A/N: So I was cleaning out my gdocs when I came across this nugget that I had completely forgotten about. Dunno what it was doing just hanging around in my docs, so I thought I'd toss it out here just in case anyone else would like to read it.

"Masen Brandon Whitlock!"

Jasper looked up from where he was trying to wrestle his newborn daughter, Annabelle Elise, into a onesie. He smirked to himself, wondering how much trouble his five year old son could have gotten into this early in the morning.

"Sorry, Mommy!" he heard his son chorus. Then there was the pitter patter of little feet and Masen appeared in the doorway to the nursery. He looked grumpy. He stomped across the room and flung himself down in the rocking chair, slumped with his arms skewed over the sides.

"What happened Mase?" Jasper asked, trying to hold back his grin at the pouty expression on his son's face.

Masen bit his lip, looking every bit his mother's child at that moment. "I was just playin' with my play-doh," he said finally.

"Hmm," Jasper looked at his son with a pointed expression. "What's the rest of the story?"

Masen squirmed under his father's bemused stare. "I was playin' on your bed."

No wonder Bella had yelled. They'd had this conversation a few weeks previous after the play-doh had gotten lost in the sheets and made a mess in the washing machine and dryer. "I thought I told you to let your mother sleep," Jasper said gently.

"You should tell her that," Masen grumbled, his eyes falling on the bundled baby Jasper had just tucked into his arms.

Again Jasper fought a smile. Masen was completely and totally enamored of his baby sister...most of the time. Still, he was prone to fits of jealousy and attention seeking. "Anna-bug is too little to understand directions," he explained, again, patiently.

"I'm little too!" Masen protested, curling himself up in the chair as if to demonstrate.

"Well, I suppose you're too little to help me make breakfast then," Jasper pretended to sigh.

"No! I'm a big kid!" In one of the mindbogglingly quick mood swings kids were prone to, the second Masen had dashed out into the hallway he had forgotten all about his sour mood.

"Daddy?" he asked as they walked down the hallway.

"Masen?" Jasper returned, settling his daughter on her back under her play set.

"Grammy Maria is your Mommy, right?"

Immediately, Jasper was wary. He had a feeling he knew where this was going. Frankly, it made him a hell of a lot more nervous than the but-how-did-the-baby-GET-in-Mommy's-tummy conversation they'd had 6 months ago. "Right," he answered his son.

"And Grammy Renee is Mommy's mommy?"


Masen paused, worrying his lip between his teeth again. "Then whose mommy is Grammy Esme?"

Bella had appeared in the doorway to the kitchen, her gentle eyes on her husband. She picked up her son, cuddling him to her as she sat at the kitchen table. "Masen," she began softly, "Our family is very, very special…"