Disclaimer: The Forgotten Realms setting, Drow and other mentioned races, species, spells and objects originated with TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast. The fairy stories used, on the other hand, are public domain.
A/N: This is a collection of fairy-tales reimagined as though told by the drow. It should be easy enough to tell what fairy-tale inspired each one, but I might include explanation about the original for some of the more obscure ones.

Bone-White and the Seven Kobolds

Once, long ago, there was a Matron Mother of a House. Matron mother she called herself, but she had no child, and feared that as a result she would lose control of her House. As she sat in front of her ebony-framed mirror, she nicked her skin accidentally with her carven-bone comb. Seeing the blood fall, she wished to the Spider Goddess that she could have a daughter with hair white as bone, skin black as ebony, and eyes red as blood.

In time, she fell pregnant, and to the beautiful daughter who resulted, she gave two names; one, her true name, of her House... and to the public, the name Bone-White.

However, the price for her wish came calling. She sickened and died, and her younger sister took control of her House and her consort.

Her sister raised Bone-White, for a time, but swiftly grew jealous of her beauty, and dreaded the thought of her becoming a fabled priestess, for she might claim back the House.

Thus, she commanded her consort to take the child away and kill her, and bring back some token of the death.

He led Bone-White away, deep into the caves, but as he raised his knife he recalled that she was his own child. He cut a lock of her hair and ordered her to run, far from their home. Then, cutting his own hand to mark it, he brought back to the Matron mother the bloodied lock of hair.

She rejoiced, then, for her control of the House was now unquestioned.

Bone-White, meanwhile, fled further into the caves, until she was utterly lost. She stumbled into the home of seven kobolds by mistake, and when they returned to their home to find her there, she quickly convinced them not to kill her or drive her away, promising to use her magic to help them hunt for food. This tiny group had no magic-users, and agreed.

Bone-White lived with them for years, learning to make traps as they did. She might have stayed forever, but the Matron Mother dabbled in things best left untouched, calling a spirit into the family mirror.

"Mirror spirit, tell me true, Who threatens most my House's due?" she demanded.

"Beware revenge from a blood-line fight, Beware the exile, young Bone-White," it responded.

"That's impossible! She is dead!" the Matron Mother cried out.

"She lives yet. She dwells far from here, with seven kobolds."

The Matron Mother flew into a rage and killed her consort for disobeying her. Then, she vowed to hunt down and kill Bone-White.

She sent her eldest son to find Bone-White and kill her. He crept through the darkness until he came to the home of the kobolds. There, however, he fell into a trap Bone-White herself had set. Finding him in it, she killed him and dragged him away as food for her mushroom farm.

The Matron Mother, hearing nothing from her son, sent the first of her daughters to hunt Bone-White. The daughter was cunning, and disguised herself as a trader.

She passed by the home of the kobolds, selling jewellery.

Bone-White, ever a lover of beautiful things, came to inspect the gems. When she held a certain sapphire, however, the daughter unleashed a water elemental trapped within it, and then retreated to watch the battle.

The water elemental fought Bone-White until the young drow maiden was exhausted, but she managed to destroy it, falling weakly to her knees. Gleefully, the daughter approached her.

"Our Matron Mother sends her regards, Cousin Bone-White," she gloated, raising her sword.

Bone-White smiled, whirled, and stabbed her, having been pretending to be far more tired than she was. As before, she dragged the body away to feed her mushroom farm, which gave food to Bone-White and the kobolds even when their traps were empty.

Enraged by this failure, the Matron Mother herself sought out Bone-White, hurling an orb through her window that turned the girl to stone. With that, she turned and left, smiling to herself at her victory.

Years passed. The kobolds kept the dust from the statue of Bone-White, but could do no more from her.

Then, one day, a young drow came passing by, who had fled the city when his theft of items from others had been discovered. He peeked into the house, and saw the statue. Remembering hearing stories of Bone-White, he came closer, feeling enthralled by her beauty.

Luckily, a Stone Salve was among the items he'd stolen. He rubbed some of it onto the statue, and Bone-White was freed.

They made an agreement that night, Bone-White charmed by his good looks and daring.

They crept back into the city, where Bone-White, with his aid, made her way secretly into her childhood home.

Then, they waited for the Matron Mother, who upon seeing Bone-White, immediately began a magical battle with her.

"You have had far less training, Bone-White! You will lose!" she snarled... and then cried out as Bone-White's companion stabbed her from behind, killing her.

They cleansed the House of traitors, and then Bone-White took her rescuer as consort, her House name protecting him from the consequences of his earlier thefts.

She ruled her House as Matron Mother for many years, and had many daughters. From that day on, Bone-White was a power in her city, and all knew never to cross her again.