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ShizNat Fluff:

"Damn it. Yamada said he'll need at least a week to find all those stupid authors and he's charging me a fortune!" Natsuki complained loudly as she entered her and Shizuru's shared bedroom.

Shizuru sat in the bed in her lavender yukata, reading a book, peering from behind her reading material she spoke to Natsuki as the blunette was getting changed

"Natsuki is getting too worked up on this, they're just harmless fiction and it's not like all of it's true, personally I think some of them are quite pleasant. They certainly provide many creative ideas…" An evil and mischievous glint sparked from her crimson eyes "By the way Natsuki, how is Nao's progress in finding information? Perhaps we should invite her over and discuss your plan in more… detail."

The emphasis in certain words of her speech made it obvious to Natsuki, as to what Shizuru was hinting/ teasing about.

Our blue-haired biker gritted her teeth and forced her oncoming blush away at her girlfriend's insinuation, and then a thought stuck her. Smiling devilishly to herself, she turned and replied with a defiantly look in her eyes.

"Oh she's doing fine, no need for her to come over; maybe we should ask Mai instead"

The ex-kaichou furrowed her brow at her girlfriends' replied and hid her pout behind her book.

Seeing this, Natsuki regretted a little at what she said and sighed before moving closer to Shizuru's sitting form and hugging her in comfort.

"Geeze. Why is it that you're all for the Nao pairing and for some reason completely against Mai and me?"

Looking away to continue hiding her childish pout Shizuru responded

"I don't know what Natsuki mean."

"Pssh! As if I didn't notice the glare you gave Mai when Chie mention our pairing!"

Shizuru whipped her head around to face Natsuki, and returning the hug with possessive ones and burying her face into her slender neck.

"But what if Natsuki leaves me for Mai's bigger chest! Natsuki can't leave me!" Her voice was muffled.

"Ba-Baka!" The delinquent yelped at what Shizuru said, but she couldn't help but smile behind the blush on her face

"… Like I would…" She whispered to the girl in her arms.


N: Wait… So the reason you don't mind Nao… er… 'joining' is because she has a flat chest? But what if I don't care about that? What are you gonna do if I ran off with Nao?

S: I know Natsuki wouldn't do that.

N: I wouldn't but…

S: It's like they say: 'opposites attracts'. Take us for example, we're completely different in most aspect of our personality yet there's undeniable attraction between us. And since Natuski and Nao are so much alike, it's unlikely for Natsuki to leave me, it's more likely that I would run off with Nao than it would be for Natsuki.

N: Oh… *absorbing info* Hey wait a minute!

S: *giggles and runs off*

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