"Holy shit that hurts!"

"I know it does Dr. House but you need to maintain flexibility in this joint or it will add to your chronic pain problem."

"This was not what I had in mind for therapeutic massage."

"Yes well Dr. House, I am afraid what you had in mind is not legal."

"It's a shame though, a hot broad like you touching me all over getting me all hot and bothered and leaving me with a serious case of blue—"

"Don't say it House." A voice from the doorway of the PT room said.

"Why Dr. Cuddy I could find you several published articles on both the benefits and detriments to a male patient regarding the 'Happy Ending'."

"I'm sure you can and maybe even a few not written by you to Forum."

"It's all right Dr. Cuddy I'm used to Dr. House's sense of humor."

"You're a saint Kylie, House is lucky to have you working with him."

House waggled his brows suggestively and said, "Oh but I could be a lot luckier if she would just be a little more hands on."

Kylie giggled and Cuddy blushed.

"Enough House, do you think this beautiful young woman appreciates your dirty old man routine?"

"Yes actually I think she loves it. Don't you Kylie?"

Now Kylie was blushing.

Cuddy gave her an appraising look before speaking.

"Kylie I want you to go talk with Casey and have him rotate you out of House's case. Tell him I want him to assign Gary."

Kylie was about to protest but the cold glare Cuddy gave her sent her running.

"See how you like Gary instead, House." She said smugly.

"Oooh Gary, as in the gorgeous surfer boy? Yummy. Something tells me Gary may be a bit more understanding about my needs than Kylie. Besides have you seen the size of his hands?"

Cuddy was sputtering in frustration. " Wha—you mean you—surely you—don't—you're kidding me right?"

House looked at her with dead seriousness in his eyes. "Nope, not kidding… Surprised?"

Cuddy shook her head and stood for a moment paralyzed, mouth agape with shock, before she too bolted, nearly running Wilson over as he entered the room.

"What did you say her?" Wilson said.

House looked at Wilson with a smirk that faded into something more contemplative as he took in his friend's sweaty hair and clothes from his own PT.

"Not sure if I should answer that."

"Why? Was it about me?"

House laughed. "No, but I'm doubtful if you could take it with as much grace as Cuddy."

Wilson snorted in return. "If that's handling it with grace I shudder to think what it was you said…You might as well tell me, you know you're dying to see how I'll react."

If only it did make you shudder… "I admit I do have a certain curiosity about that."

"So tell me so we can head to the showers and get out of here."

Just as House was about to reply Nolan walked in wheezing and drenched from his workout. Wilson was forcing the psychiatrist to exercise along with him as he did his PT. The two were good friends and Wilson had made it his mission to see Nolan's spare tire gone.



House turned to Wilson. "What gives with the sweaty shrink?"

"Oh nothing really I just figured since he was here and we have rehab that he could stand some exercise too. Besides he keeps me company on the elliptical."

House started laughing loudly at the thought of Nolan on the elliptical.

"I'm glad you find James' torture of me amusing Greg. So what was it you said to Lisa to make her run out of her like some terrified schoolgirl?"

House hesitated and decided he would just tell them.

"Oh nothing I just let her know that since she took the hot blond girl away from me that I would be equally pleased with the surfer boy with the amazing six pack and the low rise shorts."

Nolan wasn't fazed but Wilson had turned a lovely shade of white followed by a crimson blush creeping up his face.

"You were joking right?" Wilson asked.

"Nope, I like men and women I always have."

Wilson's face suddenly grew hard and cold anger was in his eyes, his voice was almost a whisper.

"Then stay the hell away from me pervert."

And with that Wilson was gone.

"What the fuck?"

House began tying his shoes furiously clearly intending to take off after Wilson.

"Wait Greg, let him go."

"The hell I am, we've been friends for fifteen years and I find out after all this time he's a homophobe, and so much of one that because I swing both ways he suddenly wants nothing to do with me! Do you seriously think I can let this go?"

Nolan sighed. "No I don't but would you at least talk with me a minute until you both calm down?"

House took a deep breath and said, "Fine, but you better not try to turn this around on me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean Wilson is the one being an ass, not me."

Nolan looked at House trying to decide what he could say that wouldn't be against Wilson's privacy.

"Look Greg I know you revealed something big to him and you weren't expecting that reaction but believe me when I say there is something even. bigger going on here."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"I am not at liberty to say, but I think you will find that James will behave better the next time you see him. However let's hold off on the bisexuality revelations for now."

"Are you telling me to stay in the closet?" House said with a snort.

"No of course not, but as James' friend I am asking you to give him the benefit of the doubt and to give him some space on this subject."

House gave him an appraising look before asking him, "What are you hiding from me? What is it you know about his reaction that you aren't sharing?"

Nolan sighed, "I can't tell you that for many reasons, chief among them I'm not exactly sure what is going on, so can you give me the chance to help him and find out?"

House nodded pensively his brain was doing a differential on Wilson's freak out.

"Greg let it go for now please."

"Yeah, okay…for now."


Well that's where I am leaving it. It sucks I know but it's my first stab at pre-slash so be a little forgiving