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An alarm clock went off in Pine Apartment on the third floor in room 225. The girl woke with a start and then let out a held breath to only find out that it was her annoying alarm clock. She reached over and pressed the off switch and then groaned into her pillow as she decided to wake up. Danica got out of bed slowly ad walked into the bathroom and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before looking in the mirror to see a thin pale face girl with aqua eyes looking back at her.

Danica Hollow was different from some of her friends at school, and basically the whole population of Boston. Danica was kicked out of her house by her mother at the age of eleven after telling her mother that she was able to 'jump' into people's shadow's and control them. Her friends that were mutants like her nicknamed her Shadowjumper and she liked it becuase made her sound dangerous which was true. She was able to control a person as long as she was in their shadow and she was able to hide in other shadows as well. The other part of her mutation was turning herself into an inky pure black shadow that was able to hide in any darkness and steal energy.

After taking her shower Danica moved slowly towards the kitchen where she poured herself a bowl of cereal and ate in a monotone fashion. She logged into her computer and read her e-mails which were mostly from her friends that kept her updated on the disappearing acts. Danica knew that mutant from all over the States have been mysteriously disappearing lately, rumors say that they are captured and then experimented on by the government which Danica knew was bullshit because the government was too busy with other shit to take care of. Another rumor that scared her slightly was that mutants were capturing mutants. Danica then suddenly noticed it was 12:00pm, she was suppose to meet her boyfriend a half an hour ago. With quick energy she raced into her room and quickly changed into clean clothes then dashed out the door.

Out in the street she looked around and then noticed that the dumpster behind the apartment was casting a shadow which gave her an idea. She ran over and then shifted into her dark inky form, her hair waved constantly even without wind. Danica jumped into the shadow and then jumped in a thin black line into a lady's shadow as she passed by and then continues on. She jumped through shadows of people she didn't know, objects and dogs that were tied to a pole until she reached a local cafe where she saw a blonde headed boy looking around. Danica made one last jump through a man in a what looked to be a cowboy outfit and then quickly shifted into her human form and then leapt over the fence into a chair in front her boyfriend, Markus.

"Hello," Danica said quickly smoothing out her hair.

Markus gave her a small scowl.

"I know I'm late," Danica added giving him pleading eyes for forgiveness.

"Make that 37 minutes late," Markus said coldly, "You shadow jumped didn't you?"

Danica opened her mouth then closed it, she couldn't answer.

When Danica first met Markus he made her promise that she would not use her mutation and act like an actual human being instead of a freak. Danica didn't know why she agreed to an idiot like him, she did even like him but the way he made her feel sent warmth through her body.

"Well?" Markus asked waiting for an answer.

Danica rolled her eyes, "Yes alright? I used my powers but you would have left if I didn't come any sooner,"

Markus shrugged, "Your fault,"

Danica sank low in her seat and then noticed the same man she jumped through was looking at her as if watching her closely...too closely.

"Are you listening to me?" Markus snapped bringing Danica out of her concentration.

Danic gave him a look and he sighed before saying, "I can't be with you,"

The girl's heart fell fifteen feet under, "But why?!"

"You hot and everything," Markus said, "But I"m with someone else,"

Danica felt rage course through her veins. She wanted to shift then jump into Markus's body and make his body beat himself up.

"Don't get mad okay?" Markus commanded, "It's just that...it's awkward dating you,"

"Why?" Danica demanded.

"Well your not like other girls,"

"Of course,"

Markus raised his hands and then slapped them back onto his lap, "I just can't do it okay?!"

Heads turned and Danica sank in her seat.

"I can't be with you," Markus said and with that he got up, put on his coat and then walked back into the cafe and out.

Danica placed her head inside her hands and then felt like screaming, she hated herself for loving an idiot like that. She couldn't believe that just happened in the last 5 minutes. Danica
sighed and then got up, people in the cafe and on the patio were watching her closely until she gave them all a dark glare which made them all turn except for a couple of men sitting in the far corner of the patio. One had a red sleeveless t-shirt and two swords going down his back in an X formation. The other one had a short blonde military cut and no taller than 5'9.
Danica turned away from them but still felt their stares on her back which gave her the creeps, she stood up and jumped over the fence and started walking back to her apartment. One of the men sitting at the table placed his finger against his ear peice as the man on the other line gave the command.

(Assume positions)

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