This is a reposting of chapter one. I will be doing this to all of them as I spotted so many glaring horrible mistakes. There are still some, but hopefully now it is better.

Chapter One

Ianto grinned as he dropped his bags onto the ground and headed into the main part of Torchwood 5.

"Ianto." Ellen called out as she ran over and hugged the young man. "So, there was a little bit of excitement at the wedding then."

"Just a little." Ianto chuckled in answer.

"The main thing is that the two of you are now married." She paused for a moment. "We do get to have a wedding party for you two, right?"

"If you must." Ianto shook his head; he knew that they weren't going to get away with not having one.

"Oh we must." Ellen turned as the others headed towards them, walking over she hugged Sam and Dean. Then she turned ever so slightly she nodded at Ruby and Bela. She didn't have a close relationship with the two women, but she did know that they would do whatever they could to protect her boys.

"So, how are things working out here?" Dean asked while he looked at Ash.

"We are getting quite the database. Hunter's seem more than happy to hand over information over the telephone, doing it in person is not the best idea. They aren't the most trusting group if you get my drift."

"So, hunters are calling us, and they update us on what creatures they have killed?" Sam confirmed.

"The database that Tosh set up for is fantastic. It searches TV, radio, and newspapers. We also are getting updated on where hunters are, and they are also calling us to see if we have anything in their current areas."

"So we are now the main point of call for hunters?" Ianto grinned as he watched the others nod. "We are going to need some more staff at some point if this keeps growing at this rate."

"We will, but first things first you guys need some rest. So go down to the quarters and get some." Ellen ordered them. The men all chuckled. Ellen thought about what she had said and shook her head. "Rest, you perverts. I know it is your honeymoon, but please get some sleep."

"Yes ma'am." Dean smirked.


Jack sat in his office staring at a picture of him and Ianto.

"Jack?" Tosh said as she walked over to him.

Jack looked up at her. "I miss him every single day. I want him to come home, to come back to me."

"Jack, you drove him away. If you trusted and loved him like you were supposed to. If you hadn't run straight into the arms of the woman that Ianto had always felt second best to, he would still be here. Sam found him and loved him unconditionally that is why they are together. You have to let this go."

"I didn't plan for this to happen. I don't know why I ended up with Gwen?"

"Jack the way you were with her, the flirting I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, and I was surprised that Ianto accepted it. He's happy, and in love, Ianto is at home right now, and he is standing right beside his husband." Tosh patted him on the shoulder; she turned away and left him to his own thoughts again.


Owen stared as Tosh walked past them, there was something different about her since Dean bloody Winchester came into their lives. She no longer stared at him, she laughed more. What she wore had changed as well it was, sexier."

"Now you notice her, when a really hot guy found her attractive." Gwen looked at Owen and grinned.

"That has nothing to do with it." Owen muttered.

"Ahhhhh so it's the fact that she no longer watches you with love in her eyes." Gwen held up her hands in surrender as Owen turned and glared at her." Sorry."


Ianto sighed happily as his head rested on Sam's chest, strong arms wrapped around his waist.

"Are you happy?" Sam asked suddenly.

Ianto moved his back so head he could look into the eyes of the man he loved.

"Very, why?" Ianto shook his head when he realised what the answer was. "What did Jack say to you?"

"That I would break your heart and that he is extremely patient man. That he can also wait for a long time, no matter what it is." Sam paused for a moment. "That you would end up where you belong, right by his side."

Ianto reached out and placed a hand against Sam's face. "I love you Sam, I married YOU. You are not second choice. I am exactly where I want to be, in your arms." Ianto moved his head as he placed a soft kiss on Sam's lips.

The kiss was slow and sensual it was about love and not sex. It was to show Sam how much Ianto loved and cherished him.


"We have to keep an eye on Torchwood 3." Ruby snapped.

Bela and Dean suddenly turned towards her. "Captain Jack Harkness." Dean muttered. "He is not going to steal Ianto away and break my brother's heart."

Bela laughed. "He loves Sam, Ianto is not going anywhere."

"So, you boys at back then." Bobby said from behind them.

"Bobby." Dean said with a smile as he walked over and hugged the older man. "Glad you could join our little group."

"If it means we can get rid of more demons quicker, I am all for that."


Sam and Ianto looked around at their family as they all laughed; it was good to be home. Suddenly, lights started to flicker all around them. They all stood and rushed over to the weapons cabinet to get ready so they would be able to defend themselves.

"Don't." A voice said from behind them.

They all then turned and before them was a man wearing a white shirt, tie, suit jacket and a raincoat.

"Who are you?" Dean asked as he walked forward.

"I am Castiel." The man said softly.