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Chapter 11

"Mmm..." I groaned as I stirred, eyes still closed. For the first time in a long time, I woke rested. Peaceful, almost. My legs felt the heat from the sun shining through my window; I assumed it was still daylight. Although I determined the source of the warmth legs, grogginess was heavy in my head as I tried to determine the cause of the heat against my chest. Heat in my arms. Heat wrapped around my stomach.

And soft hair everywhere.

My eyes cracked open as I took in my room, bending my neck awkwardly down to gaze upon the tremendous source of warmth.

Her deep, wavy hair was a so rich and soft. The perfect skin beneath was pale and still. Peaceful, almost. Her lips pouted as she slept and an ever present scowl in her brow made me wonder what she was seeing as she slept. Her arms gripped around me tight and loosened; the deep brown eyes beneath her lids moved about as she gradually came to.

I leaned in and pressed soft kisses on her eyes, lingering as long as possible. Her scent filled the room and caused me to smile against her skin. I moved to her temple, massaging softly with my lips, encouraging her to wake. My lips dropped down to her cheeks, reveling in the warmth that they brought. I pulled away just enough to see the color flush across her face, alerting me that she was well awake. Finally, I moved to her lips. Kissing, caressing, prodding her - and she met me with every move.

I moaned in satisfaction as I pulled away, smile glued onto my face.


She sighed and smiled, "Hey yourself."

The word vomit came, but I figured I'd be honest with the first thing that came to mind, "You're still here."

Bella dropped her eyes for a couple of seconds before I cupped her face and lifted her to my face. Her brown eyes were still cast downwards.

"Bells, look at me," I encouraged a second time when she ceased any movements, "Bella Swan, please."

Her eyes met mine.

"You promised me forever yesterday," I paused, waiting for her to speak.

"Yes..." she barely whispered.

My voice was soft as I echoed her tone, "Did you mean it?"

Bella never took her gaze off of me. She brought her hand up to my face, swaying her thumb across my cheekbone. I leaned into her touch instinctively as she began to speak, "Yes."

My eyes widened at her confession, "Jacob Black, I made the biggest mistake in my life - leaving you. Why would I say no when the only person that I ever see in my dreams is you?"

"Bells, I..."

She was quick to interrupt, "Jake, I want you. That has never changed. It will never change."

"Bells..." I wanted so much to be able to say how I felt, but the only word I could use to describe the emotions flowing through me was overwhelmed.

"Jake, I love you."

She didn't cry, she didn't waver, and she didn't look away. Her stare was intense and purposeful. She was letting me know that she was serious. Could she really have been dreaming of me as much as I dreamed of her?

Instead of turning myself into a bumbling mess, which I was too close to doing, I leaned in to kiss her. I was firm as I met her lips, as if I was trying to convey something. I kind of was. Her lips were sweet as ever, full and delicious. I took her lower lip gently in between my teeth, then dropping her lip to deepen the kiss. She must have been eager; she pulled her body flush against my own, threading her fingers through my hair. My hands slid down her naked flesh, skimming against her hips and waist. She swung a leg up and over my own, pushing her warmth against me.

"Mmm..." I moaned, sliding my hand up to rub her breast, Bella arching her back in anticipation. That was, until the goddamn front door sounded out.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Ignore it."

I moved my kisses down her neck, trying to distract her from the sounds at the front door. She stilled and pushed me away, struggling to hear more of that inconvenient interruption.

"What if it's an emergency? What if they come in here?" she whispered frantically with worry plastered across her gorgeous face.

I laughed, "No one is coming into MY house, Bella. Don't be silly."

She sighed and relaxed somewhat, settling into my side. My arms wrapped around her soothingly as I heard my front door swing open.

"Jacob Black! Isabella Swan! I know you're here. Get your asses out here, now!"

Bella and I both froze instantly and cringed as we simultaneously recognized the voice. We both spoke at the same time.



I scrambled out of bed like a 17 year old boy that accidentally fell asleep at his girlfriend's house whose parents got home early. I was scared shitless. Bella pulled the sheets up over her naked body, eyes wide due to the whole mess of a situation. Reaching for my discarded shorts, I hurried to dress, throwing one leg through them and attempting to walk toward my bedroom door at the same time. As I tried to throw my other leg through my shorts, my foot caught mid-step and I tumbled downwards, falling helplessly through the doorframe. My torso and face landed hard against the wood floor as I cursed, embarrassed and frustrated. I was nearly naked lying in the hallway with my shorts halfway on my body as I turned my head toward the front door.

Chief Swan grimaced and breathed deep, "Am I interrupting anything?"

My hands found purchase against the ground after I pulled up my shorts and I pushed myself up from the floor. At that very instant, something brushed against my hip and toppled over me clumsily. I saw my bright green and chocolate brown fly through the air, legs splayed across my back as Bella's left shoulder hit the wood floor next to me. She was wearing a pair of my boxers that hit her almost at her knees and an oversized neon green t-shirt with a large, yellow happy face on the front.

We both groaned as I pushed myself up on my knees, Bella's legs sliding down either side of my back. Once I had my balance, I pulled her back toward me by her hips so that she was kneeling in front of me on all fours. I bit my lip to suppress a smile.

Note to self - try this position later.

I stood and brought Bella up with me. Her hair was everywhere in her line of sight; she scrambled with it, pushing and pulling it away from her face and twisting it into a make-shift ponytail down her back. I watched her intently, holding back a laugh as hard as I could. When she looked up at me, I noticed that her cheek was sucked in slightly and a humor danced in her eyes. I smirked and we both lost it.

Right in front of Charlie, who was mad as a hornet, we busted out laughing our asses off.

I pointed at her, "Where the hell did you find that shirt?"

"It was the first one in your bottom drawer that I could find," she wheezed as her belly laugh consumed her. "The better question would be WHY the hell do you have it?"

I wiped my tears away as I leaned against the wall to balance myself as the situation overtook me. Bella leaned against my chest, covering her face with her hands as she convulsed silently in laughter. Our happy bubble popped when Charlie interrupted.

"What the hell is wrong with you two? I get a report from a person in town that MY truck hit Edward's Volvo," he looked at Bella, "YOUR FIANCE'S car! Then I visit Edward at his house and he's got a black eye. He had nothing to say and no report to file. Plus he was holding hands with Emmett McCarty. That was really, umm, weird."

I smiled knowingly.

"Then I come over here and you two come tripping out of Jake's bedroom as if you just downed a bottle of Jack. Will someone PLEASE explain what is going on?" Charlie looked exasperated.

Bella looked up at me, then at Charlie, "Well dad, I was at my dress fitting today when I heard some interesting news about my fiancé..."


Charlie took the news about Edward and Bella pretty well. Actually, it seemed as if he knew the whole time. I smirked when Bella retold the story of hitting Edward's beloved car with her dad's truck. I promised him that I would bang out any of the dents that she caused to his truck. Then Bella explained our situation and thanked him for a conversation that they had. I don't know when or how it happened, but he nodded knowingly. I will have to buy him a beer for whatever he said to her.

She promised her dad that she'd be home that evening, but he assured her that he wouldn't need the truck until all of the work that I needed to do was completed. He stood and shook my hand firmly, leaning in to whisper in my ear so that only I could hear. "Don't waste your time, now. I expect you to come over so that we can have a talk before you make her your wife. It was always you that she wanted, anyways."

I smiled and nodded, planning to make that trip as soon as possible. After he left, I looked at Bella softly.

"What did he tell you?" she inquired.

I shook my head, "None of your business, old lady." I stepped closer to her and tucked her hair behind her ear. She smiled at me and leaned into my touch. I leaned down to kiss her when my stomach started to grumble.

"Hungry, fella?" she teased.

"Yes, ma'am."

My mouth found hers as I pulled her against me. She moaned softly and fisted her fingers in my hair. Before I had a chance to echo her embrace, Bella's stomach growled loudly. I rested my forehead against hers and smiled. She panted against me, but loosened her hold.

Bella stood on her tip-toes and pressed her mouth against my ear, "Want me to cook for you?"

My arms wrapped securely around her waist as I picked her up in the air. I laughed and kissed her cheek, "Do you have any idea how perfect you are?"


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