Do No Harm

Final Entry of Doctor Benjamin Green, assistant researcher to Doctor Roy Curien

DBR Corporation, dated December 18, 1998

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I can just hear the groans of the monsters outside my door, death singing in my ears. At most they are only a few hours away of breaking through, ready to complete that which we began years ago. None of us knew it would come to this. None of us sought our own destruction. Yet in our arrogant belief we could control life and death itself, we nonetheless determined our own fates.

The undead fill the mansion. Its rooms, its hallways, its courtyard...they cannot be stopped. They only have one goal, and that is to add us to their ranks. They will achieve victory over the living, ending the self-destructive battle that we started. It is my deepest regret in that while it was Curien who released the subjects, I am no less culpable than he is. I have failed in the endeavour of science-to benefit mankind. All my efforts have been worse than futile. I helped end life. I helped create death. I have violated the concept of "do no harm." In an effort to defy death, I have merely given another weapon to its arsenal.

Night is falling as I write this and I will soon embrace its slumber, knowing that I will never wake or see dawn's light. I do not know whether we will go down in history as monsters or victims. I do not even know whether history will be able to endure the nightmare that has begun here. But whatever the end, I will not ask for forgiveness. For the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and we have all walked it.

And now that road has ended.

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