A is for Artificial Reality

Pairing: Matt/Mohinder, Molly/Micah, Peter/Sylar.

AN: Ah, the good ol' days when Baron Rivendare was the most headachey boss you'd ever face...

Matt glanced across at his friends. "Are we ready?"

Peter groaned. "For the last time, yes. Now can we get on with it?"

"Fine, fine," Matt Parkman grumbled. He wiggled his fingers like a pianist about to perform, as his hands lowered down to the keyboard.

Matt, Mohinder, Peter and Sylar were currently on the floor of the apartment supposedly owned by Peter Petrelli, although personally, Matt suspected that if Sylar spent any more time there, people would begin to suspect they were married. Oh, wait... they are married. Almost forgot.

Peter snickered as he used Micah's ability to program an action for his avatar that Matt seriously doubted had ever been officially implemented into the game World of Warcraft, and if it had, had probably been banned approximately 5 minutes later when somebody had found out. Quite frankly, he wouldn't have been surprised.

"We're still short by one person, though," Sylar mentioned, blushing.

Mohinder considered this whilst watching a female Night Elf Druid shimmy on by outside Stratholme's entrance. "Micah plays," he mused. "I could ask if he wants to join..."

Sylar snorted. "With us?"

"He plays with Molly normally." Mohinder's fingers flew over the keyboard, tapping a message out to his adoptive daughter's boyfriend. Come to think of it, they were probably together right now.

After a moment's hesitation, he added, "He's just coming. So's Molly."

"Actually coming in real life, or virtual coming?" Peter asked warily, halting his druid's movement and sitting it down.

"Virtual coming." Mohinder leaned back, whilst his human priest shifted slightly on its feet.

"We've only got enough room in the party for one more person, though..."

"I never even knew Molly had a Warcraft account," Matt said.

Mohinder smacked him, gently. "She's our daughter, and you didn't even know?"

"Hey," Sylar chided gently, "enough with the violence."

"What level?" Peter asked absent-mindedly, switching out equipment.

"Uh, I don't actually know," Mohinder replied, embarrased.

"Guys?" Micah's voice came through the speakers. "I'm a bit busy, it's just going to be Molly doing it right now. 'Kay?"

"Sure," Matt replied, somewhat disappointed. He'd rather have the technopath, quite frankly, for obvious reasons. Besides, he'd only ever seen his adoptive daughter playing once! She went on dates with Micah all the time, although that was probably better...

"Hi guys!" came Molly's voice. "You're just outside, right?"


All four men stared as a female level 80 Draenei Mage came into view.

"Uh... you do realise you're not supposed to be able to have Alliance and Horde members interacting peacefully, right?"




"Hellooo? Dad #1? Dad #2? Peter? Gabriel?"

Matt cried quietly in the corner.