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When I was six I sprained my ankle, and I screamed and cried for minutes, part of it was pain, but most it was so that someone would acknowledge my suffering. It was for the attention. That was how most 6 years old thought, it was why most of them cried.

Hearing Sasuke's screams terrified me because they were both violent and continuous. No one that young should ever need to shout that loud. These weren't the typical cries of an attention seeking child, these were the strangled yells of an adult knowing that their suffering would continue, that they'd be forced to endure, and the only assurance they had was the sound of their own voice, ringing through the air speaking of their vindication.

I'd never been to the Uchiha compound before, I didn't know the location of any houses, or where his pain was coming from. It was a labyrinth of tiles and wood, so different from the maze of the village it was based in and the building I arrived at was the largest in the block. I noted vaguely that the strew of bodies seemed less sporadic here. I knew though from glimpses into the houses that I passed, that if the bodies weren't littering the street, they were splayed about the interior of the house. Everywhere around me were windows painted red, except for the oddly clear, silent windows of the large house before me. In my observation of the surroundings, I realized with a tight clenching of my heart that Sasuke's cries had fallen silent.

The sudden lack of sound made everything around me more eerie, like the life had been sucked out of the compound. Though it was my first time here, it was easy to imagine how much joy most likely inhabited it, there were colours adorning the buildings and streets, and trees lining the walkways, everything tinted a dark shade of grey in the moonlight. The lack of sound made me contemplate my decision, was it even worth it going in? What if I was too late and he was dead? I'd be placing myself into the hands of a psychopath with no way of defending myself… it was too risky, too soon. There was a part of me, the shinobi part of me, the rational smart part of me, that knew that the best thing to do was to run away and report this. It was a massacre… it was perhaps the biggest breach in village history, with the amount of dead far surpassing anything Orochimaru had done previously.

Orochimaru… it had to be him behind this, perhaps this was all tied to the figments of memory that had been blocked from me. While the sane part of me knew that I should run away from him, there was another part of me that wanted to confront him. I refused to believe that there was a part of me that missed him, but there were so many questions I needed answers to. His behaviour at the monuments, his worry… his concern… I'd dedicated years of my life to pleasing him, and I wanted to know whether or not they had meant anything or if I was just another of his experiments. If I was truly his student or merely his subject. Besides… there was also the possibility that Sasuke had merely been knocked unconscious, that he was still alive. The excuses kept pouring from me as my feet began moving of their own accord.

I'd crossed most of the yard before I'd even contemplated turning back and by then my mind was made up. I may've been without chakra, but stealth had been my strength from the beginning. Turning the corner, it dawned on me that Sasuke's screams had come from the back of the house, and as I slipped into the open doorway, I was surprised by the image before me.

I'd expected Orochimaru, but instead I was bearing witness to a scene I never could've fathomed. Sasuke was unconscious on the ground and over top of him was Itachi, bleeding profusely with blood seeming to coat his skin, and from his eyes pooled a steady flow of liquid. Caught off guard by the scene, I stepped through the doorway, expecting Itachi to notice me immediately, but for once in his life the child prodigy seemed to have left himself unguarded. I knew a part of my memory was blocked, but it was no secret how much he cared for his brother and if he was crying…

"Is… is he still alive?" His red eyes shot up at me, his sharingan forming an intricate pattern I'd never seen before, and yet I felt I somehow recognized. There was a quiet part of me telling me to look away to avoid his gaze, but out of what almost felt like habit my eyes remained locked onto his. His gaze seemed to widened as he took me in, completely shocked by my presence. There was an odd look in his eyes, a combination of confusion and… relief? Judging by the current state of affairs I couldn't blame him for the later, and carelessly I moved toward him, kneeling down next to Sasuke and placing my hand on his neck. His pulse was strong, and there were no injuries…

"It's most likely a genjutsu. He'll be fine. You on the other hand…" I was closer than I realized to the Uchiha prodigy, and I noticed faintly that my heart seemed to race and I felt my cheeks flush. I wasn't sure where the sudden reaction had come from but I knew it was terribly inappropriate, especially given the severity of the situation. The man was completely soaked in blood and yet none of his movement nor his breathing seemed irregular. I noticed a small cut on his arm, and another on his cheek but aside from that he seemed relatively unharmed. Yet the blood… there was too much for it to be his, and none on Sasuke…

His eyes seemed to darken as realization dawned on me, and clumsily I tried to move back. Before I could stop myself he grabbed my wrist and used my momentum to push me onto my back, moving on top of me and trapping me with his weight. He didn't hesitate to immobilize my arm, holding my pinned hands in one of his and trapping my legs with his. He seemed surprised by his own actions, as if he reacted out of habit instead of intent, but his eyes hardened and took on a resolute stare. Again, out of what felt like habit my eyes remained locked onto him. There was a part of me screaming that I needed to avert my gaze, that this was how the sharingan worked and I was making it too easy for him to cast a genjutsu on me, but for some reason… every time I tried to avert them they kept returning back to his.

"Why are you here?" I was surprised both at the question, but also at how familiar his voice sounded. For a moment I wondered if I'd been wrong. If he had't been behind all the damage… perhaps he thought maybe I was the one responsible? The thought fled my mind as soon as it formed and I realized that dressed in my kimono and without chakra he couldn't have suspected that.

"Did you kill your own clan?" My words were meant to sound strong, I was trying to grab control of the situation, but instead they trembled, and to my own horror it wasn't in fear. There was something so intimate about the situation that I felt my cheeks begin to flush even more, and with a sickening realization I realized that there wasn't a single part of me that feared the blood soaked man on top of me. I tried to rake my mind for some reason why I wasn't afraid, because I knew I should've been. I should've been terrified and screaming for help, but there was something so familiar about him… something so safe that I couldn't fathom even the faintest that he would hurt me. What was wrong with me? Had I lost my mind, or just my memory?

"Why are you here? Don't test my patients Mitsuki this is-" I cut him off before I could speak, realizing that he could most likely explain all of this. From the strange racing of my heart to the missing gaps in my memory.

"Why can't I remember you?" He seemed to be caught off guard, my question throwing him off. I took his silence as an opportunity to continue. "You killed them, I know you did, so why aren't I afraid of you?" I knew he should've been dangerous, but seeing him weep over his brother's body… I knew there had to be something going on… something more. "I should be struggling trying to escape, to avert my gaze… and yet… my hearts racing and it's not out of fear… what… what'd you do to me?" Part of me wondered if I was under a genjutsu, if he'd cast it the moment I saw him and all of my feelings were caused by a few hand signals I hadn't noticed. I knew it couldn't be true though, the look in his eyes made it obvious that my words had caught him by surprise.

"Mitsuki…" he said my name with such sadness, such tenderness that it made me nervous how intimately the word sounded leaving his lips. He knew something… he knew everything. "You're not afraid because I didn't want you to be… I never…" I noted with an odd fascination that I wasn't struggling beneath him. I could've had a chance at escape if I tried now, he was so enraptured with his thoughts that the opportunity was there… the only issue was that I wanted to know what his words would be. "You weren't supposed to be here… you're never where I need you to be." He frowned as he removed his hands from me, and slowly moved a strand of my hair from my eyes. The rational part of me knew that I should've flinched, or moved back, but I leaned forward. My mind may've not remembered this but my body did. "You raced in here and yet you have no chakra. You gaze into my eyes knowing their my strongest technique. Mitsuki… why must you be so reckless?" His gaze was warm and kind, I knew somehow that he cared for me and that somewhere deep down I cared for him too.

"Please… I want to remember. I need to remember. What are you to me?" His hands moved closer to stroke my cheek, and I leaned into him again. A part of me felt sickened for a moment. I knew what this man had done and yet for some reason I moved towards his touch, almost craving it. I felt my eyes water and I hated myself even more. What kind of shinobi was I? How'd I become so useless?

"I've lost too much Mitsuki, I've got too much blood on my hands and I won't add you to the list. You'll always be reckless and careless, and now I won't be there to protect you. I'm sorry for what I've done to you… and for what'll happen to you after, but know I did it… to keep you safe." His words didn't make any sense to me, but he grabbed the back of my head and moved my face closer to his, pressing his lips to mine in a fashion too desperate to be considered romantic. "Do you think this would be a fair punishment for my crimes? To protect my village, I must have those I love resent me. I must have them hate me…I must have you hate me." His eyes began spiralling and for some reason I was too fascinated too look away, while parts of me were screaming to struggle. As everything around me turned dark, his last words clung to me.

Those… he loved?


"Mitsuki… Mitsuki wake up." Slowly I felt my eyes open, and with a shocking realization that I was still alive I shot upwards, gasping for breath. "You're okay now… everything is alright." I turned to the man next to me, surprised to see Momiji of all people. Beside him was the Hokage, Kakashi, Danzo and several other village elders. I was shocked by the amount of people in the room, but Momiji shifted me so that my gaze was focused on him, repeating the words again and again that I was alright. It wasn't until several minutes that I actually realized he was speaking to me at all. Very slowly I felt my senses return and the numbness which coated me slowly fade.

"The hospital…" I wasn't sure why I was saying the words, maybe I just needed the reassurance of my own voice, but glancing around at the white walls it was clear where I was. I glanced down at my still kimono-clad body and realized with a distant fascination that not only was I alive, but I'd managed to remain unscathed. I felt myself begin to cry realizing how close my life had almost been to ending, and my gaze shifted to Kakashi, more relieved for his presence than anyone else's. Sensing my mood he shifted closer, and I was too enraptured in relief to see the annoyed look that flashed across the Tsuchikage's face.

"It's okay Mitsuki. You're alright… but we need to know what happened. You need to tell us who did this." I nodded, my heartbeat still racing as I realized that death had been inches away.

"He tried to kill me…" I felt myself grow cold as the memories poured down on me, the sadistic look in his eyes… the feel of his blood thirst. He was a man that craved power and I'd barely escaped his grip.

"Who tried to kill you?" Kakashi's words were gentle, and the urgency hidden in them was revealed by the other figures in the hospital room.

"Itachi Uchiha."

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