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Troublesome, But I Like It

Chapter 15

Shikamaru's p.o.v

I arrived at Konoha's train station at approximately 11 p.m – a few hours earlier than the expected time. I checked in into a hotel nearby as it would be too late to go on a journey to home. I settled in into my room, too tired to eat even though I was starving. I tried calling Sasuke's phone but was answered by the voice mail, so I left him a massage saying that I had arrived at Konoha and the name of the hotel I was staying at.

Sasuke's p.o.v

I looked at my watch and could not believe that it's already nearing 12 midnight. There were so many things that needed to be done and I just lost track of time. The cup of coffee that my assistant made for me remained untouched, too cold to be drunk. I tidy up a few things then grabbed my suitcase from my drawer and decided to end the day.

It was in my car that I checked on my phone and there were 7 missed calls, 2 from my mother, 1 from my friend and the rest from Shikamaru. I listened to the voice mail Shikamaru left me and smiled - I could heard the yawn at the end of the conversation I decided to call them the tomorrow as it would be too late to call them now.

On the way home I reflected on the scene this morning and sighed thinking how things would be so awkward – more awkward that it already has been anyway between me and Neji. In a way I can understand how Neji's must be feeling. I used to be that way when we broke up. I would do anything to have him back ten but glad that we did not make up. I wouldn't have found Shikamaru if we did.

But the bigger question is how I would face him afterwards.

Shikamaru's p.o.v

The next day, I left the hotel and into a cab with a heavy feeling. I was shivering even though it was summer. My stomach was doing flip flops and my heart clenched tightly in my chest with dread. The 4 hours journey to village of Konoha felt like it took only 10 minutes – I was still wondering whether I am ready or not.

My house was separated from the town; we live near the forest along with our clan. We are famous at Konoha as the best deer breeder and most of the Nara people are breeder but a handful of the Nara people are civil servant, like my father who was the chief police of our country and the leader of the Nara clan.

The cab stopped in front of my house and then the driver took out my luggage for me. I paid him and said thank you. The house seemed empty but as I walked closer I was greeted by the smell of curry. My stomach growling with approval and for the first time since this morning, I realized that I'm hungry.

I knocked on the door and after a minute, it was opened my dear mother. She looked shocked at first as if she's seen a ghost but recovered by hugging me while crying.

"Hey Mum, I'm back."

It's been a while since I've came back.

Shikamaru's p.o.v

After having lunch, I helped with the dishes while my mum chatted excitedly, filling me up with what I was missing while gone. I'm happy to know that my childhood friend Chouji is getting married with his childhood crush while making a mental note to visit him this evening.

But I know I came here for much bigger thing but struggled to find the strength to do just that. I looked at my mum, she hasn't stop smiling since I've came. I wonder if the smile still remains if I told him about my sexuality. God! The uncertainty is so troublesome!

We then settled on the living room, enjoying my mum delicious mango pudding while having a nice chat together. We talked about lots of thing mostly about school but I skipped out the part where I have to start over in a week because my work was destroyed. I didn't want her to worry.

"By the way mum, where is dad?"

"Owh he'll be back tomorrow. He had to go Sunagakure for a meeting."

"Is he still mad at me?" the smile on my mum faded, pain etched on her expression. I guess my dad is still mad at me – for choosing to go to the art school.

"A total waste of time and there is no way you'll have a future there." He said before I left for the school and we had stopped talking since then. That's why I seldom went back home. I just couldn't stand the silence treatment that he gave me when I did.

"He's getting better." That's all she said and we both retreated to silence. I glanced at my mum, for the first time realizing that she has aged. Graciously of course but she was not as young as before. I started feeling nostalgic, remembering the time when I was little when she would walk with me to the park, walking hand in hand, an ice cream in my hand – it was an event a young me has lived for. It was something that I wished I could go back to sometimes when things get hard.

"I love you, mum." She was a bit taken back when I suddenly hugged her but then returned the hug, patting me softly on the back.

"I love you too dear."

We let go of each other then my mum totally took me by surprise.

"Shikamaru, is there something you wanted to say to me?"

"Wha..What do you mean mum?" I asked her back, stuttering.

"I can see it in your eyes; I am your mother anyway. You look like the time when you wanted to tell me that you're going to the art school instead of the police academy."

I wanted to deny it at first but then decided that I should just go ahead with it. I would have to anyway at some point of my trip.

"You're right mum. Actually there's something important that I wanted to tell you but I just don't know how you're going to take it."

"Just tell me. I'm sure it is not something that I could not handle, can't I?"

I took a deep breath while my mum looked at me, waiting for me to start.

"Mum, while in Tokyo, I found somebody. Somebody that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…" before I could finish with my sentence, my mum gripped my hand tightly, her face lit up with a big smile. I gulped thinking that it would soon be shattered when I told him the truth.

"Really? Then you shouldn't be so worried. Oh I'm so happy for you dear. What is her name?"

"The thing is mum, it is not a her. I'm actually seeing a guy. His name is Uchiha Sasuke. We have been dating for a while now and I just moved in with him." I felt the grip on my hand loosen and I just looked down at my lap, afraid to see my mum's face in disappointment.

Instead I heard a soft giggle coming from my mum, I looked up and her face was still plastered with the same big smile when she thought that someone is a girl.

"That's why you looked so worried. It's alright dear, I approved. I always prepared myself for this because I knew you were a bit different even as a child. I'm just glad that you found somebody that you felt that way with." Tears pooled in my eyes, my mum as well and then we laughed, for no apparent reason but it felt so good. Like a burden has been lifted of my shoulders.

"Thank you mum."

"No need to thank me. Now is there any picture of the boy my son fell in love with?" I blushed when she said that. I fished out my phone from my jeans pocket, opening the folder where I kept Sasuke's picture. His handsome face was smiling at the camera. My mum took a look at it and shook her head, tsk-ing.

"What's wrong mum?" worry crept in me.

"Nothing, just that he is such a good looking man." I blushed deeper when she said that.

"Now tell me more about him, please."

"Well to start it off, he's 26 years old and he is a lawyer…" so we spent most of the evening talking about Sasuke and I. From the day we first met until now.

Then around 7 pm, my mum left the house to go to her weekly book club gathering at the Akimichi house. I decided to visit Chouji tomorrow. After I showered I resigned to my bedroom, located at the far end of the house, separated from all the main rooms of the house.

After that I called Sasuke.

Sasuke's p.o.v

I was relaxing after dinner, watching the news when Shikamaru called me. I turned off the television and lay down on the couch making a note to myself to not tell him the incident with Neji yesterday. Some things are better off kept to myself.

"Hello,Sasuke?" he still asked even though it was my number.

"Hey baby, how are you?" I heard him answered back with a shy voice.

"I'm fine. What about you? Have you eaten dinner yet?" I smiled at that, thinking it was so sweet that he was that concerned about me. "Just did…so have you told them yet?"

"I did but only to my mum because my dad wasn't home until tomorrow."

"And…?" I was nervous waiting for the answer.

"And she approves."

I sighed in relief and Shikamaru chuckled at the other line. "That's great news isn't it. I'm so happy." Shikamaru agreed but then I heard a sigh from him.

"What's wrong?"

"Just my mum, though. I kinda always had a feeling that I don't have to worry about her. I still have to break the news to my dad. I'm mostly worried about him. We don't exactly always see eye to eye, you know."

We fall into silence for a while before he said "Well no matter how troublesome it is, I just know this is something that I should do because it is you. I wouldn't do this is for just anybody, just so you know."

I felt heat on both of my cheeks and laughed. Only Shikamaru could make me blush.

"I'm glad to hear that. Hey don't worry so much, remember, whatever happens we will get through this together."

"I know… Sasuke I miss you."

"Me too, so much. What are you doing?"

"In my room and talking to you of course."

"Of course. Have you locked the door?"

"Huh? Should I lock the door?" the clueless tone of his voice made me smile I replied back, whispering seductively.

"Do you want to play a game?"

"What game?" I heard the curiosity in his voice.

I got up from the couch and headed to the bedroom.

"Well to start, you have to lock your bedroom door first." There was a 'click' sound at the end of the lie and I did the same even though there was nobody else in the house. I got on the bed, resting my head on a pillow, propped up against the headboard.

"Sasuke? I already locked the door."

"Good. Now lie on the bed on your back." Shikamaru asked me what I was trying to do but I silenced him with a promise that he would enjoy this.

"Now I wanted you to close your eyes and then picture me kissing you on the lips…" I was cut off with a stuttered "Wh..what?" but again I assured him to just do it.

"Then picture me kissing your neck and slowly taking off your clothes. I need you to take off your clothes baby. I did the same except that I just went nude, taking everything off.

"O..okay." I could almost hear the realization clicked in his mind at where the 'game' is heading.

"Then, I want you to touch your nipple the way I would touch yours." I heard Shikamaru breath hitched as he did what I told him to. I heard him moan, making me shiver with lust.

"You like that baby?" I couldn't help but asked.

"A-ha" Shikamaru answered through his moan.

"Then I want you to take off your pants and your boxer. Everything baby."

"All done Sasuke."

"Remember when I touch you down there the way you like it, now I want you to touch yourself and imagine me doing it to you with my mouth." It wasn't long before I heard Shikamaru moan. I was entranced by the sound for a while before I realized there's a part of me that needed attention of my own.

I began stroking my self, hot from hearing Shikamaru's lusty moan and before I can help myself and moaned too.

"Sa,suke..." Shikamaru's voice became more erratic, his moan and his breath faster, signaling his peak. I became stroking myself faster and harder, seeing nothing, just a haze in my vision as I became closer to the edge too.

Then I heard Shikamaru throaty voice saying my name as he climaxed and I just lost it and let myself experience my climax as well.

After a while of catching my breath, I managed to find my voice.

"It looks like I just found a way to fill the void while you're gone. Would you like to do that again, some other time?"

"You pervert." Shikamaru said through his shaky after sex voice and I just laughed.

"Aren't we all?"

"Well, now I need to shower. Look at what you've done." Shikamaru whined, which is so adorable, made me smile like a maniac.

"I know baby, I need a shower too."

"Ok,I need to go or else my mum will be home and she will start asking why I have to shower again. I do not know if I could answer her."

"Fine, and baby, one more thing."


"Picture me saying I love you."

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