Gibbs/Ziva fic:My Uncle Benjamin


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I got this idea from my fic ' In her shoes' when I mentioned Ziva's Uncle's house in Haifa, I know Ziva said she spent her summers in Haifa as a kid but what if she got a chance to go back and show the team what her Haifa summers were like? This isn't a sequel or anything, just a story. And my favourite people are together- yay!- but the team don't know, so will they get caught or not?

Chapter One- Memories

A twelve year old giggled as she hung upside down from a tree, admiring the world from her new point of view. A man tending to a horse looked at her and smiled.

'' Be careful, I do not particularly want to have to explain to your father as to why you have a broken arm.'' The girl giggled again before performing an amazing backflip out of the tree and onto the floor. The man grinned.

'' You, young lady, are a show off.'' he said, jokingly, before looking at his horse.

The man had a kind weathered face, his eyes were a warm brown and his hair was a rich dark brown, he stood tall and proud. He looked at the teenager, who was stroking the horses mane. The horse in question was an Arabian, his favourite type of horse and her name was Sunny. The teen looked at the man and giggled as he made a funny face. The girl had long curly black hair that reached her lower back, she had fiery brown eyes and a smudge of dirt along her face.

'' I leave you out here for two minutes and you are filthy.'' said the man, chuckling.

'' I am sorry Uncle Benjamin.'' giggled the teen. Benjamin looked down at his niece and chuckled.

'' Ziva... you do not have to sit there, why do you not play in the fields with the other horses.'' Ziva looked up at her uncle.

'' I want to be here when it happens.'' Benjamin chuckled and sat beside her, pulling Ziva onto his lap.

'' It may not happen for a while.'' he said, Ziva looked at her uncle.

'' This is special... I just want to be here.'' she murmered.

'' She needs space... why not just play?'' Ziva frowned, deep in thought.

'' Can I ride one?'' Benjamin stood and threw Ziva over his shoulders, chuckling as he heard her laugh. He carried her like that until they reached a stable. He set her down.

'' And which horse would you like, my angel?'' Ziva's brow furrowed.

'' Hmmm, I would like to ride... Willow.'' said Ziva, pointing to a brown mare. Benjamin nodded and got Willow ready to be riden, he led Ziva and the horse out into the open and they stopped just outside the stable. Sunny was still under a tree, in the shade out of the Israeli sun. He lifted Ziva onto Willow and she grasped the reins.

'' Be-

'' Back before sunset, I know Uncle Benjamin.'' Benjamin chuckled.

'' And-''

'' Try not to fall off.''

'' I was going to say, have fun.'' Ziva giggled again.

'' I will Uncle. Can I go now?'' Benjamin chuckled before nodding his head. Ziva giggled again and she clicked her tongue and Willow cantered off, Ziva laughing in delight as she rode the horse. Benjamin watched his niece and smiled sadly. How could her father deny such a young girl freedom like that? Benjamin really dispised his brother at times, however he did enjoy making up for it when Ziva stayed here every summer. Benjamin chuckled again before going back over to Sunny.

Once Ziva had started coming over to Haifa for her summers, Benjamin had taught Ziva all about horses- how to care for them and how to ride them. It was a talent, Benjamin found, that had come naturally to Ziva. She would have made a fine jockey or horse trainer, if her father wasn't the Director of Mossad. He chuckled as he watched her racing around the fields, a smile of pure joy on her face. Benjamin always looked forward to Ziva's visits, at least then he knew she was being treated right. She trotted over to Benjamin.

'' Is it time, yet?'' she asked breathlessly. He shook his head, Ziva pouted.

'' What is taking so long?'' she asked impatiently, Benjamin chuckled.

'' Not all good things happen quickly, Ziva.'' said Benjamin, stroking Sunny's nose. Ziva sighed.

'' Ok...'' Benjamin stood and walked over to Ziva, who was sitting on Willow.

'' She probably needs space. Why don't we go out on a hack?'' suggested Benjamin. Ziva's eyes lit up.

'' Yes! It will be lots of fun!'' Benjamin walked back over to the stables and got a horse out, after the horse was ready, Benjamin lifted himself onto the horse with ease and trotted over to Ziva.

'' You are riding Harry, why?'' asked Ziva, looking at the grey horse. Benjamin patted him.

'' He has not been out on a hack for a while. And... he is one of my favourites.'' said Benjamin. Ziva nodded and began trotting of down a path, leading to many more fields, Benjamin followed. They rode to a large field and they stopped and looked at the green.

'' I like staying with you, Uncle Benjamin.'' said Ziva. Benjamin smiled.

'' I like it when you stay aswell, my angel.''

'' When I am older, can I move here, forever?'' Benjamin looked at Ziva.

'' No, my angel, you know your father would not let you.''

'' It is not like he would miss me. I only anger him and get in his way.'' argued Ziva, knowing fully well that there was no point. Benjamin sighed.

'' Ziva... if you left, who would look after Tali? Ari is in Scotland learning medicine. And we both know your father is too... busy.'' said Benjamin, hesitating for the last bit. Ziva looked at the floor.

'' I am only twelve... I can not do everything...'' she mumbled. Benjamin stoked Ziva's hair.

'' I know, angel, I know.'' Ziva sighed. She had every reason to feel like this, her mother had only died seven months ago and Eli had dropped everything onto Ziva, that included looking after Tali. Along with her schooling and her Mossad training, no wonder Ziva was beginning to crumble, it really was alot for a twelve year old. But somehow, Ziva always managed to come out on top, somehow she always managed to smile. Benjamin looked at his niece.

'' Hey, Ziva.''

'' Yes?''

'' Race you.'' said Benjamin, before his horse began to canter through the field. Ziva laughed and then followed suit. They cantered around the fields until the sun began to set.

'' Come on Ziva, time to go home.'' Ziva nodded and began to trot after her uncle.

They put the horses away after Ziva insisted on grooming both of them. Benjamin checked on Sunny, who refused to move from her spot under the tree. Benjamin picked Ziva up and threw her over his shoulder, and he carried her that way into his house.

The house was very beautiful, on the outside it looked like a simple house made of brick and mortar, it was a completely different story on the inside, all the beams were made of mahogany and there were clay tiles on the kitchen floor, all of the appliances were wooden, and the sitting room was the same except the floor was wooden too. Ziva always thought it looked like a fairy tale cottage. Upstairs were several bedrooms, one of which belonged to Ziva. Benjamin set Ziva onto his rocking chair and busied himself with dinner.

'' Why don't you have a bath, Ziva.'' Ziva nodded and did as she was told. When she came back downstairs in her pajamas, her dinner had just been put on the table. Ziva sat at the table and as she sat, her uncle brushed her long wet hair and then plaited it.

'' Thank you.'' Benjamin kissed the top of Ziva's head.

'' Oh, you have made your soup! I love your soup!'' said Ziva, before tucking in. Benjamin chuckled while Ziva ate. After Ziva had finished she put her bowl and spoon in the sink and then she climbed onto her uncle's lap and snuggled up to him. He rocked back and forth in his rocking chair, making her drift into a deep sleep. He chuckled again as he felt her grip loosen. He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and tucked her under her covers, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead, he whispered-

'' Night, my angel.'' before leaving the room and going back down stairs to tidy up.


Ziva woke up and rubbed her eyes, stretched then climbed out of bed, she went downstairs, still in her pajamas, to see her uncle sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. He smiled when he saw her and pulled her into a hug.

'' Good morning my Ziva, did you sleep well?'' Ziva nodded.

'' Have you been out with the horses?''

'' Yes Ziva and there is something important I need to show you. So hurry and get dressed.'' Ziva ran upstairs, got herself dressed and finished her breakfast in record time. She pulled at her uncle's hand.

'' Show me.''

They walked to the tree where Sunny looked up at them with her dark brown eyes. And behind Sunny was a little foal, with a light beige coat with black eyes, mane and tail. Ziva gasped.

'' She had it! She had it!'' Benjamin smiled as Ziva 'ahhhed' and 'oohhed'.

'' What is her name?''

'' That, my angel is up to you.'' said Benjamin, Ziva looked at her uncle.

'' I do not understand.''

'' You name her, Ziva, she is your horse.'' said Benjamin, Ziva jumped into her uncle's arms.

'' Thank you so much!'' exclaimed Ziva. She walked to the foal and carefully approached it, she held out her hand and after a few seconds she moved to pet the horse. She kissed the foal's nose and stroked her mane.

'' Can I call her Serafina? After my Ima?'' Benjamin smiled.

'' Of course you can, sweetheart.'' Ziva smiled. And hugged the foal closer, Sunny always watching, but trustful of Ziva.

Three years later

A fifteen year old Ziva hugged her uncle one last time, tears falling down her face, Benjamin honestly felt his heart was breaking. Ziva's father, Benjamin's brother had stopped Ziva's trips to Haifa, this was the last time she could stay or even see her uncle. Even though she was fifteen, Ziva had been placed on a mission to Southern Peru, her task was to take out a cell owned by Hamas.

'' I will miss you my uncle.'' cried Ziva, Benjamin pulled her closer.

'' I will miss you my angel and always remember I love you.'' said Benjamin.

'' Look after Seffi for me.''

'' Of course I will.'' soothed Benjamin, Eli beeped his horn in his car and Ziva wiped her tears.

'' Does it look like I have been crying?'' Benjamin kissed her forehead.

'' No, go before he kills you himself.'' said Benjamin. Ziva nodded and began to walk down the roadway to where her father was waiting, Serafina was grazing when she saw her mistress walk away, Serafina trotted to where Ziva was and neighed, Ziva looked at Serafina and her face crumpled up, she ran the rest of the way to her father's car ignoring Serafina's cries and neighs.

Sliding her seat belt over her small frame, Ziva looked at her father who gazed coldly back at her. Eli shook his head and started the car. Ziva looked out to see her horse and uncle looking at her.

'' I hate you.'' said Ziva, low enough so her father didn't hear her.

'' Mossad is the best thng for you Ziva.'' said Eli, oblivious to Ziva's comment.

'' Yes, I bet it is.'' said Ziva, under her breath. Benjamin suddenly had a bad feeling sweep over him... he would never see his gorgeous niece again.