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Hear My Heart

Chapter Nine

Aya woke up early the next day of their party the night before she then decided to go to school ahead of her sister. Of course there's not much student at the school when she arrived. She doesn't know why but she felt like wanting to go to school this early maybe because she want to impress someone and that someone is her 'Knight' her Oshitari-senpai but its obvious that he likes her older sister, Cassie…

"There's no way I'll be defeated by Cassie-oneechan!" She thought to herself pumping her fist in the air obviously very determined to outranked her sister when it comes to beauty and fashion even its impossible. Aya picked up the book about fashion at the lifestyle section of their extravagant Hyoutei library. It was like the replica of Library of congress at Washington D.C well she maybe just exaggerating things but the truth is the library of Hyoutei Gakuen is just extraordinary all thanks to Atobe corporation. Donating so much money for the school where their spoiled son treats as his kingdom. Well back to the special crap she's researching she has to exert more effort if she want her senpai to fall for her, since her looks and her personality isn't really gonna beat her sister out off his heart.

An hour later…

"Argh! I totally lost track of time!" Aya thought to herself nearly pulling her wits out she can't afford to be late she's NEVER late for any of her class what would she tell her sensei when he asked why she was late? Heck she can't say 'Hey sensei sorry I'm late I was busy researching how to attract your crush even more!' Aya shook her head removing her chibi self from out of her thoughts. She skidded onto the corner but then as she was about to turned she bumped into someone her nose went straight to someone's hard chest she bounce backwards seconds later she found her butt kissing the cold floor.

"What the hell!" Aya swore its her first time swearing she was the goodie two shoes girl but she can't help it...It hurts!

Someone coughed.

"I'm sorry here let me help you..." Aya looked up only to see a familiar face but she can't really figure out where she saw him but then she eventually take his help.

"Thanks..." She muttered as he pulled her up.

"Its fine I'm the one who bumped into you," the brown haired guy said gently making her feel a bit guilty for swearing earlier.

Aya scratched her head totally forgetting why she was running in the first place. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you..." She said timidly.

"No its fine.." Aya now got a better look of the boy he was definitely at the age rank of her Yuushi-senpai a bit smaller in height, close eyes and a very very handsome face. "But Yuushi-senpai is handsomer." She sweatdropped anime style at her own word. Is there even a word handsomer? She laughed inwardly. But wait a minute she saw the uniform the guy's wearing right now it's the same as her older sister's best friend wearing the other day.

"ARE~ Are you from Seigaku?" She blurted out.

He chuckled a bit.

"Yes, I am.."

Aya's heart go Bathump!

His voice somewhat making her feel warm.

But wait! She can't just feel Bathump to a guy she just met its like betraying her love for her Yuushi-senpai. But she can't help it all of the sudden she felt hot her pale cheeks turned pink. "Uh by the way aren't you late for class?" The brown haired man said breaking her out of her trance.

"WHAT! I totally forgot I'm soo screwed!" Aya run away without saying goodbye.

The brown haired man turned to watch Aya's retreating back his face mirrors amusement.

"What an interesting girl.." He chuckled.

"What happened to you Aya this is your first time being late much less get a detention from Saehara-sensei I mean you're his favorite student..." Miyabe said while eating her favorite sukiyaki it was her lunch time eating at their school outrageous cafeteria.

"What are you eating Miyabe do you want to blow out? Really sukiyaki for lunch?" Christine said sarcastically while eating her favorite shrimp cobb salad.

Miyabe pouted

"I like it!"

"Yeah you're totally gonna blow out.."

"I'm NOT fat!"

Hikari laughed.

"Its not funny!"

"Oh yeah right stop being grumpy Miyabe!" Hikari interjected.

"Guys can't we just eat in silence?" Aya sighed she's a bit depressed this is her first time being late much less being punished called 'Detention' the most students afraid of technically.

"Hey hey did you all see Cassie-chan and Atobe-senpai last night? They kissed!" Hikari squealed.

"Nice idea there Miyabe..." Christine said drinking her grape juice.

"Yeah I totally rock on match making! I bet they're going to be in love after that!" Miyabe said and then she continued, "If that's gonna happen I'll be KeiSie fan forever!" she squealed.

Hikari, Aya and Christine knotted her eyebrows.

"KeiSie?" they asked in unison.

"KeiSie like Keigo and Cassie's name all together come to think of it their combine name suits each other!" Miyabe said dreamily animatedly producing hearts over her.

"Argh cut it out Miyabe.." Christine said in annoyance while waving her hands to chase out the hearts her friend's producing.

"Hey girls.." Aya was startled here goes her heart bathump again.

Its her Yuushi-senpai the apple of her eyes.

"I heard what happened..." Yuushi said as he take a sit across Aya beside the empty seat next to Hikari. His worried gaze pierce through Aya's heart making her want to say aww...

This is why I really like Oshitari-senpai I like his expressive eyes..

"Aya your drooling.." Miyabe whispered to her friend making her snapped out of her fancy thoughts and then wiped off her mouth that is of course not existent.

"I'm not drooling!" Aya fumingly whispered back to her friend.

Miyabe just laughed.

Amuse by this Yuushi chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Christine asked as she noticed them smiling and laughing.


"So you got detention huh Kirihara-san.." Gakuto said as he joined in.

"Aww how did you two know that?" Aya found herself sulking.

Its pretty embarrassing that her Yuushi-senpai learned that she got detention it wasn't that humiliating but she wanted to be clean on his eyes like no bad grades, no tardiness heck she don't skip class! Never absent but she's only going down because of being late.

"Mukahi don't say that I'm sure Aya-chan has reason why she's late on her class.." He said to Gakuto then turned to her, "Right Aya-chan?" Yuushi said smiling towards her direction making her blush ten times more redder than it possibly be.

"Hey Yuushi.." Cassie entered the cafeteria.

"Oh Cassie-chan.."

"I need your help can you come with me for a minute.." Cassie said then turned to her sister and her friends, nodding in acknowledgment.

"Of course Cassie-chan.." Yuushi said charmingly making the older girl wrinkled her nose. "See you girls later..." he said as bid temporary farewell to the girls.

"When the Queen comes the princess is nothing..." Christine muttered.

"That's not true.." Aya said coming to his defence.

"You're such a naïve girl.." Aya heard her best friend commented with a disappointed look on her face.

Miyabe and Hikari couldn't help but to agree.

"I hate detention," Aya muttered to herself as she return the books to the shelves. Because of her detention, she didn't spend her free time with her friends and especially with Oshitari. She will do this in three's just three days but it seems like forever.

"Hey Miss Librarian can you help me these books?" a male voice said. She turned around slowly with sharp eyes but when she saw who it was, her eyes twinkled.

"Yuushi-senpai!" she exclaimed.

He was holding two books. "I would like to return these," he said and gave her the books.

"No problem." She beamed at him and returned the books to shelves. When she came back he's still there at the counter.

"Seems like you are enjoying your detention," he said with a smile curving on his lips.

"Not really…it's really tiring and the head librarian is really grumpy," she whispered to him.

"Very usual to librarians." He chuckled.

"Yes, indeed." She giggled softly.

"AHEM!" someone cleared a throat and she knew who it was…the grumpy librarian. "Oshitari-kun, I believe that you are done with your business…so please stop talking with one of my student assistant in the middle of her work."

Oshitari smiled at their head librarian. "No problem, Chidori-sensei. I'll be leaving now." He bows his head and waved goodbye to her. Aya looked at their sensei at saw that the old lady is blushing as her gaze follows the tracks of her Yuushi-senpai.

She has a crush on him! She chuckled softly but the librarian saw her and glared at her. "Go back to work."

"Hai sensei!"

It was the first day of the Kantou Regional, good thing that she doesn't have detention anymore , being a librarian is really tiring! Their game haven't started yet so she decided to roam around the venue alone.

She stopped on her tracks when something or rather someone caught her attention. A guy with brown hair clad with a mix of blue and white jersey is hitting the ball back and forth against the wall. She's also a tennis player and base on what she's seeing right now, the guy is very good! She stood there and watch him even more, she was mesmerized with his moves. She walked closer to where he was and had a better view of his face. Her eyes widened, he was the guy that he bumped into the other day!

His last move amazed her the most, he hit the ball back but it didn't bounce, it just rolled. And right there and then, he realized who he is that she even speak of his name quite loud enough. "Fuji Syuusuke!" she covered her loud mouth. Of course, she knows him she just didn't realized sooner. Who will not know this guy? The tennis prodigy of Seigaku … she had a chance to watch his game before especially during middle school when he played against her twin brother. Her sister also knows him because her best friend is Kikumaru Eiji.

Fuji turned to her with his sharp blue eyes. "Ah, I remember you, you're that girl from Hyoutei…you're Cassie-chan and Kirihara's sister, right?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I'm Kirihara Aya. I'm so sorry again for bumping into you the other day." She bowed her head in respect.

His eyes were closed again just like when she encountered him the other day. "It's nothing, I know that you're in hurry and I was the one who bumped into you…"

"Why were you in our school the other day?" she asked curiously.

He chuckled. "Don't worry I'm not there to spy on your team."

"It's not what I meant!" she pouted at him.

He chuckled again. "I'm just there for some errands…that's all."

"Okay…ah goodluck to your team, senpai. Let's do our best. I need to go back, Cassie-nee-chan must be looking for me now." She bowed again and left him standing there.

Aya played tennis 3 and she won the game with 6 games against 2. When they were about to leave the venue, she saw her former team mates from Rikkai. She wanted to greet them but she's ashamed, especially to her good friend Umi (formerly Uchi, I like to change her name lol). She constantly text her and tried to call her but she kept ignoring her, she's still mad because she transferred school.

When the whole team saw her, she stiffened, she doesn't know what to do, will she greet them, wave at them or just smile at them? She did the last one, she smiled at them. Umi just ignore her continue walking away but her other former team mates smiled at her greeted her.

She looked at her sister beside her. "It's fine."

"Hi, Minami-chan," the captain, Oda Fuyumi greeted Cassie. "Aya-chan," her former captain called her. "How have you been?"

"I'm good, captain." She beamed at her.

"The time will come when you have to face us," one of the third year said.

"We won't hold back, Aya-chan," Mira said, a second year regular.

"May the best team win, right?" Miyabe said.

"Yeah good luck to all of us," Fuyumi said.

"Ahm captain, Umi is mad at me, right?" Aya asked her captain.

"She's not mad, she's just sulky that you left her…"

"I see…" she muttered sadly. They were good friends, she's her other bestfriend.

"Don't worry about that, okay?" Fuyumi said.

She smiled and nodded at her former captain.

The days quickly pass, their team made it to the best four. They will be playing against Rikkai this time. She's so nervous because she will play singles 2 and she heard that Umi will be her opponent. They were former doubles partner and they knew each other very well, she knows that this game will be hard for her.

Rikkai is currently on lead, they won doubles 2 and singles 3 and on the other hand, Hyoutei only won doubles 1. If she lost against Umi, Rikkai will be the one to face Seigaku in the Regional finals. The pressure is on her, her heart is beating so fast that it's so hard to breath.

The Hyoutei crowd started to cheer loudly. "The winner will be Hyoutei! Hyoutei! Hyoutei!" Their loud cheer should boost her confidence but seems to make her more nervous.

"Good luck Aya, do your best," Cassie told her. Aya smiled nervously.

"You can do it, Aya. Believe in yourself." Oshitari tapped her head lightly.

She was unable to speak out of extreme nervousness and just nodded at him. She walked towards her side of the court, Umi was already on the other side looking at her sharply.

"Aya, I won't hold back." Umi bounced the ball and served it. She was unable to move a muscle and Umi gained a service ace.

Aya wake up! She scolded herself. Put yourself together this is an important match! She gripped her racquet tightly and waited for another service from Umi. This time she hit it back and they had a long rally. None of them give each other a chance to score.

They were good as a tandem and yet they were the best opponent for each other. Last year, both of them are just first year but they've become regular players because of their superb teamwork that had been enhance since they were middle-schoolers. They were perfect as a team, Aya is a volley specialist and Umi is a good defender. Both of them are also good in singles and they have proven that this year as they represent two rival teams in single games.

After long rallies, Aya won the first game. The Hyoutei crowd became more lively and cheered louder. The next games were not easy, Umi won the next two games and Aya won the next three afterwards. She's currently on lead, it was four games against two but she's so exhausted. Umi had been aiming for her blind spot. Her legs are now wobbly, she's been running back and forth, Umi keep on hitting the corners. Umi won the next game again, four games to three.

Her legs feels so numb…she's having cramps. "Coach, I have cramps." Aya informed her coach during the time out.

"That will be big burden…" Sakaki-sensei said.

"I will put plaster around your legs," Cassie went to her side with a medicine kit. She started rolling the plaster around her legs.

"You can do it Aya, gambatte!" Cassie encouraged her.

"Thank you, onee-chan." Aya stood up and went back to the court.

Aya could fight a little more but her legs says otherwise it was shaking and trembling she could even feel it was getting numb. Too numb to even move it if she try moving it forcefully she was probably just find her butt on the floor. But then she can't forfeit the match they need to win!

"Zettai Katsu!" She whispered to herself she needs to win this is for Zengoku...Hyoutei girls tennis team must participate on National games even though sacrificing her legs would be inevitable. She was now sweating heavily she felt like about to faint but then she shrug it off behind her. "You can do this Aya! Watashi wa..watashi wa Katsu!" Aya said as she was about to move and run for the ball she felt someone pull her arm back down. She turned to look up only to see Sakaki-sensei stern face.

"Sa-Sakaki-sensei?!" Aya gasped as the older guy swoop her off her feet carrying her bridal style towards the bench he previously seating. The momentary spotlight made her flushed. Coach Sakaki is the music teacher of Hyotei and also both boys and girls tennis team but other than that despite of his cold and stern personality is the bold truth that he is also hailed most famous teacher in their school. Despite the sudden surprise of him carrying her. She was thinking of way of this since girls especially other teacher's in school would get angry at her being carried by their crush.

'The hell why I was thinking of this now? This is not the right time for that! I'm in the middle of a match you know!"

Aya looked up to him, "Coach I could still play-" she hasn't have enough time to complete what she was saying when the older guy interrupted her.

"Yoshida pass me the icepack and another plaster.." He ordered coldly to the first year beside Cassie.

"H-Hai coach!" The first year said as she quickly follow his order.

"Coach I said..."

"You're not allowed to play for the rest of the tournaments if you don't stop your foolishness." Aya wince indignantly his words are mean and cold but she knows he meant the opposite. "And that includes Zengoku.." He continued while he put the icepack over her swollen and numbing leg.

"So Aya is gonna forfeit.." Cassie didn't ask she was confirming it.

"Eh Cassie-neechan!" Aya tried to move in protest but wince before she could continue.

"Itai..." She winced.

"Don't worry Aya we can still win this.." Cassie smiled reassuringly to her.

"Demo.." Aya whispered softly as she stared down her hands on her lap.

"So you're gonna forfeit Aya..." Umi said as she approach Aya craddling her racket .

"Umi.." She could only uttered. "I will not forfeit! I will play until the end!" She looked at her coach and bowed to him apologetically and moved to the court afterwards. She doesn't care anymore if her condition will get worse, what important is that she'll finish the match, whatever the consequence will be.

"I really adore you're courage, Aya. You've always been like that but no matter what happen I won't hold back," Umi spoke with a warm smile curving in her lips.

Aya smiled back, she's glad to see Umi's warm smile again, she haven't seen her smile for a long time.

Though her legs still feel numb, Aya still manage to return the ball and had rally against her best friend but it didn't last that long. Umi won the next, three games.

"Game and match, Rikkai's Nagano Umi, six games to four. Rikkai will advance to the finals," the umpire announce as the audience start to talk and whispered to each other even the other tennis girls regulars.

"Aya..." Umi walked towards her with a worried face. "Are you alright?"

She beamed at her as she nods her head vigorously. "Yes, of course. Thank you for the concern."

"Of course I'm concern, you are my best friend, silly!" Aya closed the distance between them and embraced her tightly. "I'm sorry for leaving you...are you still mad at me?" she asked her in between her sobs.

"I was never mad at you to begin with, I was just left me! But I understand why you did that..."

"I'm sorry..." she pull away from her.

"We're still best friends, right?" Umi said with a smile plastered on her lips.

"Of course!"

"Now go to your team, Aya. They are waiting..."

She nodded and walk to her team mates. They looked so sad, who wouldn't? They just lost an important match and its because of her.

"Gomen nasai minna-san," Aya bowed her head, her tears keep on falling. If she's just stronger, she will not lose, this is all her fault.

"Aya, it's alright you don't have to cry." She raised her sister's face and wiped away the tears. "You did very well. I know how hard it was for you to face your former team, especially your best friend. I'm proud of you sis." Aya kept crying. Rikkaidai was a really good opponent. Their team only won the doubles one with Hikari and Miyabe. They lost in doubles two, 6-4, in singles 3, also 6-4 and in singles 2, 7-5. Cassie embraced her sister and kissed the top of her head. "Now fixed yourself, we will congratulate the winners."

All the regular players of both teams fall in line and bowed their head, respecting each others team. Cassie approached the Rikkai's team captain. "Congratulations Fuyumi-san," she reached her hand to Fuyumi Ringko, the Rikkaidai's captain.

"Arigatou Minami-san, it's too bad that we did not have the chance to face each other in the game," Fuyumi said.

"Yes indeed, I was really looking forward to our match but it did not happen."

"But there's still the National tournament, we shall face each other and know who is better."

Cassie smiled. "See you there. I won't hold back and give my best."

"Same here."

"And good luck to your match against Seigaku in the finals of the regional's tournament."

"Geez, thanks." Fuyumi smiled at her. "Aya, I hope your injury is not that bad. Please take care."

"Arigatou, captain."

"Take care of your self Aya," Umi told her, "Let's hang out together next time."

Aya felt really really bad about what happened earlier she was comforted by Cassie and the others for awhile but not Oshitari she understand it since after her match his match against Rokkaku is starting and they can't afford to be late. But at least, the misunderstanding between her Umi is finally over but earlier while she was still in the rest room, she was cornered by a former regular, player: Hibari Misao, the one that she defeated in their ranking selection.

"Stop the act, Kirihara Aya." Hibari said as she lean against the door of the rest room, blocking her way out. "I know that you lost in purpose, you're a former Rikkai regular and you played against your friend, and not to mention best friend. You cramps is just an act, you did that to make Rikkai advance to the finals. You little cheat." The older girl smirked.

"That's not true! I lost not because I had my purpose, I lost because I'm not good enough. Yes, it is my fault but not because of what you are accusing me senpai!" she defended her self.

"You are not worthy to be a will never be." Just that and Hibari left her.

The thing that Hibari accused her is not true, she fight until the end. But at some point, it is really her felt, is she really nor worthy to be a regular player of Hyoutei?

No one understand the disappointment, the anger and the embarrassment she was feeling right now. Why was she sitting here alone? Away from everyone else?

"Argh yeah I asked them to leave me alone for awhile.."

"Mou..." She lean back to look up the sky as her tears cascade down her cheeks.

"I hate this feeling!"

Someone chuckled.

"Why's that?" the voice asked her.

She turn to look around only to see Syusuke Fuji she gasped as she saw his bruises on his handsome face and his legs. Oh my god! He's bruises is everywhere!

"WHAT HAPPENED?! Did Akaya-"

"Yes..." Fuji nodded.

"Oh my god its embarrassing I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry I'm fine this bruises will be healed eventually.." Fuji said softly he then turned to look at her. Somehow his gaze making her feel uncomfortable and very aware of his presence. "God Fuji Syusuke is so handsome! Eh but wait! I can't say this not right now? I mean I'm currently sulking so why would I think of him like this all of the sudden! And yes I like Oshitari-senpai NOT Fuji-senpai" She then shook her head wildly.

Fuji chuckled at her display of childishness.

"Eh.. why your laughing Fuji-senpai?"

"Finally you smiled..." Fuji said softly.

"Mou Fuji-senpai!" She can't believe it she sounds like she's whining but then again he's right she started to smile again all thanks to him.

Aya frowned as she heard him chuckled again.

"What's so funny?"

"You're very interesting girl ne.." Fuji said smiling pleasantly to her.

My god even he's smile looks heavenly!

Aya shook her head again, "Come on Aya you can't think about that you like Oshitari-senpai for heaven's sake!" Aya snapped back of reality when she felt him grab her hand.

"Very bold Fuji-senpai!" Momoshiro said quietly behind the bush.

Taka couldn't help but to agree. Currently the Seigaku regulars are spying on Fuji and Aya who're currently talking admirably.

"Why I'm here again?" Ryoma muttered grudgingly beside Momo.

"Echizen don't worry Haru-chan can wait nya~" Eiji said as he pressed himself between Momo and Inui.

Where the latter is scribbling madly on his green notebook.

"Saa good good Fuji.. Love: 85.5 percent.." Inui said to himself.

"Is that even worth to record?" Oishi asked Inui.

"Of course it is.."

"Hora! Fuji-senpai ganbatte!" Momoshiro said excitedly.

"Fuji your the man nya~"

"Foolish fssh.."

"Nanda?! What did you say Mamushi!"

"I said you're stupid! Bakapeachyhead!"

"Guys guys keep quiet!" Oishi said while sweatdropping.

"What are you guys doing here.." All Seigaku regulars turn to the direction of the voice only to see coach Ryuzaki with a very very scary look on her face.



Back to Fuji and Aya

"F-Fuji-senpai?" Aya asked.

Instead of answering her, Fuji just smiled softly.

"Fuji-senpai?" She asked again.

"I like your hands they're pretty..." Fuji said to her.

"Eh.." Aya blushed furiously at his complement.

"Its beautiful.." Fuji said as he gently kisses her hand especially in between her fingers. His actions is obviously bold and frightening but why didn't she pull away from him? Aya couldn't ask why since she couldn't find her voice it was as if its stuck on her throat.

It was seems like eternity when Fuji let her hand go. Aya watched the older boy stood up straight.

"E-Eh Fuji-senpai?"

"I'm going now..but this is not the last time we'll gonna see each other," Fuji said softly.

"W-What do you mean Fuji-senpai?"

Fuji chuckled but he didn't answer her instead he walk away ignoring to answer her question. There's something in his smile the somehow make her seems sadistic, should she say? She brushed off the thought's immediately, how could a guy like that be sadistic!

Aya frowned.

"I can't understand Fuji-senpai.." She said watching the older boy's retreating back.

Meanwhile not so far away from them is Oshitari Yuushi he excused himself in the middle of the match to look for Aya since he knows the younger girl is under such heavy predicament. He was worried about her as her senpai, he needs to comfort him like an older brother to his younger sister or to a senpai to his kouhai he found her sitting n the bench but she's not alone she's with his rival tensai Fuji Syusuke. A he look closely he could see him kissing her hand! What's with that? I mean kissing a girl's hand he just met? Is he molesting Aya? But Fuji Syusuke would not stoop so low molesting a girl like that. But then when he was about to approach them he saw her smile!

She's smiling to Fuji Syusuke! To the guy she just met...

So he turned to walk away.. with a hit of a very heavy burden on his gut. Why was he getting affected by that sight!

Time Skip

After losing her match people started to talk about it. Especially the tennis team they accuse her of throwing the match since her opponent is her bestfriend. She bet Hibari-senpai started that rumor, she wanted to be regular again. She shouldn't be affected since its not true but it kind of bother her since its a heavy accusation. Throwing the match? she wouldnt dream of it!

"Don't think about it Aya the rumor is not true so you don't have to worry about I mean to hell with theem.." Christine said beside her.

"But then..."

"Geez its fine Aya don't think too much..God this is the third time I told you this!" Christine said impatiently.

"Easy for you to say..." Aya is staring to sulk again.

Before she could even sink herself on self pity Miyabe and Hikari approach them excitedly like they're just newly made fan girl of some idol.

"What the hell Miyabe?" Christine hissed as Miyabe bear hug her squealing in delight.

"I can't believe I saw someone as handsome as Marui-kun! I mean I think he is more handsome!" Miyabe added in.

"My God Miyabe, you find Marui handsome? What happened to your taste, girl?" Hikari rolled her eyes.

Aya frowned.

She have no idea what her friend's saying.

"He's here he's here!"

Girls loitering to the hallway started to squeal in unison its kind of annoying...

"Fuji is so dreamy!" Hikari squealed

"What is-" Aya turned around she didn't continue what she was saying when she saw her Fuji-senpai!

"Fu-Fuji-senpai!" Aya gasped.

"Hey.." Fuji greeted the younger girl.

"W-What are you doing here Fuji-senpai?!" Aya is surprise 'what was Fuji-senpai doing here?!' "

See I told you we will meet again.." Fuji said smiling towards her.

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