Hi everybody bluewarrior here! I was inspired to start this multi-chap story from and idea from a fan club I joined on Naruto-fan So I decided to take a stab at writing a NaruKarin story enjoy and don't forget to read and review!

Destiny Changed a NaruKarin Story

What if Orochimaru wanted Naruto instead of Sasuke?

Naruto was at point where he was getting tired of everyone acting like he doesn't exist and treating Sasuke as the village's number one rookie. Even his supposed sensei would always rather train Sasuke than him. He just could not understand why everyone hated him so much. Even after the chunin exams people were treating him the same as always. One day Kabuto approached Naruto after the whole battle with the sound and the sand village was over.

"What seems to be the trouble Naruto?" Kabuto asked Naruto.

" I am just SOOOO SICK AND TIRED OF BEING TREATED LIKE DIRT!" Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs.

"My, My Naruto-kun calm down it can't be that bad." Kabuto tries to reassure him.

"It's just so stupid Kabuto-san! Every body treats me like I don't exist and all I ever hear the girls saying is "Oooh Sasuke-kun is so cute and blah, blah! It's always the same no one in this village accepts me!"

Naruto then sits down and holds his head in his hands.

"Are you okay Naruto-kun?" Kabuto asks.

"No I am not I am so fed up with this village and everyone hating me like I am on the most wanted list!"

Naruto says with his face in his hands indicating how sick and tired he was from the lack of the respect he got from the village.

"Well I have a proposition for you Naruto-kun." Kabuto says with a smile that seemed sincere to Naruto. "Would you like to come to a village where you will be accepted and treated with respect?" Kabuto asks. "

"Are you serious? I will really be treated with respect? Naruto says a little excited.

"Sure I will tell you this meet me at the gate of the village tonight and I will explain everything there.

"Okay sure I will be there!

Naruto decided to go back home and prepare to meet Kabuto later tonight. Meanwhile Sakura was on her way to Naruto's house to get him for a meeting with team 7 at the Hokage tower.

"Naruto are you there? Sakura asks as she knocks on the door.

"Hold on I am coming." Naruto says.

He then unlocks the door and opens it.

"What is the matter Sakura-chan?" Naruto asks.

"We have a meeting at the hokage tower so I came to get you." Sakura says.

"Sorry Sakura-chan I am not feeling to well right now so please tell them I couldn't come because I am feeling a little sick." Naruto wasn't about to tell her he was leaving the village.

"Fine I will let Kakashi sensei know."

Naruto then closes the door. Naruto was very pleased about the fact that he will be able to live where he will be treated with the utmost respect.

Sakura was on her way to the Hokage tower to inform Kakashi-sensei that Naruto was not going to be able to show up for the meeting little did she know Naruto was planning to leave the village. Naruto was very excited to be some where will he will be treated a lot better than Konoha. A few hours later it was night fall at the village. Naruto was getting ready to go meet Kabuto at the village gate.

"Glad you could make it Naruto-kun." Kabuto says with a smile.

"Well I am glad to be able to have the opportunity to live and be treated with respect for a change." Naruto says with a smile.

"I am glad to hear that. So let us depart and be on out way." Kabuto and Naruto began their journey. Naruto did not even look back because he was happy to know that he will be in a village that appreciates him.

Meanwhile Sakura was there in the Shadows watching Naruto and Kabuto leave the village and she was in a state of pure shock she just could not fathom that Naruto would ever leave the village. For some reason that she could not explain she felt like a big weight was added to her shoulders a weight that she just couldn't hold. She knew right there at that time how much Naruto meant to her but she could not say anything because she was completely frozen from the shock of Naruto abandoning the village. She watched until she could not see them anymore and finally she collapsed from the horror she just witnessed. Her last thought was "Naruto Why?