Summary: Fresh from a heart break, Aya decided to transfer to Hyoutei and totally forget her ex-boyfriend, Niou. There, she met Oshitari Yuushi. Is he the one who will put back the broken pieces of her heart? Or will he be just another heart break?

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Hear my Heart

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The class just started a week ago and Kirihara Aya is still coping up with new school, Hyoutei Gakuen. She's a second year student who came from Rikkaidai. It was hard to leave Rikkai, she had been studying there since middle school but she have to order to heal her broken heart.

She's currently on the roof top spending her lunch time alone. She has new friends but she wanted to be alone for a while, she doesn't want anyone to see her in that state as she feels so gloomy reminiscing what happened in a same place like that exactly three months ago. This day, she promised her self that it will be the last day of her 'mourning' for the love that she lost, her cheating first love.

The cool breeze touched her skin, making her curl up hugging her knees. She closed her eyes and buried her face against her knees. Tears started to fall from her eyes. Here in a place like this, she broke up with his ex-boyfriend. Niou Masaharu. Three months ago supposedly was her most special day with his boyfriend because it was Valentine's Day. A special day for lovers. But the supposedly special day turned to be a disaster...

Holding a box of Valentines chocolate against her chest, Aya was on her way to the rooftop to give it her boyfriend. It was the first time that she ever made a Valentine's chocolate because it was the first Valentine's Day that she has a boyfriend. She really made it special and made it with all her heart.

Aya had been looking for Niou since morning but she can't see him anywhere. Until she bumped into Marui Bunta, Niou's bestfriend, and told her that he left him on the rooftop. Bunta told her that Masaharu was hiding from his numerous fangirls that were very eager to give him special Valentine's chocolate to confess their feelings. Her boyfriend was a very popular guy in Rikkaidai and many girls swooned over him. Well, she can't blame those girls because Niou was really an attractive guy and a hottie. Actually she was one of those girls who were attracted to him so much. It was a good thing that Kirihara Akaya was her twin brother and she was a member of Rikkaidai's Girl's Tennis CLub. Akaya was Niou's kouhai, they were in the Boy's tennis club. Because of tennis, she had a chance to be close to him. Niou courted her.

He was very romantic and attraction bloomed into love. Niou told her that they should keep their relationship as secret from others. He told her that he just wanted to protect her from his wild fangirls who might hurt because of jealousy. She agreed and only few people knew about their relationship; Akaya, Cassie, her stepsister, Umi, her bestfriend, and Bunta, Niou's bestfriend. They were together for six months now.

She reached the rooftop door and opened it. Anger flooded her system with what she saw. Masaharu was sharing hot kisses with another girl! Her knees weakened, tears run down her cheeks. She shut the door close and leaned her back against it. Words of advice from her sister and bestfriend flashed back to her mind.

'Are you sure that he wanted to keep your relationship from other because he wanted to protect you?' Cassie once told her.

She told her sister that she believe in him.

'Don't be mad at me friend but I think Niou-senpai just wanted to fool around with other girls that's why he wanted to keep your relationship.' Umi said.

She told her that she trust him and she have faith in him.

She felt betrayed. All along they were right. She should have listened to them. Aya wiped away the tears.

"He's not worth your tears, Aya," she told herself. "Be strong and face this heartache and be over it."

She composed herself and opened the door again. She walked towards Niou and the girl, who were busy kissing each other and not even noticing her presence. She fought her tears.

"Happy Valentines Haru-chan," she said. Thank God she didn't stutter. The two were startled and broke the kiss.

Niou's eyes widened. "Aya!" he exclaimed.

The girl, she knew her. She was a member of the cheering squad.

Aya smiled fakely. "Here's your chocolate, Haru-chan." She threw the box onto his face and hit him hard. "Enjoy it," she said sarcastically.

"What's with you? You're a first year. You must respect your senpai!" the girl told her angrily.

"He deserved it. Did that bastard tell you that he has a girlfriend?" she asked the girl. The girl looked puzzled and looked at Niou. "I am his girlfriend," she continued, still fighting tears to fall from her eyes.

The girl's eyes widened and turned to Niou. "Is that true Niou-sama?" Niou nodded. "I thought you liked me?"

"I never said that," he bluntly said. The girl cried and run away from them.

When Niou turned to her, she slapped him hard. Niou's cheek was red because of the intensity of Aya's slap.

"Gomen nasai (1)," Niou said apologeticaly

"Gomen nasai? That's the only thing you can say after this! After hurting me? Well, I don't need your apology. Just save it. It's over. I should have listened to Umi and Cassie-nee-chan." Tears flowed down her cheeks but wiped it immediately. "I should not have believed you. You really are a trickster." She turned her back and started walking away. But Niou stopped her and snaked his arms around her from her back.

"Ashiteru yo(2), Aya, I mean it."

She still love him but she must love herself more and save herself from the heartache that this guy might give her again.

"Let me go." She removed his arms and turned around to face him. "We're over."

Niou looked at her straight in the eye. "You know what Aya this is partly your fault."

"Why is it my fault now that you are not faithful enough?"

"I looked for another girl because you didn't spend enough time with me!"

She froze. It was the first time that he shouted at her.

He continued. "Yes we see each other everyday in tennis practice but we didn't spent alone time together. Tell me how many times we dated?" he asked her. She was speechless. "We only dated 6 times! Once a month!" he said. "After your tennis practice where did you usually go? In the music room and play that stupid violin of yours. You know what, I feel like you love your violin more than you love me."

Yes, it was true that she spent more time with her violin. She was also one of the member of the music club and their practice was in night after their other activities. She loves playing the violin. But still, it was not a reason for him to fool around with other girls.

"Why are you blaming me? If you felt that way at least you told me."

"If I told you to quit the music club, will you?" he asked her.

She did not answer.

"See? You did not answer me, meaning you will not. That's why I intended to keep my mouth shut."

"But the point here is you cheated on me, Masaharu, so please stop blaming me." She cried again. "Let's stop this nonsense," she run away and left him.

After that incident Aya and Niou acted like they were strangers. Her heart aches everytime she see him. She was crying inside and that gave her the decision to transfer school to be able to forget him totally.

She just finished that school year in Rikkaidai and transfered to Hyoutei Gakuen, where her step sister was studying.

It's only been a week since she transferred but all in all she was having a great time in her new school. New environment, new people and hopefully new love. Her classmates were nice, especially her seatmates, Ootori Choutarou and her fellow transfer student, Christine.

She and her step sister were really close. Her mother and her sister's father we're married for ten years. Cassie also have two older brothers, and they were really nice too, but they were living alone.

Her sister helped her cope up with the new environment she was in. She toured her around and she informed her everything that she must know, the rules and regulations, the people she she must stay away from, about the teachers about the school director's attitude and so on.

"Miss are you crying?" a male voice asked her and that made her stopped reminiscing.

She looked up and saw the owner of the most soothing voice she has ever hear. The guy has midnight blue hair and wearing circular eyeglasses. The guy's eyes were very expressive while looking at her intently. God, he was incredibly handsome!

"A beautiful girl like you must not cry," the guy said. She flushed and wiped away her tears

(1) I'm sorry (2) I love you