His pressure rose, blood rush threw his veins. He was running, running for his life, a dark hall falling apart behind him. He could feel it now, he was getting tire, oxygen started to lack, it was just moments away, and the hall was getting closer and closer. And then he saw a light, a big light flashing at the end of the hall. Then the floor crumble down his feet, he was falling. He felt empty, empty of emotion, reason or feeling, suddenly he realize he was going to die. His emotionless face turned into a crooked smile and then.....

He woke up, his bedroom was cold, he was alive.-Damn- he though, he really believed this time he had really died. Later on he remembered seen a light in his dream, this was the first time he had ever seen a light in that dark prison of his. He didn't gave it more thought because he had school that day. His lifeless routine had just started.

What he didn't know was that, that same day his life would change for good or maybe for bad. He didn't knew that, that day he would meet the person that would brake his dark prison to in prison him later on in one much darker. That, that day a person would change the basis of his existence, would give reason to his miserable life, that would take him out of the Dark into the light, the light he saw in his dream, he didn't knew that, that dream was more than just dream was a vision a vision into a very near future that would bring him happiness and joy for the first time in his life for then taking it abruptly and leaving worst than before.

He didn't know that, that day he would meet LOVE. Love is not an emotion is a lifestyle. To love is to devote your life to someone else even though it hurts, that you would do anything to make happy that person happy even though it doesn't involve you. That is love, and that was what he encounter that day, that "red bitch" was the one that save him and doom him at the same time.

This is the story of a boy, a boy that lived in the shades that saw life as a meaningless estate of the soul to achieve immortality, a time of incoherence and pain. This is how that boy encounter love and changed, for it then to be taken by that same person and to never again feel it.