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Destiny Changed

Naruto X Karin Story

Chapter 5

It has been almost two weeks since Naruto's incident while he was training and he has been asleep ever since. Karin as she was instructed by Kabuto was to move in and stop being a ninja as she was instructed. She was watching him sleep and was a little relieved when she finally saw Naruto begin to stir.

Naruto slowly began to open his eyes and adjusted them finally and then saw a girl with glasses, brown eyes and red hair looking down at him.

He then slowly sat up stretched for a few minutes,

Naruto then looks at Karin and starts wondering something since he was never the type to catch on that quick.

"You're name is Karin right?"

"Why yes it is. So glad that you remembered Naruto-kun." Karin giggles.

Naruto gets a little nervous at Karin's reaction and then does his signature trademark of putting his hand behind his neck and smiling,

"So what are you doing here Karin?"

"Well I am glad that you asked." "Kabuto told me that my training as a ninja was put on hold and that I was to move in here and look after you when you got injured from your training."

She then said that and waited to see Naruto's reaction to her answer to his question.

After a few minutes Naruto absorbed what Karin had said to him it finally dawned on him and he go extremely nervous as well,

"A girl living WITH ME? We don't even know each other that well and I am living with an actual girl? What are the chances?

Naruto was extremely nervous now and it was very obvious to Karin and she found it rather funny.

"Naruto-kun we are living together now. There is absolutely no need to be nervous around me at all,"

"Easy for you to say."

Naruto then covered his mouth instantly realizing (for once in his life) that he said that out loud.

"Naruto-kun I will say it again since you are obviously not getting it!" WE ARE LIVING TOGETHER NOW! STOP BEING SO NERVOUS AROUND ME IT"S GETTING REALLY ANNOYING!"

Naruto cringed under Karin's extremely intense glare and he decided that it was best not to make Karin upset since there was no escaping this situation since it was true that he was living with her now and whether he liked it or not there was nothing he could do about it.

"Well then Naruto-kun. After my time living here I am quite confident in my cooking skills. "What would you like to eat since you have been asleep for such a long time you must be hungry." Karin said with a smile.

Naruto could not believe it but he felt extremely relaxed for some reason when Karin smiled at him like that like he felt all his troubles go away.

"Um Naruto-kun did you hear me?"

"Ugh yes Karin I heard you.

"Okay then. Please tell me what you would like to eat and I will cook it for you."

Naruto did not even have to think especially with the fact Karin told him that he was asleep for slow long.

"RAMEN Please!

Naruto then jumped for joy.

Karin could not help but laugh at Naruto's behavior.

"Okay then Naruto-kun let me get started then and I will let you know when it is ready."

"Thank you Karin I really appreciate this."

"No problem Naruto-kun"

After about and hour of waiting and Naruto staring up at the ceiling. He stayed in bed only because Karin told him to do it and he did not want to upset her and on top of that she was making him his favorite food so he thought he would at least make her happy and get some rest and wait until the food was ready.

"Naruto-kun it's ready please come and take a seat." Karin called from the kitchen.

In less than five seconds Naruto was already at the table happily waiting like a dog getting ready to be fed.

Which Karin thought was extremely funny and just could not help bursting into laughter.

"What is it Karin?"

"I just think that you are really funny Naruto-kun." Karin said while giggling.

"Well anyways here is your ramen its miso ramen I hope you don't mind."

She then sets the ramen on the table.

Naruto then breaks apart his chopsticks and immediately begins eating.

Karin watched Naruto eat and was not surprised that he finished the ramen rather quickly. She knew that he would be really hungry so she made sure that she made plenty for him to eat. But what surprised her even more was the fact that he finished all of the ramen she made.

"Well well Naruto-kun for a guy that was asleep for almost two weeks you sure do have quite the appetite." Karin said with a laugh.

"Very impressive appetite. I can tell that you like my cooking."

"Oh I am sorry Karin it was very delicious! Sorry for not saying so sooner I was just very hungry!

"It's no big deal Naruto-kun. Now go rest some more and I will make you some more Ramen deal? But you have to stay in bed no getting up like you did before alright? "You do and no Ramen this time and I mean it!

"Okay Karin I understand I will be good this time."

"Good. Now go to your bed and rest. I will call you when its ready and you had better listen or Else.

Naruto did not have to be told twice he went straight to his bed got in it and lied down eagerly awaiting Karin's EXCELLENT miso ramen.