Crimson Love

Chapter One

Change of Heart

Standing at the edge of a cliff and stared down at your almost certain death was not something that Bella was enjoying. She would not have done something like this if she was in her proper mind, but she wasn't. She had been left, abandoned by her love, and the need to feel that rush, that burst of excitement was becoming too much.

Now she was going to do something unbelievably dangerous. Something that would change the course of her path and make it a very rocky one indeed.

She stared down at the churning waters below and swallowed. This definitely was not looking like a good idea anymore, but she would do it regardless of the dangers. She didn't have anything to live for anyway, so if it was death that she feel into, so be it. At least she was sure she would see his face one last time.

"Edward," she muttered sadly, kicking a tiny stone off of the edge of the cliff and watching it disappear into the depths of the sea. "Let me see you."

The wind blew hard against her, chilling her to the bone. She smiled and turned, expecting to see him there, but all she saw were the blowing trees being battered by the weather. With a depressed sigh she decided bleakly that it was time for the jump.

She stepped to the very end of the cliff until her toes were hanging ovet the edge, took in a deep breath, and stepped off. As she rocketed down through the air towards the sea she pulled her arms closer to her side. Her heart was in too much shock to even pick up its speed, but she could feel her breakfast rising in her stomach. The fall seemed to go forever, until finally she was enveloped in a cloud of bubbles as she hit the water and fell deep beneath the surface.

She wanted to stay there in the water where everything was calm and quiet. The thrill had passed faster than she had anticipated, but she felt different, new. She never thought in her life that she would be able to do something like this, so with a joyful burst of energy she kicked herself to the surface.

Breathing in air was a relief as she realised how long she had been thinking under the water. She took in a lungful gratefully and stared up at the cliff to understand the height she had fallen from. She could barely believe that she had survived such a fall, and as she started to laugh and celebrate her amazing feat, a roaring wave rose behind her. She could see its shadow as it consumed her and turned in time to meet it head on.

Her body tumbled through a torrent of bubbles as the wave pushed her deep into the water. Her mouth was jarred shut midway through a scream and her arms were useless against the force of the sea. Once she had control over herself again, she rose back to the surface.

Unfortunately the weather had turned for the worst and she was knocked back by another wave. She did not have time to catch a single breath before she was back in the water, tumbling and flailing.

I managed to open my eyes as everything began to clear, but what I saw made my heart shoot into my throat. That flash or red hair, the gleam of hatred in her eyes… Victoria.

My first and most appropriate reaction in her presence was panic. I swam backwards as quickly as I could, putting all of my strength into it. I did not realise how close to the cliff wall I was until I slammed the back of my head into it and fell into unconsciousness.


I smelt Bella long before I actually saw her. My escape from the filthy wolves had led me to the sea where I had no choice but to dive in. Luckily, being a vampire meant I had skills in almost every area of nature, including water. I glided through like a fish, following that scent, until I found her struggling against the enraged waves. As soon as she saw me I heard her heart going wild and she swam desperately away. I had to stifle a tiny laugh as she knocked herself out on the rock. This was going to make my job a lot easier.

I neared her with hunger pulsing through my body. How I loved the smell of a human, but this was unbelievable. I wanted to taste her blood, to suck it from her veins, but I couldn't. I wasn't here for that. Instead I was here for a reason I could barely believe myself.

I was here to save her.

After seeing her wailing in the forest without her beloved Edward I couldn't bring myself to kill her. Furious at myself, I fled and did some investigating to find out what was going on with the Cullens. Unfortunately there was not a lot to go by, so I left it how it was and planned to take her life again.

One night I came through her bedroom window and stared down at her sleeping form, my throat burning for her blood. Gently and carefully I parted her hair from her neck and set my teeth to her vain… until she started screaming in my face.

Startled, I jumped back to the opposite side of her room, unable to comprehend that she had figured out I was there when she was fast asleep. I came to realise she was only dreaming, having night terrors about her missing love no doubt, but her pathetic paled face covered in tears was touching… almost like looking through a mirror.

James had been the only mate I had ever wanted, and replacing him was out of the question. They had taken from me the only man I ever found myself comfortable with. The only man that made me feel I was not alone. When they had taken him away they had left me as vulnerable as this fragile little human I saw before me, screaming at night for him to return.

As I stared at her in the water I knew that I had made thr wrong decision to let her live that night, and I was doing it again. What did I plan to do with her exactly? I had no idea. All I knew was that I was feeling an urge to protect her that I could not hold down and I wanted more than anything to keep her safe from the feelings inside that plagued her so.

I didn't have much time. Humans needed to breathe, and at the moment I could barely even heart her heart beat. I gathered her up into my arms and rose to the surface. The weather was calming, but inside I was feeling a storm of emotions. I was caught off guard by the reaction that this girl brought on in me and it took all of my courage to stop myself from letting her drown then and there. I forced myself to remember the torment she went through and it was enough to convince me to keep her alive.

Finding that will inside of me, I started to drag her to the shore.