Chapter 1: Island Affairs

It was a beautiful morning as the sun rose and the grass Pokemon awoke to absorb the sun's rays. I was standing in the middle of it wondering what Pokemon I should catch today. Then I heard an awful ringing sound.


Unfortunately, I am not enjoying the morning sun, Instead I am waking up to help mother out wIth looking after the daycare Pokemon. I gaze at my clock, the red numbers that pierced the peaceful darkness read, 4:00 AM, and although I would love to sleep in, I have become used to this life. First, I would have to find the dark types and fed them because they were mostly active at night and needed nurishment. Then I would have to help train other trainer's grass type Pokemon since that's what we do, here on the Four Island Pokemon Daycare.

Although I enjoy being around the diverse range of Pokemon, I really wanted to go on a journey of my own and I am eleven years old, whenever I mention the idea to mother, she always says, "No, Matt, you can't go on a journey on your own, It's too dangerous."

Then I would argue, "But I'm eleven years old, and I wouldn't be alone I would have my Pokemon to keep me company." It never got me anywhere though, and I could hardly run away without her knowing because everyone on the island knows each other. As I was feeding the flying types, I thought that I would gIve the arguement I more try, I mean mother had been in a happy mood recently, maybe I could take advantage of that. I as walked up to her, she seemed to know exactly what I wanted and instantly shot the idea down. I pleaded with, "But, the neighbours let their son, Joe go on his journey to the Johto,"

She interrupted with, "If the neighbours let their son wrestle with a Machamp would you want to?"

"No," I said with a lowered tone.

"Look, I'll make you a deal, If you can beat me in a double battle and pass a Pokemon knowledge quiz, I'll let you go on a journey to any region of your choice." She offered.

"That sounds great, but your Pokemon are way too strong and expierenced for me to beat." I retorted with concern that I will never leave this island.

" That's why we are both going to use daycare Pokemon." she responded. Ranch Pokemon are pokemon that hatched from an egg made by two trainer's pokemon that the trainer couldn't take with them. They were mostly happy to live here at the daycare but some were still bitter about being left behind.

---------------------------------------------The Next Day-----------------------------------------------------------

After all my duties for the day had been completed for the morning, I got ready for my battle by selecting the two Pokemon I wanted to use, I had always been very close to these two.

"Alright, son are you ready to battle me?" mother said as she walked over to her half of the field.

"You bet I'm ready!" I shouted.

"Alright let's get this battle underway, go Buneary and Pachirisu."

As she released her pokeballs into the air, two pokemon materialised into a bright white light, on the left a small brown rabbit with long ears and on the right, a white squirrel like pokemon that had a bright bkue streak running from it's head to it's tail.

"Alright guys, come on out!" I exclaimed with excitement for my first real pokemon battle.

As the white light faded, my choices of Pokemon became clear, one was a small blue lizard that had teeth that looked they could chomp through bricks. "Totodile," it said with glee.

The other was a small brown antlion esque creature, it had a small body compared to it's large head. "Trapinch," it said , with worry about this battle.

"Ok, i'll start this battle off, Buneary, Ice Beam and Pachirisu use Spark." On command Buneary charged a blue beam and sent it crackling through the air, Pachirisu charged forward engulfed in electricity.

"Trapinch, block Pachirisu, Totodile use Water Gun on the Ice Beam."

Trapinch quickly rushed towards Pachirisu, happily absorbing the electricity that was being given off. Totodile quickly launched a stream of water from its mouth which managed to block the Ice Beam by have the beam being wasted on freezing the water.

"Trapinch, use Sand Tomb on Pachirisu, Totodile, use Slash on Buneary." The Antlion Pokemon's eyes began to glow as the earth around Pachirisu began to sink revealing a pit. Totodile, on the other hand was charging straight towards Buneary.

Buneary, Dizzy Punch, Pachirisu, use Iron Tail to springboard out," Buneary's ears began to glow as she prepared to combat the oncoming threat. Pachirisu's tail took on a monchromatic sheen as he quickly flung it towards the towards sending him skyrocketing.

"Trapinch, use Hidden Power to shoot down Pachirisu, Totodile, technique a." Luckily Totodile remembered the talk we had before the battle.

Alright, Totodile, so when I say technique a, I want you to feint left the step right to confuse the opponent.

"Totodile," it said, as if to say that it understood.

Just as planned, Totodile pulled off the technique perfectly, and managed to rake its claws across Buneary's body. Meanwhile, Trapinch glowed as many small orbs began to surrond Trapinch.

"Fire!" I exclaimed.

As soon as the words left my mouth, the many small orbs that had surronded Trapinch quickly left him as their sailed through the air headed towards their target.

"Pachirisu, use Iron Tail to deflect."

Pachirsu, then complied, once again turning its tail into a monchromatic weapon, swinging it forward towards the small orbs. It managed to swipe some away, but the others did manage to collide with the small Electric type's body, although it did manage to land gracefully in the midst of taking damage.

"Totodile, use Protect," I shouted with knowledge that my next move was bound to shock mother.

"What will that accomplish? I haven't launched any attacks yet." She questioned.

As Totodile prepared the green sphere that would protect him from the oncoming attack, I shouted, "Trapinch, use earthquake!".

Mother, was visibly shocked as she didn't know that Trapinch knew that move. As commanded, Trapinch got on its back legs, then slammed them back down launch a powerful shockwave. It was too quick for mother to call any moves that move help, as she could do was watch as Buneary and Pachirisu were both shaken by the attack. After the shockwaves had ended, Buneary and Pachirisu, both fell down simultaneously, signalling their defeat.

"Fair enough, you have defeated me in battle, but you still have to pass my knowledge quiz which will happen in an hour, be prepared, it will be tough," she said with doubt in her voice as she know that i would pass but didn't want to let me go. I could understand this, but i felt that i needed to go on a journey.

I sat down at our regular dinner table ready to ace this quiz, as i was mentally preparing myself, mother emerged from her office with a deadly serious look on her face.

"You will needed to answer four of the five questions correctly in order to pass. Are you ready?" she questioned.

"Hit me with your best shot," I replied with confidence in my voice, I knew heaps about Pokemon and I was ready.

"First question, how does the burn status affect a Pokemon?"

"It lowers their attack power and drains their health."

"Correct. How do you evolve a Jigglypuff into a Wigglytuff?"

"Use a Moon Stone on it."

"Correct. What is the signiture attack of Hariyama?

"Uh..., Force Palm?"

"Incorrect, it is Arm Thrust. Next Question, What is the only attack smeargle can learn on its own?


"Correct, now for your final quesiton which you need to get right. Name three moves that go before other moves."

"Protect, Extremespeed and Sucker Punch."

"Correct, you have passed the quiz. I am so proud of you, you have my blessing to start a journey. Do you know which region you would like to travel through first?" She asked calmly.

"Yeah, I would like to travel through Sinnoh, also if you don't mind I would like to have Totodile and Trapinch as my starters." I suggested nervously.

"That's a great idea, you feed the Pokemon and I'll call Profeesor Rowan and ask him to help you out when you get there." She exclaimed with false excitement.

"Thanks, mother." I said as I left the room.

Even though she didn't like it, she headed over the the phone to sort out the details with professor Rowan.

"I can't believe that my baby is going on his journey." she whispered to herself as she dialed the number into the phone.