Summary : Hotaru is different from other people, different as in dead different. And only Mikan knows, so what's gonna happen? Please R&R

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Mikan knew there was always something different about Hotaru. Hotaru was always quite mysterious in a way, she was quiet, sophisticated, and would often disappear silently late at night. (The late night disappearance might have been the biggest hint.)

At first, she always thought that Hotaru was perhaps meeting a boy but was too shy to mention it to anyone else. She would always come back glowing, satisfied, and a bit more alive.

It took a while before Mikan realized, Hotaru was not like the other girls. In fact she wasn't like anyone she's met before.

Mikan had thought her eyes were playing tricks on her due to staying up so late but when Hotaru had finally decided to return back to their dorms, Mikan could have sworn the older girl's eyes had briefly glowed a piercing ice blue. But that was impossible, wasn't it?

Another moment, Mikan had laid in bed, eyes shut, tired from a day at school, more than willing to welcome sleep with open arms. Sleeping was pleasing but she could never really fall into the deep sleep she wanted, she could feel it.

Someone was watching her.

Terrified, she had peeked her eyes in the illuminating dark, shrieking at the sight. The lights flashed on and all she could see was a startled Hotaru, staring back at her.

"Jesus Mikan! What the hell!?"

"I-I...I t-thought..Y-you.."

"I told you to stop snacking on so many sweets late at night, they'll give you nightmares!"

But Mikan could have sworn, someone was watching her from the ceiling..

The day Mikan realized Hotaru was truly different was when Hotaru had returned back to their dorm late at night again, her eyes calmly staring at Mikan's own. Their stare had lasted longer than it should have but neither truly spoke.

In a quiet voice, Mikan had asked whilst shakily pointing,

"What happened?"

Hotaru arched a brow and stared,

"What do you mean?"

Mikan pointed at Hotaru's shirt, stained in little splotches of red. Hotaru had stared at her own shirt.(slightly surprised at how messy she was.) The older girl raised her head back, dark orbs meeting Mikan's own, a smirk stretching across her face as she saw the wheels turn in Mikan's head.

Taking off her shoes, she walked past Mikan and into her room,

"I was just really hungry."

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