Some of you guys have a lot of nerve to criticize the content of my story when I've clearly stated a warning beforehand. If you're that coarse to read the story just so you can complain how disgusting it is, then that's your problem. I already let you know what you were getting into. This story is purely fictional and some of you guys need to relax. Anyways, here's my last installment to this story. Hope those of you guys that aren't so uptight enjoy the story.

WARNING: The following story contains content only suitable for those 18 and over.

Jane Read, who's a work-at-home accountant, as well as a mother of three, was heading to the grocery store one Friday afternoon day when she realized she forgot her purse at home.

"Shit!" she exclaimed.

As she turned back towards her house she couldn't help but laugh at how clumsy she was being. Good thing she had a family that loved her no matter what, she thought. She had a wonderful, hard-working husband named David Read, who's last name she gladly took, along with three beautiful kids.

There was Arthur Read, who was now 19 years old and currently in college. He lives about five hours away now but tonight he was coming back for the weekend. It was part of the reason she was going to the grocery store, she wanted to make him a big dinner tonight.

Then there were her daughters, Kate & D.W.

Her youngest was Kate, who was only 10 years old at the moment. She had begged her this morning to let her spend the night at her friend Mei Lin's house. She really didn't want to let her go because of Arthur's return, but at the same time it was Mei Lin's birthday party and Kate was her best friend so she gave in and let her go. Besides, Arthur was staying the weekend.

As for her 15 year old daughter, D.W, she was currently in France for Spring Break with her friend Emily. Jane, David, Kate, and D.W went with Emily and her family last Spring, and had enough trust in Emily's parents to watch after D.W. Besides, Emily's parents were paying for everything.

As she began pulling into her driveway she saw a car already there. She wondered who it was for a bit until she realized it must be Arthur's new car! She slowly walked inside but didn't see anyone downstairs. Maybe he was in the bathroom upstairs she thought. She began heading up the stairs when she started hearing a soft moaning sound from her room. She started to get scared and thought that maybe it wasn't Arthur's car outside and that someone had broken into the house. She immediately started thinking her husband had been assaulted or something. She made her way towards the room.

As she started opening the door, the moaning got louder and once she saw where the sound was coming from she couldn't believe her eyes. Her legs turned weak, her heart started pounding, she was horrified. Horrified at the sight of her husband fucking his own son, her son.

Arthur finally received the text from his father telling him he could go home. He had been at Buster's house waiting for the heads up.

"Well, it was nice seeing you again Buster, but I think I should go visit my parents now. I'll catch you later!" Arthur stormed out of there before Buster could even reply. Buster just figured Arthur was anxious to see his parents.

"Dad, I'm home!" yelled Arthur as he ran up the stairs. He sped his way home and was fortunate enough that no cop saw him. He was just eager to get back to his father, his lover. He had been waiting for this moment for a few months.

Arthur has had quite the sexual adventure in college, but no matter how many guys he went through, none of them compared to his father.

Arthur reached for the door and without knocking, opened it. There before his eyes was his father laying naked on his bed.

"Welcome home, son." said David.

"Oh, Daddy." Arthur smiled.

David was ecstatic at the sight of Arthur in his doorway. He hadn't seen him in a while and really missed him

"Welcome home, son." he said.

"Oh, Daddy." replied Arthur.

David, already naked, gestured to Arthur to come closer. He waited while Arthur began to undress.

His beautiful son climbed the bed and sat on top of him. He began rubbing his bubble butt against his penis and David thought it felt amazing. No longer withstanding it, he began entering Arthur's body and slowly started penetrating his hole. He had missed this so much.

David and Arthur, both lost in the passion of it all, had no idea that someone had entered the house.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Jane frantically yelled.

She had just opened the door to her bedroom where she saw her husband penetrating their own son. Her own son, with his back to her, jumping up and down her husband who was laying down naked on their bed.

She watched in horror as both Arthur and David quickly ran around the room putting their clothes back on. At this point there was no reason in staying any longer, she quickly ran down the stairs ignoring all the "Wait, Jane!" and "Wait, Mom!" calls and got in her car and drove off. What is she going to do now?

"SHIT DAD! What the hell are we going to do now? We don't even know where she drove off to!" Arthur yelled in horror.

He didn't know what he just did. How could he do that to his mother? He wished he could take it all back, he regretted every second of it now. This just couldn't be happening.

Arthur turned to look at his father who was now on his knees beginning to cry.

"Fuck! Don't start crying now, Dad!" exclaimed Arthur. He just couldn't take both his parents being upset right now, he just couldn't.

David was scared out of his mind. What did he just do to Jane? How could he betray her like that? With his own son? He was horrified for what was coming next. Divorce? Or worse, jail time? He couldn't bear the thought. He couldn't keep it cool any longer, he dropped to his knees and began to cry. He felt terrible for Jane.

Where did she drive off to? Surely she wasn't thinking of doing anything crazy, was she?

"Her cellphone!" he cried.

He knew there was a high chance that she wouldn't answer it but he called anyways. Suddenly, he heard a phone ringing from the kitchen. It was inside her purse.

"Damn it!" he yelled in frustration. "Damn it all to hell!"

"Dad, stay calm." said Arthur.

Out of nowhere, David felt this rage as he looked at Arthur. He raised up his hand into a fist and punched Arthur in the nose.

"This is all your fault, you fucking faggot! Get the hell out of here and don't return!" he yelled.

David, at last, was convinced on who he loved more.

Arthur, shocked by the pain and by his father's reaction, didn't know what else to do but to leave.

He got in his car and drove off not even knowing where to go but he found his answer once he felt the blood rushing down his clothes. He thought he might as well go to the hospital, his nose was in excruciating pain.

"So, Arthur, what happened exactly?" asked the doctor as he was examining Arthur's nose.

"I got into an argument with some guy and he punched me. End of story. Can you fix it?" he said annoyed.

"Well, it's not broken, so be thankful for that. It'll heal."

"Thanks." replied Arthur.

As Arthur was finally coming out of the hospital his phone began ringing. It was from an unknown number.

"Hello?" he said.

"Arthur, this your mother, meet me at the Sugar Bowl in ten minutes."

Before Arthur could reply, Jane hung up.

Jane had been driving around town wondering about what she had just witnessed. She finally came to a conclusion and needed to tell Arthur. She was seated in a booth by herself at the Sugar Bowl while she waited for him.

Finally he arrived.

"Listen Arthur," she said as he got seated. "I'm only gonna say this once-wait-what happened to your nose?" she asked surprised.


"Oh. Well, good." she replied coldly. "You deserved it. But so does he."

"Mom?" asked Arthur cautiously. "Are you okay? Look, I'm terribly sorry that you had to see that, I don't even know why I ever did it. If I could take it all back I would, I promis-"

"How long?" asked Jane.

"Huh?" replied Arthur confused.

"How long have you two been having sexual intercourse?"

Arthur, feeling smaller, replied, "Over 2 years." He couldn't even look at her.

"I see." Jane replied. That hurt.

"Mom, I'm so sorry. I don't know what got into me!"

Arthur saw that she was about to interrupt him but he stopped her.

"Mom, wait. Before you begin let me just talk, please?"

Jane nodded her head.

"Look Mom, it's no secret now that dad and I did things we weren't supposed to. There's absolutely no justification for that. It was just us being driven by lust, and it was stupid on our part. If I could take it back I would but I can't, so all I can do now is promise you that I won't ever do it again. I'll stay away if you want me to, anything for you to trust me!" pleaded Arthur.

The Sugar Bowl was quite empty that day. Luckily no one was in ear shot from their table. Even so, Arthur didn't feel it was appropriate for them to have this conversation here.

"Mom, let's go for a walk?"

Jane started walking through a pretty lonely park with her son Arthur. Since they left the Sugar Bowl, neither of them had spoken.

Finally, Arthur broke the silence.

"So, mom, do you think you can ever trust me again?" he asked.

"No." she said bluntly.

She looked at Arthur's face. It was the saddest she's ever seen it.

"Arthur, answer me this, are you gay?" she asked.

"Yes." he said.

"You see, a mother always knows if her son's gay. I had my suspicions, of course. Certainly thought you'd be fooling around with Buster or someone else closer to your age. Never, ever did I think you would be fooling around with your father. That's simply unforgivable."

Jane looked at Arthur, he looked worried by what she had to say next.

"Listen Arthur, if you expect me to forgive you and forget this whole ordeal, you're dead wrong. I don't care about you being gay, that doesn't bother me. However, I simply can't trust you around your father any more. Therefore, I must tell you. Leave. I want you to leave Elwood City and never come back, at least not to our house. You're not welcome here. Kate and D.W will ask questions at first but they'll just figure you're happier at your new place and accept that. I'll take them over to visit you every once in a while, but without dad. You are to never see him again.

You said you gave in to lust? Well, those are the consequences for giving in. Is that clear?"

Arthur couldn't believe what he just heard. His life suddenly got scarier than ever before. He was basically to be without family. The people he loved.

As hard as it was to hear all of that, Arthur, more than anything, wanted his mother's forgiveness back even if he only had a slight chance of getting it back.

"Clear." he said.

Arthur saw his mother open her arms and about to give him a hug but she backed out.

"Goodbye, Arthur. Have a happy life." she said. Arthur could tell she wanted to cry.

She began to walk away but turned back one last time.

"I still love you." she said tearfully.

Arthur stared in her direction until he couldn't see her no more. He stayed that way for a while, he couldn't move nor wanted to.

Finally, as someone ran past him he remembered that he was at a park. He looked around. It was getting dark but kids were still playing, people were still feeding the ducks, people were still laughing and enjoying life.

Enjoying life. He didn't think that was possible anymore. Not for him.

Arthur walked over to his car. He looked at his surroundings one last time. He would miss this town.

"Goodbye, Elwood City."

Epilogue: 40 Years Later

Arthur was about to turn 60 years old and there was only one thing he wanted for his birthday. His mother's forgiveness.

Ever since his mother discovered the truth about him and his father, she never forgave him. He always waited for that day to come though.

He really missed her, he missed his entire family.

Arthur did see his mom again, quite a few times actually. Although, it was only because of his meetings with D.W and Kate.

After his sisters became of age, his mother didn't come around as often. She wasn't ready to forgive him.

His relationship with his sisters was great for a while. They often came during the Summers and stayed with him. They thought Arthur chose not to visit home anymore because he was ashamed of being gay, but they never found out the real reason why he stayed away. After the girls had their own careers and family to worry about, they too came less. Arthur had officially became estranged from his entire family.

Arthur initially studied to become a lawyer but after finally admitting to himself that he wasn't happy, he quit law school and eventually opened up his own music store. Arthur began teaching kids to play instruments, mainly piano. He was happy though.

And although, he left Elwood City, he still had a few loyal friends that frequently came to visit. Buster and Francine. He would see them on Holidays and during vacation. They loved visiting Arthur. They, of course, never knew about Arthur's secret.

As for his love life? No luck. He didn't know if his past scarred him, but he never fully committed to a relationship. He just couldn't.

Arthur never recovered any type of relationship with his father. He never spoke or saw him again. The last time he saw and spoke to him, his father was angry and called him a faggot. Of course, he knew he didn't really mean it. He still missed him though.

His father died five years ago in a car accident. He was a long way from home too. Arthur liked to think that he was coming to apologize to him, but even if he was, it wasn't meant to be.

As for his mother, the last time he spoke to her was three years ago and that was through the phone. She called to see how he was doing. Arthur, for sure, thought she was finally going to forgive him but it didn't happen. At least he knew she missed him.

Now as he's about to turn 60 he waits outside his mother's home, in Elwood City. It's been awhile.

D.W's oldest daughter, Nadine, helps take care of Arthur's mother, she's always been close to Jane.

He knocked on the door and soon enough, the door opened.

"Hello? Uncle Arthur? Is that you? My goodness, what a surprise! Come in!" said Nadine.

Arthur looked around his old house, it looked completely different.

"Here to see Grandma Jane? She's in her bedroom, go ahead."

Arthur smiled and made his way upstairs, to her bedroom. The same room where his secret became known.

He knocked on the door.

"Come in." said an older Jane.

"Mother?" replied Arthur. He opened the door and there he saw her for the first times in years. She had gotten much older, but she was still the same mother he had missed terribly.

Jane heard someone knock and asked them to come in. To her surprise, it was Arthur. Her beautiful son.

"Mother?" he said.

She stayed quiet for a minute. So many thoughts began running through her head. She started remembering everything that happened. Was she ready to forgive him? After all, he was her son. On the other, it was because of him that her and David never really made up.

They still had a physical relationship, but not an emotional one. Jane really missed him.

She wasn't sure if she was ready to forgive Arthur though.

"Mother, it's me, Arthur." he said.

She looked at his face. He still looked sad.

Could she forgive him?

Arthur waited for an answer. His mother wasn't responding. Perhaps he should have just waited until she came to him. He never meant to upset her.

"I'm so sorry." he thought to himself as he looked at her.

"Arthur?" she smiled.

Alright, that's all folks! I have to admit, I kind of ruined the story on purpose, by making it mushy and whatnot, because of all the annoying comments. I have the suspicion that those who complained about the story were the same people who wanted me to do more, so this is what you get, along with a short sex scene.

As for the ending, I never said if Jane forgave Arthur. I guess that's up to you to interpret.

Thanks to those who actually didn't mind the story, and were anxious for the next chapter. Only reason I finished it.

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