The following passages were copied from a blood-drenched volume found in the ruins of The Battle of Ostagar. Though smoke-damaged and much the worse for wear, the fine leather covering of the book proved stronger than the forces of the Blight, and the gold painted embroidering overrunning the cover has lent much-disputed clues as to the author of the work.

Naysayers decry it as a forgery meant to undermine and desecrate the memory of our fallen. Others claim that it is an accurate representation of our former king, and have argued that it is further proof of a need for change and revolution in the administration. The threat of Civil Wars hangs over us heavier than the fear of Blight. I myself have no interest in entering this vipers' nest of politics.

As archivist, my role is merely to preserve, not to interpret. I leave the tools of truth recorded here for the reader to decide. Should any future scholar prove the lineage of such a vacuous work, they are more than welcome to attempt its inclusion in the royal annals of history.

-- Brother Yalltier Esrevni, Denerim Chantry, 9:30 Dragon