-and I know things are really bleak. You have all been through a lot today and you're all probably still in shock. You shouldn't worry, though. I will do whatever it takes to keep you lot safe. Or, to sum everything up: the Doctor is in."

Once the Doctor was finished, he rubbed his hands together, then pulled out the sonic screwdriver and scanned the wall. After he had found the right spot to cut, the Doctor dug around in his pocket again until he found the lightsaber. With a flick of his wrist, he ignited the lightsaber, then thrust it into the wall.

After twenty minutes of thorough, deliberate cutting, a somewhat rectangular shape was outlined on the wall with glowing orange heat. The Doctor backed up a few paces, then ran toward the wall and broke down the cut-out piece. The group of younglings, Ahsoka, Rose, and Jack followed into the corridor as the Doctor surveyed it. He turned back to the group and grinned just as several Cybermen rounded the corner and headed straight for them.