*Now I know I'm not the best writer, in fact I know I suck but I can't help it when I have such a great imagination to write down.*

"Arthur!" Jane yelled.

Arthur was in his room touching himself and was upset that he had to stop.

He climbed down the stairs and met his mom.

"Yes, mom?" he said.

"Arthur, me and Kate are going to pick up your little sister at school and then I'm taking her to the mall for a little bit, do you want to come?" she asked.

Arthur thought about it, but he wanted to continue touching himself so he declined her offer by saying he had homewark to do.

"Alright then behave and listen to your father," she said.

"Okay." Arthur sighed.

Before Arthur went back upstairs he checked the living room to make sure his father was distracted with the television. After seeing that he was, Arthur went back upstairs.

David Read was sitting on the sofa watching the local news. His wife had barely left the house to go pick up their daughter and to go shopping and his 17-year old son was upstairs probably doing homework.

As David was watching tv he was beginning to get horny.

If there was one thing David hated about the living room is that the tv only had basic cable and the only reason it did was because Jane didn't want the kids watching violent tv.

Luckily for him he had a laptop upstairs and thought about watching some porn.

As he started climbing up the stairs he remembered about Arthur being in his room. He stopped by his room to make sure he was distracted, but as he was opening Arthur's door he saw his son in his bed masturbating!

He couldn't see Arthur's dick since he had blankets over himself but just watching him playing with himself gave David an erection.

Arthur was rubbing his dick in his bed and he was enjoying the feeling.

He was trying to hurry up in case his mother came back or his father came upstairs, but he just wouldn't cum. Arthur started rubbing himself harder and harder until he saw that his door was open. He looked carefully and then he saw his father standing there watching him.

Arthur started panicking so he put his dick away and started pretending like he was sleeping the entire time but he knew his dad caught him.

David noticed that Arthur freaked out and he too was freaked out that his son caught him watching him. David was walking towards his room when he thought he should try to speak to Arthur about this mess.

"Arthur?" he said as he knocked on his son's door.

"Uh, yeah?" Arthur responded.

David walked into Arthur's room and sat next to him in his bed.

"Hey Arthur, I just wanted to tell you that you shouldn't be embarrassed that I caught you masturbating, it could happen to anyone. In fact it's happened to me."

Arthur noticeably embarrassed asked, "Really?"

"Yeah." David replied.


"Well I was around 12 years old when I was touching myself one day in my bedroom, when all of a sudden my mother barged in my room and caught me. I had the blankets on just like you did, so she didn't see anything. She asked me a question and went back downstairs and we never spoken about it since."

Arthur couldn't help laughing.


"Sorry dad."

"Anyways, so don't be ashame alright buddy?"

"Okay dad, thanks."

David looked at Arthur and couldn't help it getting another erection. Arthur has definitely changed so much. He wasn't that scrawny kid he was back in the day. Now he was was 5 feet and 10 inches tall, with a well-toned body.

Suddenly he remembered Arthur with his yellow sweater, that sweater he always wore after Grandma Thora had given it to him for his 8th birthday, he pratically wore it everyday in 3rd grade, then over the years he started letting go of that sweater. By the time that sweater was gone this new Arthur was here.

"Dad?" Arthur asked.

"Uh, yeah?" David answered.

"I think you should go to your room and touch yourself."

David was surprised by what Arthur just said.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you have a boner." Arthur laughed.

David turned red.

"Oh, I guess I do."
David started getting up to leave when Arthur grabbed his hand.

"Dad, can I ask you something?"

"Uh, sure."

"It's kind of embarrassing."

"Go ahead, this day can't get any more embarrassing right?"

"Er, right. Well anyway, I was wondering if--well you know-if you had any tricks to show me?"

"Tricks? What do you mean?"

"Tricks for masturbating." asked Arthur embarrassingly.

David was taken back by the question, but as he thought about it he got aroused.

"Sure. Follow me to my room."

Arthur couldn't believe it, his dad was actually going to give him tips on how to jerk-off. Arthur has had a crush on his father since middle school.

Arthur remembered the days where his crush for his father started growing, but his father would never notice him in that way. While walking to his father's room, Arthur remembered his yellow sweater that he always wore everyday, and he remembered the summer when he stopped wearing it.

He remembered being a scrawny kid, and how he always wanted his father to look at him in more ways than just his son.

One summer he went to spend time with his grandpa and while he was there, he'd use the small weight room that his gramps had to work out. He wanted a new image and he wanted his father to notice him. After that long summer he returned home in pretty good shape and he decided to finally let go of his favorite sweater just so his body could be more noticeable. The day of his return home, Arthur noticed his dad looking at him and he loved that feeling. Arthur always loved to think that his dad had a crush on him too, but he just probably didn't know it yet.

Arthur snaps back into reality and notices he's already in his dad's room. He looks at his father who's on his double queen size bed waiting for him.

Arthur layed down next to his father and waited for something to happen. Finally he saw his father reach into his pants.

"Alright Arthur, just do what I do alright?" his dad commanded.

Arthur did as he was told and reached into his pants. He looked over at his father who had both of his hands in his pants and was rubbing himself, then finally he started unzipping his pants.

Arthur was lost in sight of his sexy father in his tight boxer briefs with his noticeable erection. He couldn't stop staring, and by the time he refocused, his father started getting up.

The sight of Arthur touching himself was marvelous for David. He noticed how Arthur watched him after he took off his pants. He couldn't hold it anymore. He got up and got on top of Arthur and started kissing him on the lips.

He looked at Arthur's widened eyes, but he could tell that Arthur was liking it.

"Arthur?" he asked his son.

"Yeah?" he responded.

"How about we just have sex?"

"That's fine with me daddy." Arthur winked.

David smiled at his son. He couldn't beleive how great this was going.

David started kissing him and feeling his body, while he took off his son's shirt and nibbling on his nipples.

Meanwhile Arthur started taking his father's boxer's off and touching his dick, he loved the feel of his dad's 9 inch cock.

David overwhelmed by the pleasure of Arthur's stroking took off his shirt and laid back down while Arthur kept rubbing it.

Arthur started climbing on top of his dad while taking his pants and boxers off. He got into a 69 position and put his 7 inch cock in his father's mouth. Arthur deep-throated his father's whole in his mouth while his dad made it fit in his mouth. Arthur couldn't handle all the pressure on his dick, that he started to cum in his father's mouth.
David started sucking Arthur's juice, while Arthur began to thrust his cock into his father's mouth.

Arthur laid on his back to catch some air. David smiled at his son and began massaging his balls.

"How was that?" he asked.

"THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!" Arthur exclaimed.

"Well you released already, but I still need to."

"Oh, right." said Arthur realizing what his father had in mind.

Arthur more than willingly got in the front of the bed on all fours, while his father went into his bathroom.

Arthur was still waiting, until his father came out with some lube on his dick. David climbed onto the bed and started rubbing some lube onto Arthur's ass, slowly inserting a finger at a time into his tiny hole.

Arthur flinched at the pain, but he wanted to do this. He's been dreaming of it for so long.

David finally then started rubbing his dick until he pulverized Arthur's ass.

Arthur let out a scream, and David began to fuck his tiny hole. Arthur continued screaming and David was enjoying his screams.

After a while Arthur finally got used to the feeling and started enjoying it.

"FUCK ME DAD! FUCK ME HARDER!" Arthur yelled.

"Want me to fuck your little hole?" David asked?

"YES!" Arthur screamed.

Arthur felt his erection back at full growth and was about to rub it when he felt his father's hand on it first.

"We're going to cum together, all right Arthur?" David said.

"Alright dad."
Arthur couldn't believe how well his father was fucking and rubbing him.

"Dad I'm gonna CUM!" he yelled.

"Me too. Hold on tight."

David felt his dick about to explode, and Arthur too felt his dick about to explode, for the second time.

Then finally, both dicks exploded.

David's cock pushed hard into Arthur's ass while the cum released inside his son.

Arthur's cum exploded onto David's hand, but even then David wouldn't stop rubbing his dick.

After Arthur finished cumming, David licked his hand full of cum off.

David took his dick out of Arthur's ass, and turned his son around.

"Lick it off," he commanded Arthur.

Arthur started sucking his father's cock.

After Arthur licked off his father's cock he laid on top of him in the bed.

Their naked bodies were toching while they were hugging in bed. They were both exhausted.

"Dad, I lovee you." Arthur said.

David thought about it and strangely realized how he loved his son too. In fact he thinks he probably always had, but in more ways than just a son.

"Arthur, I love you too."

They started kissing until David looked at the time.

"Arthur you should go change, your mother should be here any moment now, and I don't want either of us to get in trouble.

"Alright." Arthur sighed.

Arthur left to his room to get some new clothes. He dropped the clothes he just had sex in into his dirty hamper.

He then started walking to his father's room to see if he needed help with his room?

"Everything good dad?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm finished." he said.

"Well I'm gonna go take a shower."

"Yeah, me too."

Arthur was about to walk away when David stopped him.

David kissed his son.

"Arthur, I want to do this again soon."

"Me too dad. But we're gonna have to wait until we have the house to ourselves again." Arthur sighed.

"Well I could always sneak into your room every once in a while to give you a quick blowjob."

"Yeah, and I could do the same." Arthur snickered.

"Well tomorrow's Friday, how about after you get out of school we go camping? Just the two of us." David asked.

"Yeah! I'd love that dad, we'll just tell mom is father-son bonding time."

"We will, but we're not really going camping."

"We're not?"

"Nope. We'll just drive an hour away from here and stay in a hotel all weeked, my treat." David smiled.

"I'd really enjoy that."

"Alright then, until tomorrow afternoon, our fun will begin then."

"Yes, it will."

David kissd Arthur on the forehead and let him go take his shower.

David was excited of his future plans with Arthur. As he got into the shower, he saw out his window Jane pulling into the driveway. He smiled.

He loved Jane, but now he had two lovers.

As long as his secret with Arthur stays between them, everything will work out fine.

He started walking to his bathroom to shower.

----THE END----

I'll write a new chapter to this if you guys want me to. Should I?