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Madara was the world to Zetsu. He'd do anything for him, of course he'd never say so, or at least never got the chance. He held up his feelings, choked down the words he so longed to breath. He had to bite his tongue whenever he saw the two together, on rare occasions getting along. Laughing, smiling, enjoying themselves. Zetsu had to smile, he enjoyed seeing the man so happy, even though he'd always be bitter, because that the happiness wasn't due to him.

Madara learned the hard way just how much Zetsu cared. He stared into the golden eyes, glossy with tears and glazed over. Madara was frozen in place, aside from his body trembling slightly.

"Why?" his voice came out sounding strangled, and he could feel hot tears building up behind his crimson eyes. Zetsu stood before him, smiling his same smile. Madara never noticed how soft it was.

"Becuase," his voice was hardly above a whisper, slightly strained, and he had to focus on getting the words out properly. Slowly a white hand shakily reached up to cup the man's face, following his his black hand. "I love you, and do anything for you." he managed to get out as he leaned forward a bit, staling one kiss from the man before the simply task of standing becuase to much. Madara was brought back to reality and caught the man before he slumped to the ground, transparent trails staining his cheeks as tears ran down them.

His body shook as he looked at the man, words tumbling around in his brain. "Zetsu..." he whispered as the others eyes fluttered closed. "Zetsu?" he asked softly, shaking him slightly. "No, no Zetsu, wake up!" his voice cracked as a choked sob mingled with the words.

He died for Madara, threw away his life in order to allow him to live. Madara felt sick and terrible, he didn't deserve his life, it should be him who was dead, not Zetsu. His head spun as Zetsu's blood pooled around him and stained his clothes. He sat there for who knows how long, staring up at the sky, watching the stars slowly fade away.

Madara buried Zetsu in a secluded part of the forest. A little clearing adorned in brightly colored flowers and next to a lake. It tore him apart inside, though he couldn't stand to do anything else. He deserved this, no he deserved more, but this would have to do. He placed a small shrine at the head of the grave, along with a seal that would prevent anyone from disturbing it. He stayed by the gave the rest of the day, looking up, a vain attempt to hold the tears back.

Madara decided now more then ever that he needed to make this world perfect. Not for himself, not for anyone else. He'd make it perfect for Zetsu, out of everyone else, he was the one who most deserved a perfect world.

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