Paul P.O.V

"I'm going for a walk, don't bother me" My beautiful angel hissed running out the door

After a few minutes of silence I stepped towards the door, fully intent on getting my angel, but Chase and Ink stepped infront of her

"Move" I growled.

"No" Chase hissed

"Leave Bella alone" Ink said

"Move before I hurt you" I hissed

"Hurt me all you want but I'm not letting you pass" Chase said

I glared at them and they glared right back.

Surprisingly it wasn't Sam that broke the silence, it was Brad

"Chase, Ink let him pass" he said in a calm tone

"What?" they both shouted.

"I respect you Brad but I'm not willing to let Bella's safety be compromised just because you said so" Ink shouted

"I'm with Ink on that one" Chase said

"Guys, let him go" Nate said quietly "This is what's best for Bella" he said

"Best for Bella?" Chase asked incredulously "What we're doing for Bella is best" Chase said

"Chase, Ink; we've all been there when Bella's been approached by guys, we've never seen Bella react to any male the way she has to Paul, I know I'm starting to sound like a girl but think of it the way I'm trying to put it" Brad said

I was surprised to hear this, I mean other than this morning Bella didn't show any signs of interest.

"I know this idea is foreign to us, but trust him. I'm willing to take my chances if it's good for Bella" Nate said

Ink sighed and stepped away but Chase still held his ground.

"I swear to god if you hurt my baby sister, you'll be wishing that you were never born" Chase growled "And I wont be the one making you wish that first, Bella will get to do the honors" Chase said "Now go and get her" he growled with a slight smirk stepping aside

"Thanks man" I said with a pat on his back, running out the door.

Just a few seconds later I stepped back in with a sheepish grin "Any idea where she'd go?" I asked

"The beach" Kim, Nate, Brad, Ink and Chase said at the same time, they all exchanged looks and looked away.

Wow, that happens a lot when it comes to Bella.

"Bella always goes to the beach when she needs to think or simply needs time to herself" Nate said "So the beach would be your best bet" he said.

"Thanks" I said in a cold voice wondering what had happened between him and Bella.

I ran towards the beach as fast as I could in my human form and saw that on one of the rocks sat a hunched figure.

I could tell that it was Bella the pain that I felt from being away from my imprint went away.

I ran towards my imprint and saw that she had her head between her legs and was humming slightly to herself so I just stood a few meters away, staring at her

"Stop staring at me Paul, it's kinda creepy" My angel's beautiful muffled voice came.

I decided to sit on the rock next to her and she lifted her head. I saw that her eyes had turned a very striking shade of blue and there were tears pooling in her eyes. She just kept blankly looking at the ocean

"It's okay to cry you know" I whispered

"No it it isn't" she said turning her head towards me "It's showing your weakness" she turned her head back.

I just decided to keep my mouth shut. After a few minutes I smelled tears and looked up to see Bella's face streaked with tears. On impulse I pulled her to me and she clinged on to me for dear life and sobbed. I rocked back and forth shushing her

"I'm a monster Paul" She whispered "That's all I am and that's all that I will ever be" she said "Kim should hate me Paul, I'm dangerous. I could hurt her. I'm nothing but a worthless monster" She said sobbing.

I pulled back and looked straight into those beautiful blue eyes "No Bella your not" I said "Your an angel" I said

"But I killed those guards, I hunted down those guys and I killed them" She shouted "And I enjoyed it"

"Bells, nobody can blame you for that. After what they did to you, if I were in your place I would have done the same" I said, completely meaning it.

"But what about the other people I killed for the gang? What about those?" She said, her beautiful eyes were pained

"Look Bella you said it yourself; those people cause trouble" I said

"But I'm still a monster, a ugly, useless, worthless, un-lovable, dirty, broken and used monster!" She shouted

"That's not true" I whispered "Your an angel, a beautiful, priceless, talented, clean, and pure angel" I whispered

"That's a lie" She whispered

But I continued "And you are lovable Bella" I said looking her straight in the eye

"Paul" She whispered "I'm none of those things. I'm worthless of love, I'm used and dirty" She said "Loving me is a big mistake, for anyone"

"But you are worth of love. You deserve love Bella. You deserve someone that loves you" I said

She laughed "But who Paul? I want to love, but I'm scared. Besides, nobody can love someone like me" she said.

What is this girl; blind? Can't she see I love her?

"I do" I whispered

She looked shocked "Paul don't. I deserve someone bad and dirty like me" she whispered

"Exactly" I whispered back "That's why I'm perfect for you Bells" I whispered leaning in to kiss her but she turned her head away and stood up

I almost gave up there and then but I reminded myself Bella had been hurt before by someone she loved and thought they loved her too.

I pulled her hand slightly, not enough to hurt her but just enough so she'd sit near me. I pulled her in my embrace.

"Give me your heart Bells" I said kissing her cheek

"I'll treasure it like my own" I whispered kissing her other cheek

"Trust me Bella" I said kissing her nose "I'll never break your trust"

"Give me a chance, I'll never let you down" I said kissing her forehead

"Let me love you Bella, I'll treasure you forever" I whispered lowering my lips to hers.

As soon as my lips touched her it was even better than the fourth of July. Fireworks exploded from all around me, my skin started to tingle and my heart started to race. I pressed my lips harder to her, only then noticing that Bella was frozen under my lips.

I quickly pulled back to see tears streaming down Bella's face.

"I'm s..s..sory B..el... I w..a..asn't th..i..nking " (I`m sorry Bella I wasn`t thinking`) I said pulling away but she held on tightly and pulled me to her and I let her. This time she was the one who put her lips to mine and kissed me softly.

When she pulled away she was still crying

"Thank you Paul" She whispered

"For what? " I asked

"For making me realize how much I need you in my life" she whispered kissing my jaw "For making me realize that I am alive and more importantly for loving me" she whispered

"No, Bells I should thank you for trusting me with my heart" I whispered

She looked at me shyly "But how can I resist giving you my heart if I love you" she said quietly, almost as if in she was scared of my response. I realized that she was afraid of whether or whether not I loved her to

"Well then that`s pretty damn awesome, `cause I love you too Bells" I whispered pulling her mouth to mine once again.

This kiss was different that the other one. It wasn't as soft and hesitant, I was fully of raw and passionate need.

Once the kiss was done we just sat there looking at each other

I broke the silence and said "Your so damn hot"

She giggled "Only you Paul could call me damn hot, mean it and not get smacked for it" She said

"Glad to know" I said sitting up and pulling her in my lap and wrapping my legs around hers

I noticed a tattoo. It was on her neck, it was a pair of angel wings. They were broken and tattered. They looked dirty and like they had been through a lot. The wings were a faded blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple and black. I traced the wings and kissed each.

"That was my first tattoo, Ink did it" Bella whispered

"They`re beautiful" I said "Just like you"

"Hey now, are you just going to make out with me or do you want to know what they mean?" Bella teased

I pretended to think "First you explain then we make out" I said after a while

Bella giggled and started explaining "They wings are for an angel. Ink didn`t tell me what he was doing or else I wouldn`t have let him do an angel, cause I`m anything bu-" She cut herself off seeing my slight glare "Well the colours also mean something. The blue stands for loyalty and confidence. Orange for creativity. Red is for strength and power. Yellow for intellect. Green for softness and knowledge. Purple for ambition, independence and dignity. And of course Black for mystery and elegance" She said

"Wow"I whispered

"I know right, they`re have a very deep meaning" She said

"Well yeah...but I`m also saying wow cause how can you remember all of that ?" I said

Bella giggled and got up "Common you big oaf, the others are probably wondering where we are"

"Big oaf huh?" I said "I`ll show you big oaf" I said quickly picking her up and swinging her around so she was on my back piggy back style.

Bella laughed

"Now am I still a big oaf?" I asked teasingly

"Yep, but never said I didn`t like big oafs" she said

"Fine then. The big oaf and the fucking sexy beauty better get going before there`s a search party for them" I said and started walking

"oh and Paul" Bella said


"I love you"

"I love you too"