This intro isn't much, but it's gonna have a whole lot of action. Sexual and violence-ical. The real reason I'm starting this because I wanted to get up to having 20 stories even.

Oh, and if it wasn't obvious, AA WARNING!!!

I looked at the pictures laid out in front of me. I've seen them all before, long before all of this happened. I saw one, the one from so long ago that I wanted. She had grown up so much. She looked so much better than I had ever imagined. I would love to have her in my collection.

I glanced over all the pictures one last time before looking up at my assistant. "I want all of them."

"Even the men?"

"Then too. But the girls must be kept in tact. If one of the men have to die, there's nothing stopping you."

"Very well, master. Who would you like me to send?"

I though this over. There were eight vampires, one half, and however many wolves that they have willing to help. I could easily send two minions for each one of them, but that would leave me too unprotected. If I sent only enough necessary, a few of them would die and the mission would fail miserably. I guess I'll go with an in between.

"Send the ten we found in northern Russia. I heard that they know how to fight."

"That is correct, master. When should I send them?"

"Immediately. I want them here within a week. Understand?"

"Perfectly, master." He turned and left silently.

I turned back to the pictures. Each of them have such unique qualities that would greatly improve my collection. The blond one may only be a pretty face, but that's all it takes. The short one would be a first. I don't know how all she is, but she would definitely be the shortest of them all. The other one would fit right in with my other prizes, but she is the mother of her. She will be mine.

I picked up her photo and leaned back in my chair. I stared into the eyes of my future wife.


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