BPOV (intro)

After Edward left, my life was a living hell… And it still is. I can't live life with out him. It's like taking air away from me, it's like I can't breath. I've tried to move on but I can't. I even dated a couple guys for a little while but I couldn't do it. I want Edward not some other guy. (It's almost like saying "once you go Cullen you ain't never goin back!") It's been four years and still I think about him constantly. I ended up starting to take pictures as a distraction. I loved it, and my pictures were actually really good! That's why I became a photographer.

I went to college for 2 years to become a better photographer. After that my friends, Angela and Shawna-Mai, and me moved to New York to take up our career as professional photographers. Angela has been my friend since high school. She was there for me after E-Edward left me. We went away to college together that's where we ran into a friend of mine from pre-school, Shawna-Mai. Shawna-Mai is like my best friend; she is outgoing, funny, sometimes crazy…. I can't even list everything. Her and Jake have been dating since I introduced them two years ago. Another thing about her is that she HATES being called by her full name. If you want to die, that would be the best way to do it.

We had all been working at Stevens Photography for about a year and we all used fake names when at the studio. We did it manly for safety reasons. Shawna went by Jordan Brown, Angela went by Hannah Jackson, and I used the name Ella Brandon. I know it's not that different and I also know that that's Alice last name from when she was human but she's still my best friend and I wanted to be reminded of her.


"I'm not going," I said.

"Please, Edward," Esme said. Esme has been trying to get me to take a family photo with everyone for a week. We had just moved to New York and she decided that we needed some new pictures. So she wants us to do individual pictures, a couple family ones and then one of each couple. You see this is where I'm left out! She also insists on us going to some Stevens Photography. She says it's the best.

"I can't Esme," I said. I didn't want to do anything. I had the one person I could ever want and I let her go. So now I just sat around the house and did nothing.

"Please," she said again.

I looked at her she looked so upset. Well everyone was. Everyone missed Bella, maybe not as much as me, but a lot. I sighed, "Fine," I said.

She hugged me tightly, "Thank you," she said.


We pulled up to Stevens Photography and walked in and there was a man standing behind a desk. He looked up at us and smiled, "Good after noon! I'm Steven! What could I do for you?" he said.

Esme smiled, "Hi. I'm Esme Cullen. I made an appointment for me and my family," she said sweetly.

He looked at use for a minute, almost surprised. Then he smiled, "Of course. Here look through these and pick the one with your favorite pictures and I'll send you back to that photographer," he said.

Esme took the books, "Thank you," she said. Steven left into the back room really fast.

"That was odd," Jasper said.

"You think?" Emmett said.

All the girls were looking at the books when I heard Alice speak, "Oh. My. God," She said. Everyone crowded around her book. I heard everyone gasp. I got up and walked over to them.

"What?" I asked. I looked down at Alice's book and there on her page a bunch of pictures of Bella. I froze then picked up the book really fast and looked at it. There were about four pictures on the page. One of her and a girl with reddish brown hair, one of her near the ocean, one of her driving a sports car, and one of her hugging Jacob Black. I looked at that one the longest. I turned the page, and this picture made me stop breathing. It was a picture of Bella and she was lying in the grass looking up at the camera. It was a beautiful picture. You could see her whole body; her hair looked like it was almost red the way the sun hit it… She looked beautiful. I actually wanted to take the picture.

"Don't do it Edward," Alice said; it sounded like she was trying not to laugh.

A couple minutes later the man cam out, "Did you decide?" he asked.

"Yes," Esme said getting up, "I like this one." She handed him the binder. He turned the binder and looked at the spine of it and read the number.

Once again he froze, "Number 2?" He looked at Esme, "Are you sure you want this one?" He said.

Esme nodded. "Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"No, Ella is a fabulous photographer. Just let me talk to her and see if she's ready yet," he said then went to leave.

"Wait!" Alice said. He stopped and turned to her, "What did you say her name was?"

"Ella," he said, "Ella Brandon." Great, I thought, not only Alice's old last name but also it sounds just like Bella.


P.S. This chapter is dedicated to my best friend Shawna.