Summary- Everyone but Hiei is turned into Marsupials and the two of A.D.R are trying to steal the most valuable diamond in all of Human World. Will Hiei be able to stop the A.D.R or will he driven insane by his friend predicament?

Disclamier- I don't own anyone. I do own the Animal Demo Robbers or A.D.R for Short

Moon Gems

Marsupial Insanity

At a Museum, the A.D.R are try to steal some gems. Hang Roo and Snake Eyes are trying rob a museum.

"Alright, Mate, put me down slowly." Hang Roo says calmly.

"I won't!" Snake-Eyes replies angrily.

"I got them, Mate." Hang Roo spoke quietly.

Snake-Eyes pulled him back up. Hang Roo shows the Moon Gems to Snake-Eyes. Both Hang Roo and Snake Eyes smile in victory.

"We got the infamousss Moon Gemsss." Snake-Eyes reply excitedly.

"And no one is going to stop us, Mates." Hang Roo laughs.

"We would stop since you guys escaped us the last time." Don replies.

"The Turtlessssss and Detectivesssss!" Snake-Eyes replies in shock.

"How do they keep finding us?" Hang Roo asks angrily.

"We find out where ya chuckles heads strike." Raph replies.

"Well, mates, we could sit and chat but…" Hang Roo spoke calmly as threw the indigo moon gem at the guys.

The Gems glows and sucks up everyone but Hiei who was away from it. Hiei confused and looks around for the others.

"Where?" Hiei asks as the gems spits out the others in a new form.

"Wow, just went on a ride." Mikey replies.

"No kidding, Mike." Kuwabara retorts calmly.

"You all are not yourselves." Hiei spoke in a monotone tone.

"Huh?" The guys reply.

They look down and see they're…

"Marsupials?" Leo asks confused.

They were the following Marsupials. Yusuke is a Tasmanian tiger, Leo is a tree kangaroo, Kuwabara is a kangaroo, Mikey is a golden bandicoot, Raph is a Tasmanian devil, Don is a koala and Kurama is a short ear wallaby

"Great, I have to babysit animals." Hiei replies annoyed.

"Well, have to find out what affected us, Hiei." Kurama replies.


They got the Turtles lair, Koenma looks and see Hiei is with some marsupials. Koenam starts to snicker.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Koenma laughs.

"Koenma, I don't have for you laugh at the others expenses please tell us what this is?" Hiei asks in his usual tone as he threw the indigo moon shape gem.

"Ok, this is one of the Moon Gems this one turns anyone into Marsupials." Koenma explains but was still snickering. "There two more but I don't know what they do. Let me guess you guys didn't get the cure gem."

The Guys groans annoyed but all of sudden the Moonstone Dark Gem blows up. Koenma and Yu Yu Turtle gang are in shock.

"What the?" The Guys asks confused.

"I guess when the Moon Gems were activated the Dark Gems were supposed to blow up." Koenma replies.

"We have to find the other two members of the A.D.R and fast." Leo replies.

"Well, the other two A.D.R members are going to rob the museum with the most valuable diamond in human world." Koenma explains.

"The Diamond of Gritish." Kurama and Don exclaim.

"The Diamond of what?" Mikey and Kuwabara ask confused.

"Gritish." Don repeats.

"It has the power to make more diamonds without the use of miners." Kurama explains.

"Hey, Hiei, can you get us some leashes so no one puts us in the zoo, please." Mikey asks politely.

"No!" Hiei replies.

"Come on, Hiei." Kuwabara retorts.


"Hiei!" Yusuke replies. "Come on, we have to stop the A.D.R from getting that diamond."

"Alright, I'll get the leashes." Hiei replies.

"Hiei, don't steal them please." Kurama replies to his friend.

"I won't!"

Hiei got the leashes and the guys went to find the A.D.R. At the same Museum, the A.D.R are looking for the Diamond of Gritish and they spot it.

"There it is, Mate." Hang Roo says excitedly.

"The Diamond of Gritisssh." Snake-Eyes replies in the same tone. "Let'ssss get it!"

"The Diamond is ours."

"Not yet!" Yusuke replies as the guys were stand there before the A.D.R came.

"What?" Hang Roo and Snake-Eyes ask in shock.

"Hey, Mates, they're marsupials like me and Dingo." Hang Roo replies. "I'm offended by the Kangaroo with the tuff of orange hair I'll show him who is the better Kangaroo."

"My, have lotsss of dinnersss…" Snake-Eyes replies as Yusuke steps on him.

"You won't be eating us today." Yusuke replies slyly.

"I'll crusssh you inssstead." Snake-Eyes reply as Raph spun over to trip him. "I got them."

"Not for long!" Don and Leo reply as jump on Snake-Eyes surprising him.

"Now, Mate, I'm the top Kangaroo around here." Hang Roo replies.

"Oh, yeah." Kuwabara replies slyly as hopped real high and lands on Hang Roo.

"I give up, Mate!"

"Nice one, Kuwabara." Mikey replies.

"Thanks." Kuwabara replies.

"Well, we have to go now." Snake-Eyes reply.

Hang Roo and Snake-Eyes ran off and left the moonstone colored Moon Gem. Hiei catches the Moonstone colored Moon Gem.

"I got it." Hiei replies as he threw it and it glows and sucks the others inside and spits them out normal.

"Thanks, Hiei!" Yusuke replies.

"Hn!" Hiei replies.

"Sometimes I wonder if Hiei was a marsupial what he would be." Mikey asks.

"He would the shortest one that's for sure." Yusuke replies laughing.

"No kidding." Kuwabara replies.

"I will hurt you three." Hiei replies threateningly.

"Hiei!" Kurama replies.


Everyone laughs at Hiei...

To be continued…

Up Next: a "small misunderstanding"