Chapter 2


The room started to collapse, he started running, running again, but this time he had a goal, reach the light, now he saw it, but the room was about to swallow him, before falling he saw in the light a pale figure, apple shape, with perfect borders, and a weak red glow. Then he fall and woke again, this time he meditated about his dream, he was angry because he couldn't get in the light, but at the same time intrigued. Intrigued to know what that light represented and what was that shape he saw in the light. All the way from his house to the school he taught about it, when he slam the door he saw something different there was no teacher at the entrance, he walk by as always and saw the heart he had seen yesterday, and then it struck him, the shape in the light had been the heart. He was amazed how come, he had created all those defenses to stop love so that it could show up so easily in the deepest parts of his prison.

He couldn't walk, he was perplex, astonish, he started walking just by custom and then he saw the yellow, small, and intense kid, but unusually this time he didn't butter to come and say hello not even ask him dumb questions. When he lined up the director didn't said anything, and he was walking just 2 minutes after sitting down. That day classes were shorter, he still saw lifeless people, talking but now he could hear somethings,-what was wrong. He taught, -what was happening-. Then in math class they were inform that the lesson had been cancel and they would have English instead. The day turned weirder and weirder each time, professors were kind, he could even hear them talk, he even learned something new.

These were clear signs that something was about to change big time, something that he had ignore since that, destiny. Destiny had something plan for Alberto something that would change his life, something he would not have any control of. When the day was over he was stunned, he walk because of custom and get to his car, an old black Mercedez, the paint was dimly scratch at the rear, and for the first time he notice the car entirely. It had leather sits, at the far corner of the passenger front sit was a dark spot, from when he had broken his leg, the car engine had a little glitch every 2 seconds it sounded different, he was amaze by how many things he didn't know.

Finally he arrived home, it had been a while since he had called that place home, it was a two story high house, the front was a mix of brick and white paint with the borders full of black oil for when raining, the door was dark brown. Inside the house had a classical look, full of paintings, the inside was white also plus yellow bricks once a while, the roof was high above triangular shape and from it a huge lamp from the 19th century hang. He enter his room, no longer cold, it was warm and he saw it was a dark form of blue with a white door and a crooked window, his computer, which he had not use since that day was there intact by the years, it looked brand new. He was surprised on how much he was seeing of the world, he was sure he had blocked it, all since that day, could it be that dream of his, could that light mean something, something he was ignoring.

He had to decipher it, because he knew that if this continue he would get hurt, and very soon. He gave much taught to it and got to the conclusion that that light meant doom, that, that light meant that doom was near that he was going to crash to the wall he had crash two years ago, he taught that he better stay out of the light ,because it meant danger, it mean Her, so he decided that he will just fall, he would not run, he would not run anymore, he would just let the floor collapse and fall over and over again until that light was gone. He felt asleep some hours later, as he planed he just stayed put and fall over and over again. When he woke up all was cold as he liked it, the trip in the car was as always at school all went as usual, he though that things were going backa s the used, but he was wrong very wrong.