Chapter Nine

Ruby came into the room, her cell phone in hand. She had called Bobby to update him, on well nothing. They had no idea who had taken Ianto and why. That was when he told her. This was going to kill Sam.

'Any news?' Dean asked as soon as she walked in the door. He could tell by the look on her face that they weren't going to like it. 'What is it?'

'Well..' Ruby paused and tried to think of a way to phrase this. Before meeting Ianto, she'd never had this problem before. Hell, she didn't care what people thought, but now everything was different.

'Will you just tell us?' Sam muttered angrily.

'Crowley has him. He was upset because he lost a bargaining chip, and a money earner all in one go.' Ruby turned and stared at Sam. He had wanted to hear it, without the sugar coating.

'He targeted and took Ianto, because of me.' Sam choked on the words. He got to his feet and ran to the bathroom. The others could hear retching from the other room.

'Do we know anything else?' Dean asked as he tried to keep it together himself.

'Crowley is going to 'hire' Ianto out, tomorrow night. It will be the first time, and because of who Ianto is married to.' Ruby took a deep breath, 'there are a lot of bidders.'

'We have to get him out of there before anything happens.' Bela ordered.

'If you have an idea, I'm all ears?' Dean questioned her.

'How are they going to pass Ianto to the 'buyer'?' Bela turned and looked at Ruby.

'There's going to be a big party. You can put an offer before, and during the party. Near the end, that is when the person who has offered the highest amount will be announced and Ianto will be handed over. They will then leave. For this first time, it is men only.' Ruby recited the information she had received.

'I'll go back and offer myself up if they let Ianto go.' Sam told them as he walked back into the room.

'Then, we will be back where we started trying to rescue you. This then could be repeated. We need more of a plan Sam, that isn't going to work.' Dean sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

'Well, if it gets us Ianto back, I would say it worked.' Sam uttered stubbornly.

'Then Ianto would want to rescue you. Sam let's see if we can come up with something else first. If not, then we can look at handing you over on a platter, ok?'

'Fine.' Sam sulked, all he wanted was Ianto back and he would do anything to make sure that happened.

'We need to find a man, and where the party is.' Bela spoke suddenly.

'Well, if we could find someone to trust, Bela could go in with him. They don't know her. She has always used an American accent and used wigs. If, we can't buy Ianto, we could follow who did. Then, we could try and get him back that way.'

'That's a lot of if's and but's.' Sam told them.

'But, it's better than handing yourself over, and no guarantee we'll get Ianto b back. If it does work, we also won't have to come up with another rescue plan to get you.' Dean glared at his brother.

'Ok,' Sam sighed. 'Who the hell are we going to get to help us? It's short notice, and we're running out of time.'

There was a knock at the door. Sam grabbed a gun and headed for the bathroom, Bela followed him to hide. They didn't want anyone to see her, not if this plan was going to go ahead and she had to go to the party. Dean hid behind the corner, ready and armed. Ruby looked around to make sure that everyone was hidden. She looked through the peep hole and paled.

'Fuck.' She muttered.