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Chapter Twenty- Leaving Stillwater

After dinner the group moved into the living room, like they did on the first day and sat down with each other, content in each other's company. Ziva sat on the floor in between Gibbs' legs, her head resting on his broad chest and Gibbs stroking her long curls. Abby was sat in between McGee and Tony, Ben was sat next to Jenny and Ducky and Jackson were sat on the sofa.

'' This has been real nice.'' said Jackson. Gibbs grinned,

'' Yeah... It has.'' he agreed. Jenny smiled.

'' I don't think I've ever seen the stars so bright.''

'' It always depends on who is with you as to whether or not the stars are bright.'' said Ben, his eyes connecting with Jenny's for a split second. He grinned and he looked away as a gentle blush had settled on Jenny's cheeks. Ziva cleared her throat and turned to look at Ben.

'' Well, what are you all going to do once you get back to the Navy Yard?'' asked Ben.

'' Back to the daily grind, I guess.'' said McGee. Abby nodded.

'' But it's different... We now have something to look forward to when we all build up enough leave.'' said Abby, looking at Ben.

'' Yes, you all do... and perhaps I will let you all stay at my ranch in Haifa.'' Ziva and Ben grinned as excited gasps sounded in the room.

'' We get to go to Israel?'' asked Tony. The prospect of seeing Ziva's homeland, exciting them all, even Jenny who had been there many times before.

'' Yes, it is a beautiful country.'' said Ben.

'' With beautiful women?'' asked Tony hopefully. The group just laughed, despite Tony's protests of 'I'm serious!'

'' There are many beautiful women Tony... It is quite funny how many of them are involved in Mossad.'' teased Ziva, Tony's face fell, making everybody laugh again.

'' Really?'' asked Jackson.

'' No... Only the stupid women are.''

'' Then you are very stupid Ziva David... but I'm thankful for it.'' said Gibbs. Ziva turned her head to look at him.

'' Why?''

'' If you weren't in Mossad you wouldn't be here.''

'' Very true,'' said Jenny, '' then I never would have met you.'' Ziva nodded.

'' And then I never would have come over here as a liason, then I never would have met any of you-''

'' And then you would think your Uncle was dead-''

'' And you would more than likely be dead too.'' finished Gibbs. They all looked at Ziva and she scoffed.

'' Hey! I am very good at what I do... I would probably just be severely injured... or if I took the political route, I could be Director by now.'' defended Ziva. The team laughed and Ben grinned at his niece.

'' Eli would rather die than see you sit in his chair.'' Ziva shrugged with a smile on her face.

'' It can be arranged.'' More laughs and they just sat there talking, that is until Ben stood and motioned for Jenny to go with him. Gibbs followed them with his eyes and elbowed Ziva who giggled.

'' Jenny and Ben sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G-''

'' And I'm the child?'' asked Tony, making the couple chuckle.


The two stepped outside and Ben waved his hand towards the swinging seat and Jenny sat and watched as Ben paced for a moment before coming to a halt.

'' Jennifer.''

'' Yes?'' whispered Jenny. Ben sat on the swing.

'' I was wondering... could I take Ziva back to Haifa, for a week or two.'' Jenny looked away, trying not to feel too disappointed.

'' I know she has just had a holiday but-''

'' It's ok.'' said Jenny standing up. Ben frowned but it disappeared as quick as it came. He took her small hands in his larger ones and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

'' Thank you Jennifer.'' Jenny looked into his dark brown eyes and gently smiled.

'' No problem.'' Ben nodded and let go off her hands and went to sit on the swinging seat. Jenny went to sit next to him.

'' You alright?''

'' Yes... I was just remembering something...'' Jenny tilted her head.

'' Something good I hope.'' Ben looked at her.

'' Yes... It is because of you that Ziva is here. In a way, you got her out of Mossad.'' Jenny shook her head.

'' No I-''

'' But you did Jennifer, by creating the Liason position, you got her out... saving her life.'' Jenny sat back and thought for a moment.

'' When you put it like that... I guess I did.'' smiled Jenny. Ben sighed in content and sat back.

'' She may actually live to see her next birthday. In Mossad, being twenty eight is quite an achievment.'' Jenny watched Ben for a moment longer before looking down.

'' Do you have any other family? Aside from Ziva?'' asked Jenny, Ben looked at her in amusement.

'' No. I do not.'' Jenny looked down, a little disappointed at his short answer.

'' Well... I had a wife.'' Jenny's head shot up.

'' Oh?'' Ben nodded.

'' Oh yes. Her name was Rebekah.'' Jenny frowned.

'' What happened?''

'' She was from the city... Sometimes opposites do not attract, if they do, it is only for a small while.'' Jenny tilted her head.

'' She didn't like horses?''

'' Hated them... and children. Ziva was too young to remember but-''

'' She didn't like her?'' Ben nodded.

'' 'Spoilt brat' was how she put it... it is probably why she...''

'' She what?'' asked Jenny, Ben sighed then stood, he looked at her.

'' I should not be boring you with these stories-'' Jenny stood and put a hand on his shoulder.

'' No, you're not.'' Ben lay a hand on hers and used his other hand to cup her face, he caressed her cheek with his thumb for a second.

'' Jennifer...'' Ben was momentarily silenced as Jenny pressed her lips to his. She pulled away after a heartbeat and held her breath as Ben processed what had just happened. After a moment, Jenny began to pull away but Ben kept her still as he pressed his lips to hers, Jenny reacted and kissed him back, caressing his lips with her own. Ben held her small waist with his strong hands and he buried his hand in her long red hair. As the passion increased, the world around them disappeared, that was until Ziva opened the door to check on them.

'' Uncle Benja-... Oh.'' The two sprung apart and Ziva grinned at them with an eyebrow raised. Ben smiled at her while Jenny cringed.

'' Angel?'' Ziva grinned.

'' I was just making sure that you were both ok.'' said Ziva innocently, grinning at a red faced Jenny. Ben let Jenny go and took a step towards his niece.

'' But seeing as you are... I will leave you two alone.'' said Ziva, before going back inside and closing the door. Ben chuckled.

'' Such a curious being...'' Jenny walked over to him and placed her hand on the door.

'' Should we go in?'' Ben shook his head.

'' I want to talk with you.'' he said with a smile in his eyes. Jenny bit her lower lip and let go of the door handle.

'' Talk away.'' Ben pulled her to him and kissed her again.


After Ziva had seen to her uncle she had dragged Gibbs upstairs with her. He pressed kisses to her neck and she procedded to tug at his belt as she pushed him into her room. Gibbs picked her up and put her onto the middle of the bed, he kicked off his pants and began a new attack of pressing kisses to every inch of skin he could. They stripped each other and Gibbs lowered Ziva onto the bed and began a trail of kisses from her jawline down.

The team were completely aware of where and what the two were doing. A fact that freaked both Ziva and Gibbs out, but it had to be done. The team understood that they both were going to be apart for two weeks at least.

Gibbs kissed Ziva's breasts and went down to her belly where he rest his lips before looking up at her. Ziva froze as she saw him open his mouth.

'' I love you Ziver.''

'' I love you too Jethro.'' Gibbs grinned and kissed his way lower and grinned to himself as Ziva let out a sigh of pleasure as his tongue attack a very sensitive area. Even if the team were painfully aware of what they were doing, the last thing either of them wanted was for them to hear Ziva's screams. So she whimpered and hissed, something which surprised Gibbs' by turning him on even more. He climbed back up as Ziva pulled at him. He kissed her and grinned as they both rolled around on the bed for dominance and with enough passion to put teenagers to shame. Once Ziva was on top she lowered herself onto his throbbing erection, her eyes sparkling as she sighed in content. Gibbs chuckled and moved them so that he was above her, their noses brushing.

'' I can not believe we are so quiet.'' murmered Ziva, before Gibbs could do anything.

'' Amazing what people are capable of when they want something, isn't it... dear.'' Ziva grinned and kissed him and bit back a moan as he moved inside of her.


Abby looked at McGee as he typed on his computer.

'' Why didn't you say anything?'' McGee looked up from his laptop.

'' Huh?''

'' Why didn't you say that you knew about the Bossman and Ziva?''

'' Yeah Probie, why?''

'' Because I think people deserve their privacy Tony... not to mention what Boss or Ziva would have done to me if I told everyone what I saw.'' McGee shuddered as if to prove a point. Abby nodded.

'' That is true... at least one of them would have castrated you... more than likely Ziva.'' said Abby, Tony chuckled.

'' Yeah, Boss will just slap his head into a funny shape... he might throw in an attempted murder too.'' McGee nodded.

'' Which is exactly why I didn't say anything.'' Abby and Tony nodded.

'' Wise choice. Like the three wise monkeys, you didn't see, didn't hear and didn't speak.'' McGee looked up at Tony.

'' I never said I didn't see anything Tony.'' Abby's and Tony's head spun fast enough to give them whiplash.

'' No way.''

'' Yeah way.'' said McGee.

'' Well?''

'' Like I said... Privacy.'' Abby and Tony gave McGee a thump on each arm.

'' Oh come on Tim, we won't say anything.'' whined Abby, dropping her voice to a whisper. Tony nodded.

'' I know I won't.'' McGee hesitated.

'' I'm not being funny but Boss knows everything, he'll know... well if he doesn't then Ziva will.'' said McGee generally concerned for his own well-being. He felt like a schoolkid being pressured into doing something that could get him into trouble with the teacher... and the teacher's pet.

'' I'll take the blame.'' said Tony. Both Abby and McGee raised an eyebrow.

'' Really?''

''... No probably not, but come on McGee! It's the last night of the vacation... Boss and Ziva are... busy, our host has disappeared with the Director, the two old guys are talking about the war and I'm bored out of my skull!'' he said. McGee raised his eyebrows and was about to reply when Tony's eyes lit up. Abby looked at him.

'' What?''

'' Tony... what are you gonna do?'' Tony grinned.

'' Boss and Ziva are upstairs...'' McGee groaned and Abby grinned.

'' No. No!'' said McGee, knowing exactly what the two were thinking. They looked at the MIT graduate.

'' Why?''

'' Because it's wrong, you don't go and watch your Boss and colleague have sex. They aren't porn stars!'' hissed McGee, getting angry.

'' You started it! You said you saw something!'' hissed Tony, glaring at McGee.

'' Yeah, a peck on the cheek, hardly X-rated Tony.'' said McGee, Abby sighed.

'' Stop it! We were joking, well I was anyway.'' said Abby, elbowing Tony. McGee stood his ground and glared at Tony.

'' Ok, I was too.'' said Tony, a little proud that his little Probie was sticking up for what he believed was right. Their heated debate was silenced as the grandfather clock in the corner chimed. It was two in the morning. Tony let his head hang.

'' Aw man, I have to drive... I'd better go to bed.'' said Tony standing up. As he did, both Jenny and Ben walked through the door. Jenny's hair out of place and Ben's collar upturned. The three raised their eyebrows and Jenny blushed. Ben raised his and stared out the other three.

'' That is what I thought... Where is Ziva?''

'' Upstairs, both she and Boss are... busy.'' said Abby quickly. Ben shook his head and went upstairs. Jenny sat down on the sofa, ignoring Abby's pointed looks. They all looked up as Ben came back down.

'' It is safe for you to go to bed.'' said Ben, looking at Jenny. Ducky, Jackson, Tony, McGee and Abby went upstairs and Abby 'aww-ed' when she looked into Ziva's room. Ziva and Gibbs were fast asleep, she was laying on his chest, her hand in his and his other hand resting on her back.

'' Ain't that sweet.'' said Jackson, making the rest of them jump. His voice very different to the silence that surrounded them. They all went to their respective bedrooms, Abby a little down as she knew that she wouldn't be sharing a room tonight so both McGee and Tony let her bunk up with them.

'' Good night Tony, good night Timmy.''

'' Good night Abs, good night Tony.''

'' We're not the freaking Waltons!... good night though.'' said Tony, before falling asleep almost immediately.


Jenny felt a pair of eyes watching her and she grinned as she looked up to see a pair of warm brown eyes looking down at her. He extended his hand and Jenny took it. After turning off all of the lights, they went upstairs and Ben led Jenny into his room. Jenny 'wow-ed' as she took in his room.

'' What?''

'' Never have I seen a man's room this tidy.'' Ben chuckled.

'' I can tell you, this is normal David behaviour.'' said Ben, indicating that Jenny could make herself comfortable. Jenny sat and grinned.

'' Tell me about it... Ziva is a neat freak... I don't know how Jethro copes.'' Ben grinned and drew the curtains close.

'' Ben?''

'' Hmm?''

'' Would it be ok if I slept in here, with you?'' Ben nodded.

'' Of course... however, forgive me for being old fashioned but I do not believe in-''

'' It's ok, I mean, we only met, what, three, four days ago. I'd like to get to know you better first.'' said Jenny. Ben smiled and went to close the door.

'' As do I.'' Jenny smiled and Ben caught it.

'' What?''

'' You're quite the gentleman.'' Ben chuckled.

'' For now.'' said Ben, his normally calm voice, turning husky, making Jenny blush. Ben sat down on his side of the bed and got into the bed, he pulled back the covers and Jenny slid in.

'' Oh...'' Ben looked at her after putting on his glasses.

'' Something wrong?''

'' I like your bed.'' said Jenny, wiggling around until she was really comfortable. Ben grinned.

'' You spend the majority of your life in bed and on your feet. You must have a good bed and good shoes, it is essential.''

'' True.'' agreed Jenny. Ben nodded and yawned then took his glasses off.

'' I do not think I will read tonight.'' he said rubbing his eyes. Jenny smiled and yawned, then grinned as Ben clapped and his lights turned out.

'' Haha... cool.''


As the dawn broke the following morning, Ziva woke to see Gibbs sitting up watching her. The blanket only just covering her lower abdomen and part of her leg. She grinned as she felt Gibbs' gaze sweep over the parts of her body that were on display.

'' Beautiful.'' whipered Gibbs, Ziva smiled and raised her hand so it rest on Gibbs' bare chest. He lay back down and pulled Ziva onto his chest.

'' I like mornings like this.'' he whispered. Ziva craned her neck to look at him.

'' What?''

'' It's quiet and I like lying in bed with you.'' he said quietly. Ziva smiled and snuggled into him more.

'' I like lying here with you too.''

'' Well, that's good... I don't really want you lying down with anyone else.'' Ziva chuckled softly.

'' I am not going anywhere.'' said Ziva, Gibbs let out an over the top sigh of relief.

'' That's good to know.'' They lay in silence for a while longer until Gibbs spoke up.

'' Zee?''

'' Hmm?''

'' What was it you wanted to tell me?'' Ziva frowned then inhaled.

'' Erm-'' A knock on the door stopped Ziva from continuing. Gibbs made sure they were both covered before Ziva said they could come in.

'' Oh my Gid, Zee, you really need to see this!'' said Abby, only just managing to contain her excitement. Ziva nodded and twirled her finger, making Abby turn around. She climbed out of bed and grabbed Gibbs' boxers and shirt.

'' Back in a sec Jethro.'' Gibbs nodded and watched as Ziva tiptoed out of the room, closing the door behind her. Gibbs let out a frustrated sigh, that was twice Ziva was about to tell him something important and it was twice that she had been interrupted. Gibbs' gut told him that he had to know. He heard a muffled giggle and decided that he had to go and see what the fuss was all about.

He threw on a pair of boxers, jeans and held the t-shirt he was going to wear and went to where Ziva and Abby were. The sight before him made him smile. Ziva grinned at him.

Ben and Jenny were fast asleep and Ben had his arm wrapped around Jenny's waist and Jenny's head was on Ben's chest, her red hair fanned around her, tickling Ben's nose.

'' Wonderful... I find my Uncle and my best friend becomes my Aunt.'' said Ziva loudly, Ben opened an eye and looked at his niece.

'' Good morning, my angel.'' Ziva smiled and sat on Ben's side of the bed and leant into the free hand that had cupped her face.

'' Shalom.'' said Ziva, Ben smiled and Gibbs frowned at how Ziva sounded.

'' I am not going anywhere.'' said Ben. Ziva stood.

'' I have to get dressed. I will make you a tea, yes?'' Ben nodded and looked at Gibbs, who looked confused.

'' Do not worry about her, I will see to my niece later.'' said Ben, it was unnecessary, as Gibbs knew that Ben would do something, but Gibbs took the hint and grabbed Abby's arm so they could leave the elder David in peace. Ben smiled then focused on waking the slumbering woman next to him.


After the bags were packed, breakfasts eaten and coffee's drank, the gruop of people stood outside. Jenny hugged Ziva.

'' Be careful, eh?'' she said, Ziva caught the extra meaning behind it and nodded.

'' Of course... you as well, yes?'' Jenny nodded and moved over to Jackson. Ziva hugged the rest of them and just as she was about to hug Gibbs he pulled her into a searing kiss, something that Ziva hadn't expected but totally enjoyed.

'' I love you Ziva.''

'' And I love you too Jethro... try not to miss me too much.'' Gibbs rest his nose on hers.

'' I'll try not to... be careful, yeah?'' Ziva kissed him gently.

'' You know I will... but the same could be said to you.'' Gibbs looked at her.

'' Hmm?''

'' Playing the Superhero... you are not as young as you used to be.'' Gibbs kissed her.

'' Cheeky.'' they chuckled and just hugged. While Gibbs and Ziva were saying goodbye, Jenny and Ben were exchanging goodbyes of their own.

'' I will see you soon?'' asked Jenny hopefully. Ben smiled and tucked a curl behind her ear.

'' You definately will. I am thinking Haifa is plenty big enough for our next meet.'' Jenny nodded and hugged Ben goodbye, but not before he could kiss her. Gibbs elbowed Ziva.

'' And I thought we were bad...''

'' They are just showing us young'uns what we could learn.'' said Ziva, Gibbs scoffed.

'' Speak for yourself, David.'' Ziva chuckled and the group split into two, the Israelis and Jackson on one side, Gibbs and the team on the other.

'' I'll see you soon Ziver.''

'' And you Jethro.'' Gibbs nodded and got into the drivers seat of the first car, Tony followed suit but got into the second car. The team waved and Ziva waved back.

'' Later Ziva!'' shouted Abby, from the first car. Ziva waved and watched as the cars started and left, leaving a cloud of dust as they drove along a dirt road. Ziva watched them go and smiled. Ben walked over to her and took her small hand in his.

'' We have some packing to do, angel.'' Ziva nodded.

'' I will be along in a moment.'' said Ziva, watching the cars until the shrunk to black dots.

Ben nodded and went inside with smiled to herself

Thier vacation was over... but another one was beginning.