Part III

Red: Times II

Red- the conclusion for Black, don't have to read Black to get Red it will make references, but it is suggested.

Chapter one: And its starts again…

In the middle of an open market a business man sat on the bench watching the busy crowd, his demon eyes covered by his dark glasses he watched them pace back and forth while taking a drag off his cigarette. It was another long day in the city of Pairs and Remy LeBeau found himself watching the other lovers, he wasn't sure how or way he found his way there but decided it was a good move when a slim figured red head caught his eye. He watched her subtly from behind his shades. Remy was always attracted to the sassy out spoken type and she didn't look like she was going to disappoint. He wanted for her to pass then jumped off the bench in pursuit, the red head was a few feet in front of him and it was time for the chase to begin. Remy loved the chase as much as he loved the catch it was keeping interest which seemed to be his issue.

He held high expatiations for this run though, the winks and side smiles she gave Remy jolted him with energy. The flash of her hair as she pushed her hand in her jacket pockets was the final signal that Remy need to know that the chase was mutual. The red head dipped a corner to a back ally. It wasn't where Remy would have chosen to make his move but she was leading the dance.

Remy was less then ten feet away from her and was on high pursuit if her assets. Something caught the corner of his eye and a sudden laugh captured his ear it was a delicate high laugh, the only one of its kind and stopped Remy dead in his tracks. He searched around looking for source even though the odds weren't in his favor but he'd seen lesser odds workout. He spotted a familiar body and stood waiting for her to move, he just needed to see those bangs that all he needed to see if it was….

She was exquisite.

Not changing in any drastic way her figured remained as full and everlasting as Remy remembered it to be. The pass four years had been good to Rogue. Remy couldn't believe it after all those years after all that time he spent wondering the what ifs, there she was across the sidewalk. Rogue smile was as carefree as ever and her laugh it was music to his ears. She stood in a gift shop spinning a tray of post cards with her signature gloves and hair in tact. It appeared all too perfectly, it had to be an illusion.

He only wanted to talk a friendly hello was as far as he was going to go, but as he got closer his eyes locked on to the beauty he once held. And it started again all the feeling he repressed over the years rose to the top controlling his mind, nothing nor no one excited him anymore.

Her shapely form and glowing olive skin lead Remy to his centre of joy her eyes. Remy didn't know what possessed him, he found his hands gently cupping her face. His nose hovered over hers, he took her in her fruitful aroma and lightly placed a kiss on her lips it was sensual hitting all the right places in both their bodies. Rogue forced her self further into Remy's embrace, she tip toed to get better access to his mouth welcoming Remy's arms around her waist. There was no fear in her eyes or surprise. The instant Remy eyes laid on her their irreversible attraction pulled her in. Rogue was a slave to their affection as much as he was.


That surprised Rogue but Remy gave it no mind. When Remy didn't move, Rogue violently shoved him into a candy stand and turned to the little voice that pitched from around the postcard stand. This got Remy's full attention dusting himself as he got up from the fallen candy shelf to watch the scene in front of him.

Barley making it to Remy's thigh was a young boy he wasn't more then four years old. He was taller than most with shaggy hair longer then most kids it was a deep auburn color just like Rogue's. He was sporting a huge grin and a jolly sprit. Remy couldn't doubt that the cute little boy was indeed Rogue's son.

Rogue bent down to the innocent child's level "Olivier sweetie did you find your souvenir?" Olivier tapped the sunglasses on his face.

"Yup" he stretched his neck up to look at the tall man behind his mom. "Who's that?" He pointed to Remy.

Remy was still taken back by the fact that his pass love had a child, his cleverness left him.

"Ah this is Mr. Gambit…" Rogue stepped in covering for Remy; she gave a big fake grin hoping that Remy would catch the hint.

"Oh ok hi Mr. Gambit?" Olivier didn't see his mom with many friends "You moms friend?" he fiddled with the camera in his hand.

Rogue kept the same fake wide grin and Remy nodded "Oui, we are friends…" it was one of the stranger things Remy found himself saying.

"Can we get these now?" Olivier looked at his mom.

"Yeah of course…" Rogue took his hand and led him to counter.

Remy stepped outside as Rogue and her son walked over to the cashier. He needed a smoke and a drink.

Posting himself on the side of the gift shop wall taking in heavy drags of his cigarette as his mind tried to come to terms with what just unfolded. He knew that it was an illusion, Rogue wouldn't we willing and waiting for him she moved on. Remy mentally punched himself for getting carried away. Smoking away Remy was at a lost of what to do? Disappear and pretend that nothing happened or try and be civilized with Rogue? Both left an uneasy feeling in Remy's belly.

Just about to take open a new pack of cigarettes, Olivier jumped out from behind him.


"Ah" Remy gave a disheveled face it was awkward being caught smoking by a young kid. He hid his cigarette behind his back and flicked it away.

"You smoking?"

"Non, Non…"

"Good mom says smoking is bad."

"Does she?"

"Yeah she says to wash your hand every time you go washroom…" Olivier said in a matter of fact tone.

"I'll keep that in mind." Remy answered the kid that was too adorable to be mad at.

"Olivier!" Rogue yelled in a panic "I said to stay close…" she gave him a stern look then gave Remy a disapproving glare. Remy raised his eyes brows insisting he had nothing to do with it.

"Sorry mom…." Olivier pouted his lips at her. He defiantly had the puppy dog look down pack, Remy ranked it among the best he's seen besides himself.

Rogue sighed and smiled back trapped by his cute face "Ok, we better get going don't want to miss auntie's roast…" she reached for Olivier's hand.

"Where are you headed chere?" Remy asked he felt compelled to do the gentlemen like thing and escort her.

"We caught the subway a few blocks that way…" She answered unsurely.

"That way?" Remy pointed with her. "That way is the park…" he told her trapping her in own lies. "I could drive you?"

"No! No Re…ah Gambit we'll be just fine."

"Please Cher it would be my pleasure….let me walk you to the station?"

It was hard, they were trying to avoid the giant elephant between them, their shady history. Rogue debated her actions, she didn't have much of choice. Looking around she was horribly lost but kept a serene face for her son she didn't want to get him nervous. She nodded her head in realization adding in it was almost dinner time and she wanted to get Oliver back before night came down.

Remy looked like a protector behind his glasses in sad way they made her feel safe

"Yeah ok…"

Remy bowed towards her "One tour guide at your service." Remy made way for her to catch up to him.

They walked for twenty minutes or so listening to Olivier talk about all the neat pictures he took, most were out of focus but they filled him with pride. Once in awhile Remy or Rogue would throw in a question or a giggle to show they were 'listening'. Mostly Remy and Rogue tried to avoid each others directly, they weren't quite sure what happened back at the gift shop and further more they weren't sure where they stood after leaving each other on such bad terms.

Remy eyed the ring on Rogues finger the whole walk; it was true she was living the fairy tale lifestyle. Married to who Remy was convinced was Pietro, having a family vacation in Paris. He felt a strange noxious sensation in the pit of his belly, when he thought about Rogue having a family that didn't involve him. He never second guessed leaving Rogue she had made her choice and she chose the speed demon over him.

That day Remy defiantly felt some regret. He walked on the side path with a beautiful woman a mother no less and an adorable son, it looked like a postcard except it wasn't his to capture. Remy couldn't help but feel something.

"Mama! Look!" Olivier pointed over to an old fountain, behind a staircase wall. "Can we stop please can we!!" He jumped up and down wiggling her hand. "Can I take a picture?!"

"Ok be careful…" Rogue yelled but Olivier was already miles in front of them. Leaving Rogue and Remy with the moment they've been trying to avoid. Rogue dreaded every second and the tension was so tick, they were sweating out of nerves. What was there to say?

"Life was good to you non?" Remy asked as they drifted apart but continued to walk towards Olivier.

"I have son Remy how could life be bad?"

"You're a lucky woman… he's a sweet kid" Remy half smiled, he really thought that Oliver would inherit Pietro's hair. "Is he?"

"Don't know yet he hasn't shown any signs." Rogue played with her gloves. The once relief to her own her mutation curse.

"Maybe it's better that way…"


She wasn't confident in her answer and Remy took notice to her attitude change.

"Rogue, it's been what? Three years…"

"Four." Rogue interrupted she almost sounded bitter.

"Four and I hate it… you know I care even thought we're not together I have thought about you… I feel guilty about everything from the start."

For some reason Remy was apologizing for everything, sure he was guilty for some of his actions but all the blame didn't fall on his lap. Rogue however was over it, she wasn't going back.

"Remy I buried the pass and the parts that included you a long time ago it wasn't easy and I'm not digging it up again…" She grabbed his arm and pulled him to face him "Any of it."

Where the pair stood suddenly became crystal clear. Even though Remy already knew that, inside he forced himself to come to turns with choice years ago. Yet Rogue always gave him a bubbly feeling he could never replace.

"Mama look! Watch me!!" Olivier stood on a high part of the wall to take a picture of the fountain. He was trying to get his mom's attention for his next stunt.

"Olivier do not! Don't jump down from there!"

"But I can…"

"No do not move!" the rocks the wall was made off looked old and Rogue didn't trust them. "Olivier!" Remy and Rogue ran together as Oliver jumped off…

Reaching out Remy's long arms caught Olivier inches before he hit the floor and Remy bounced him back up in his arms. Rogue let go a breath of fear as she realized that Olivier was fine. He was always such a daredevil and it scared her half to death.

She hugged her child tight in her arms. "Oh my gosh Olivier don't ever do that to me again you scared me to death." She rubbed his hair. Brushing the dirt off his face, she composed herself, letting the blood run back in her veins.

"Say thank you to Mr. Gambit…" She put back on Olivier's sunglasses and looked up at Remy with grateful eyes.

Remy was sympathetic to the family portrait in front of him. Rogue had changed a whole lot, he was seeing a stronger more responsible Rogue, she didn't have that hard coldness in her eyes like she did last time they met. They were brighter filled with love watching them glisten Remy remembered way back when, when they used to shine like that for him. Just then a thin smile came to Remy's lips he wouldn't say it out loud but he was more attracted to her right then now that Rogue was a mother.

"You should listen to your mom Oli…"

Olivier leaned off his mom shoulder and turned to Remy but kept his head down trying to act remorseful.

"I'm sorry I jump…" he held his camera as a security blanket. "Thank you for…" he finally looked up at Remy.


Remy stared at the Olivier's inquisitive face and then it hit him, Remy had lost his glasses in the confusion. Olivier's mouth dropped and he flashed his head back and forth between Rogue and Remy. Remy thought that Oliver was intrigued with his eyes as most were, having red on black eyes is quite rare. Remy bushed back his loose hair, preparing for the questions from the curious child.

Rogue buried her head in her hands Remy didnt't see why. What he didn't know was that Rogue had taken high per-cautions for four years and everything fell apart in twenty seconds, in Paris no less. The odds that Remy would be in that same place, she should have kept her focus and refused Remy's offer no matter how lost she was. The whole day was snowballing with regret.

"What is it Oli?" Remy bent down towards him.

"You have the same eyes as me!" Olivier answered in a cheerful voice taking off his sun glasses. "See…"

Remy's eyes were lit with fire as he faced Rogue over Oliver's shoulders. His nostrils flared in horror, he couldn't believe that was how he found out, in the middle of a walkway in France four years after the fact. It disgusted him. Remy got the biggest shock of his life and he was emotionally divided. He wanted to punch someone, and scream at Rogue for being so selfish but instead Remy engulfed little Olivier hugging him in his arms.

He was a father…