Space was cold. But the interior of Phobos was colder, not to mention just as dark and, unlike space, bloody boring.

It didn't really come as a surprise to Delta Team. There was a certain norm to secret facilities, whether they were on Earth or one of the moons of Mars, a belief that hiding a facility under hundreds of tonnes of rock would keep it hidden and in the case that it was found, was equipped with all manner of technology and staff to keep intruders at bay. However, this was where the similarities ended.

Phobos Base had sterility. But for a facility that had entered lockdown, getting in was ridiculously easy. And while the likelihood of finding staff was somewhat in doubt given the bloodcurdling screams they'd heard after their mission on Mars, the lack of anything to suggest that staff were meant to check those entering the base was more problematic.

Descending into the base via elevator, the team noticed, apart from the mutilated corpse lying ahead of them, how dark it was. It was as if the moon of dread was intent on living up to its name, the base swallowing up light and giving nothing back. It would have been preferable to experience dread rather than panic (Deimos had its own base but hopefully they could stay clear the moon of dread), and even better not to be experiencing such emotions at all. Then again, the best case scenario of heading straight back to Earth and reap the rewards ITO bestowed upon them was hardly going to happen. Not yet at least. Not until they discovered why the hell Phobos Base was set up like a prison and why there was a bloody corpse lying in front of them.

With a snarling...thing emerging from the dark, at least the second question was answered. And with the yells and screams giving way to gunfire, which in turn gave way to more things attacking them, things that looked like walking sharks and obviously unnatural creatures, the reason behind Phobos Base's design became perfectly clear.

Sometimes people don't build bases to keep intruders out. Sometimes they build bases to keep the things inside from getting out.

And given that the things were closing in on them, that could very well become a moot point.


Yep, a oneshot based on the trailer of a game that may never be released and in any event, one whose plots I'm taking wild guesses at. Well, as Delta Squad might say, "who dares, wins."

Or technically the SAS I guess.