Lily Shower

The aim of the graceful white lily is true,

Her sweeping blossoms blocking the sky's blue.

She takes aim at the predators below,

The stretch of her bow marred only by her shadow.

The white lily fights for her honor,

And for the restoration of her brother.

Her heart stands steadfast and pure

Her expression, despite prejudice from others,

Remains calm and composed, of one who's matured.

Blinded by the glare of the sun,

The legions of evil stand helpless.

As the sudden shower of lilies,

Rain down to entertain her targets:

Caressing only those lucky and skillful

Piercing liars, who fall fragile and deceitful.

Revealing the true natures of man,

Through the impaled examples at hand.

The fields of green are now covered with stems,

Of newborn arrow shafts, complete with feathered ends.

She stands alone and utters a short, silent prayer:

"It's nothing personal, I don't hate your house,

But in love and war .

All is fair". (except the use of the arquebuse)